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Like the first ray of sunshine ushering in the day,

You brightened my life.

For a moment,

Life was a breeze.


Our kisses, flowers of love in full bloom,

Conversations laced with beautiful pearls of wisdom,

Plans laid with the strongest foundation,

We had it going.



The storm hit our perfect little boat.

Your first instinct,

Jump ship.


I rallied,

Dragged you in,

Afraid the waters might drown me,

On board, you came, but halfheartedly.


Beginning of the end,

It turned out to be.

Our issues, longer than the Nile,

Showed their face every day.


In the end,

Our love was a cancer.

Our breakup,

Much needed chemotherapy.


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Final Straw

Good Morning folks, thank God it’s Monday (hahahahaha). I hope your weekend was as good as mine. The post below is totally fiction so do not let your imaginations run wild. I hope you enjoy it and get a thing or two from it.

Happy reading and have a lovely week.


I wish we were,

So I would be oblivious,

Oblivious to your pains.


Front row,

My seat in this debacle.

First hand,

My experience.


Swollen red eyes,

Busted lips,

Dried tears on your cheeks,

Quivering in your voice,

No soothsayer needed,

He was at it again.


Started like a dream,

A nightmare you’d wake from,

A bad joke you’d laugh off,

A storm that will pass,

A tunnel with a light at its end,

You were wrong.




The walls you built.


Tore it down.


Your shoulders dropped,

Your poise drained,

Self-esteem washed away,

Washed away like an eroded plain.

You seemed to age,

Faster than peers.




How I feel.

Why you stay,

I’ll never understand.


Broken ribs,

Fractured limbs,

Your walls finally caved.


The final straw,

The Camel’s back was broken.


His heart,

You stabbed through,

The kitchen knife,

Weapon of choice.


Your motivation.


He was,

Your husband,

Father of your child,

My brother.


Tears we shed,

Laughter we shared,

He was gone,

Your demon was exorcised.


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