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Don’t Date My Ex!

Hmmmmm….. What a Monday it has been. First, i left home since 7am only for me to drive halfway and find out I left my phones at home. As if that was not enough, traffic was crazy, almost had the car……………Anyways, today my very good friend and sister @Dj_Fleau is a guest on my blog. She has been on this blog before with the posts Ladies First and Categories of Nigerian Men. She blogs here.

Enjoy it.

I have heard all sorts of rules and regulation. Believe me when I say I have heard all sorts of rules and regulation, I mean I am a Covenant University Alumni and where else can we have heard that much rules if not at the home of a rule maker.Covenant University (CU) has rules ooo. Last time we had that much rules in existence black people were still being asked to sit at the back of the bus

If there is one thing I have learnt about rules is the fact that they are usually born out of occurrences. Something happens and the authorities do not like the result, a rule follows immediately *if you attended CU you would support me on this*…I guess in their mind that makes the rule justifiable. However there is this one rule I am yet to really know how it came to existence and why it is in existence and it is the ‘My friend and ex cannot date rule” WHY?

Before I start I did like to say I am on the fence with this rule before some sly babes or dudes would go and say ope oo someone supports us or before someone who has experienced this would curse me.

Most times when I ask people why they are so mad about their friend and ex dating they go “it’s against the friendship rule” please who wrote the rule and when was the bill passed.

I have heard people get angry because their friends/ex kept it a secret they were dating. You are telling me you would have been okay with it if they told you?

Some get angry because they started dating some months after they broke up. You are saying you would have been okay if they had waited a year or for a longer period of time before they started dating

I really need to get the basis and the clause in this rule. Is it a NO-NO to date your friend’s ex or is it okay to date them as long as some certain instructions are followed?

What if you treated them badly and here is this friend of yours who is going to treat them way better are you saying he/she does not deserve better?

What if they truly fall in love “knowing we can’t control who we fall in love with” are you saying they both do not deserve happiness of some sort?

What if they started dating almost a decade after you guys broke up. Like what does it matter you survived without him all those years?

Why is it considered betrayal if the supposed rule is broken? I understand if you say it is just awkward seeing them together or if it is emotionally disturbing but how is it betrayal?

Let me illustrate there are toys/shoes/things you had and over time no longer showed interest in them and someone tool them. Now tell me did you feel betrayed the next time you saw a friend or sibling rocking it (okay I don’t even know if this illustration makes sense… who cares).

Look you guys are over and forgotten sef it’s not like you were considering getting back and really he was going to date someone else and really it is none of your business who they choose to date next.

However I did like to also say dear friends if your friend breaks up with someone try as much as possible to reduce your familiarity with the person to avoid getting into such situation that would lead to a relationship.

However, between me and you there is no such thing as this rule, neither is it a crime or an offence, but people should respect the emotions of their friends and ex and try not to make them uncomfortable by engaging in such acts.

PS: In all honesty I feel if they really love themselves they should be together, as long as when I was dating the person they never had such feelings for each other and as long as the feelings started coming after we broke I think it’s okay…yes its hard but really you’ll move on believe me. All those babes and guys that hook up with their friend’s ex barely a month after the break sha.. That one no pure oooo…in short your head is not valid at all.

Please it doesn’t even count if you never dated the person sef. Like some girls would be saying well he asked me out first but I didn’t date him why did you betray me by dating him *if I hear* why you no talk yes……



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