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Hey folks. It has been a while. Work and work has been hectic. Today’s post was sent in some days back. If you are looking for some mind boggling piece, then this is it. Enjoy.

It’d been so long since Femi threw pebbles at her window, almost three months. She smiled.

She ran down to meet him, throwing herself on his neck, his arms around her driving all the months of loneliness away, something the soap operas, and the ice-cream and her friends had been failing to do.

She pulled back slightly, looking into his eyes. She leaned in to kiss him.

He pulled back.

Fear shot through her setting off her body on alarm systems,

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked him.

“No.” The question confused him. “Do you?”

She shook her head. “So why did you…?” she asked.

Femi smiled. “I just want to see you”

She laughed, an easy laugh, a farewell to the hell of the past 3 months.

“We can’t continue this way. How long will you be gone this time?”

She was lying down on the couch, her head in his lap as his hands played with her braids.

“About 4 months.”

Her heart sank.

“I can’t wait that long again.” She’s lying. She will. She knows she will.


Black. It’s curious how it’s called the color of death. The dead don’t see, can’t appreciate the solemnity of a funeral, the crowd of bodies arrayed in black, holding onto every bit of memory of the deceased, a glaring revelation of their own mortality.

She stood in the corner, trying her best to look inconspicuous. She probably shouldn’t have worn the peep-toe pumps though. Her yellow legs rode high, a sharp contrast to her black dress. Eyes glanced regularly her way. From experience, she knew where to place her eyes when people stared.

She couldn’t talk to anyone.

Femi’s mother stood in the corner, fighting back the tears, Femi’s sister lending her moral support. His friends and other family members filled out the room.

She caught someone looking at her, a man. He had the look in his eye, as if he maybe recognized her, however unlikely. Nobody could know her. She’d never met anyone of his family, never been introduced to anyone in his life even his friends. She’d been his best kept secret.

Strange thing about funerals. Grief and loss wear out the heart but company makes it a little bit bearable and these people were milking every ounce of respite from one another. A symbiotic gathering, if there ever was one. Her heart was the only one which stood out, unable to connect with the room of strangers, shattering and aching viciously in a looping vacuum.

When she finally decided she’d had as much as she could take, she headed for Femi’s mother to pay her respects.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” she said.

The mom blinked away tears.” Thank you my daughter. I don’t know you. Were you close friends with him?”

“Yes, I knew him,” she wasn’t sure how or if to proceed further. “He was an amazing person.”

The mother nodded solemnly, managing a smile.

She left immediately after.

When she got into her car, the noise of the outside world receded. And then as though in slow motion, her face broke its steely frame, her countenance finally yielding to her heart after so long, tears flowing liberally. The weight pressed down on her till she pressed her head against the steering, the car’s blaring horn in the background to her farewell ode to the love of her life.

Ibukun Taiwo is a Freelance Editor and Ghostwriter. He’s been on the hunt for the perfect sentence since he figured out how Word Processors works. A huge science fiction fan, he loves book recommendations. And fanta. 

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The Voyage

Good evening folks. I am sure your week was awesome and you are looking forward to a great weekend. I got this in the mail and decided to share with you. If you do have any writing you want published on this blog, kindly email your writing of not more than 1,500 words to


Enjoy this as you read.


My relationships are the worst and the best. I would share them with you as I continue writing maybe. (Lol) I fell in love, lust, like for the first times. I had my serious first relationship, reunited with the one that got away, sought God for the first time, found Him and lost my fellowship with Him. It was really something. I’ll write about this as a story.
The One that Got Away
We had something special but there was always something missing. You know how hard it is to place a finger in something when you don’t exactly know what it is. That was it. There was this passion, this love but it was albeit undeveloped, untapped. We never got to explore all the possibilities of what could have been but it was great. It was partly my fault. My inability to commit coupled with your inability to be serious. Fun times but we had to part ways.

The Stalker
About the stalker, what can I say? It wasn’t love. It wasn’t lust. It was loneliness. An ache to be wanted, the longing for home, nostalgia, companionship. I wanted to find myself so bad. I wanted a piece of home, a piece of anything that I could feel real with. It was not what I needed but what I thought was enough. I was lost. Inexplicably my lowest. My basest desires were explored, still didn’t make up for anything. I felt it. I needed God not you. But I was scared, felt I needed companionship more. You were like a lifeline, not the one I needed just the one that made up for time, the place holder. I apologise now because I should not have led you down the road we went. You blindly followed, in lust I guess, I’ll never know. You cheated, it ended badly. You stalked me. I forgive you.

The One Night Stand
You were the sun in a very dark day. My thermodynamics partner. Lol. Under the silk sheets and smooth lies, we laid down. Had our night of fun and you never heard from me again.

The Healer
Do you remember the first night…you became my camp fire and I became yours?
Your words were truer than you could ever know. You guided me with your fire to see the light. His light. For the first time I sought, for the first time I saw. A light…brighter than all. Finally the path I needed, the one I wanted. I wasn’t broken any more. You mended me. I could be the me I wanted to be. I was in euphoria. But you healed me,j ust to break me again.

The One
You were the one I liked, turned The One. You accepted me for all my flaws. My mistakes. My crap. I suddenly saw I didn’t need to go through all this to have ended up here. But I did and we are still here. I love you. You give me comfort on a rainy day. I caused you heart ache but you picked up the pieces of my broken heart and showed me how to repair it. I love you.


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Happy New Year folks … I know I am a bit late with my message and I have not been faithful to my blog, but kindly forgive. I have just had some major changes going on. Today’s post is the start of a series written by a good friend of mine. His name is Ibukunoluwa Taiwo (yeah, Taiwo is his surname). He blogs at and you can follow him on Twitter @DarrenIvanov

Enjoy the post.



August 16, 2026

This is Dr Stephen Akhide.

I have been in the west region of Africa for the past 3 months trying to decipher the nature of the OUTBREAK and locating GROUND ZERO. The intensity of the carnage and death in the region makes it almost impossible for proper and thorough investigation techniques. From what I hear about my other colleagues, they are having similar fortune in the other continents.

Recently I came across several survivors who seem not to have been infected. Preliminary interviews have indicated that they could either be immune to the infections or they know how to avoid being turned.

Today I will carry out a proper interview of the four subjects.

This is recording one.

[Begin Recording]

Please state your name for the record:

Michael. Michael Kuku.

Okay, Mr Kuku. What can you tell me about where you have been?

We just moved to our new house in Ikorodu. The place wasn’t what I was expecting. I know it couldn’t match up with paradise but I also didn’t expect the hellhole we found ourselves. For one, the place was too quiet. There was barely anyone on the streets and the few who we passed in the car didn’t even say hi or give us that look that country people give new comers into their town. They didn’t smile or even look up when we tried to stop and ask for directions. Mom had to call the caretaker, Baba Engineer as she always referred to him, to get road by road directions.

I was already feeling irritated from the long drive and the horrible road we took before getting here. My bones ached and my shirt was beginning to smell from all the dried up sweat. So was everybody else in the ride.

We were all really glad to arrive at the new house in Ikorodu – Agba Villa. Dad named it that. He always had the knack to indulge his dorky tendencies.

I wasn’t even in the mood to unpack anything that evening, I slept all through the little unpacking my mom did to get out some kitchen utensils to prepare the night meal. She had my little sister helping her. I wasn’t there to help my dad with the locks and setting up the security system that night. I slept on a Vitafoam mattress, in a room I had all to myself, and dreamt of falling into a hole that had no walls. Just a blue light at the bottom that seemed to call my name just before it swallowed me up.

If you would be kind sir, to keep on track. I would like to know what happened on the day of the outbreak.

Oh, I’m coming to that. It was 3 days after we moved to Ikorodu. Everybody was still adjusting and settling into the new place. I had a party I had been planning to attend for almost 2 months. My best friend’s birthday party. I had bought new clothes and everything. I guess we had a blast at the party. Thought it was the best party we’d ever had. That was really important to my friend because he really wanted to impress a girl.

It’s funny how silly all that seems now.

Anyways. I was heading back home in the family car when I remembered hearing over the radio that there was serious traffic on Ikorodu road, between Onipanu and Maryland. I thought if it’s that bad then I’d better take the alternate route through third mainland bridge. Apparently, so did every other driver on the Island. I must have been on that bridge for over 4 hours.

So I got home really late, like around 9pm. And I was tired. But as I pulled up into our street, I noticed the fires. Buildings were burning. There were dead people on the streets. The air… the air reeked of burning rubber. And blood. And smoke.

Immediately, I thought of my family. I got out of the car and ran to our gate. Tried to pull it open but it didn’t budge. There were people on the top, with spikes running through them. I had to jump the fence. Probably not a very good idea but I was scared. I really needed to see my family.

I got into the house and…

And what? What did you see?

I saw my mum. On the floor. Her hand was lying across the floor in a bad angle. And she was bleeding. She was bleeding really bad. I tried to stop it but it just kept coming out. Tried looking for my dad and sister but I couldn’t find them anywhere. I was in my room when I heard a small thump. It was coming from my box. I opened it and my sister was inside. She had blood on her but it wasn’t hers. Tried to ask her where dad was but she didn’t talk. She just closed her eyes and cried all through.

I knew I had to get us out of there. And that’s what I did.

Did you hear about the meteor?

Yeah. Much later.

Some reports claim that the asteroid was the cause of the outbreak. What do you have to say about that?

Huh, makes sense.


How so?

I remember hearing over the radio that the meteor landed right on Ikorodu road, crushing both lanes. And it was rush hour. The traffic was in bumper to fender mode. I think they said the impact killed about 700 people and wounded others. I hear everyone who came in contact with the site got infected.

So you didn’t?

Didn’t what?

Come in contact with the rock?

No I didn’t. If I did, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’d probably be trying to run you through with a weapon. You’ve seen what those things try to do when they see people.

Okay, what about your friends?

What about them?

The four of you arrived here last night in a space bus, bleeding and broken. But you all still seem sane. Do you know if any of the others are infected?

You mean five.

No, four. One of the old guys died. I believe his name was Celestine.


So, do you think any of the others are infected?

Honestly, I don’t know. I met them on the way here. The two old guys were in a jalopy and had gotten into an accident. Their ride was stuck. And we were running out of fuel. I had my sister in the ride and Mary. Mary is the one who we found near the stadium. I didn’t even want to stop but the fuel was going to run out any minute. So the old guys traded us for a ride. And here we are.

Okay. One last question. What can you tell us about the outbreak? Especially the people. Could you describe the nature of the infection?

All I can tell you is that they aren’t people anymore. Not when you look into their eyes. They don’t seem to have souls. All I could see was hate. Like sitting across the devil and looking at his eyes while beating him at a game of chess.

Could you be more specific with your description?

Their eyes are all black. No whites. They don’t seem to feel pain. They don’t get tired. They can run, jump and swim for hours without slowing down. And the hate. They just kill everybody in sight.

I’m sorry but I don’t think I can continue. Could I get a break?

Of course Mr Kuku.

[End of Recording.]


To be continued

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The Blink

Good evening folks, today’s post was written by @mssyinkaa. Enjoy as you read and kindly leave your comments.


20/06/13; 8:55pm

The rain did not prevent her from leaving her house to drop the foodstuff and clothes for the children that depend solely on her. It was her usual practice every last Saturday of the month except November and December. She was always out of the country to spend Christmas with her parents in Johannesburg, South Africa. I was her neighbour for eight years; I knew almost all her routine if not all. The late night light in her room between 9:45pm and 10:00pm every night which signalled she was ready to study and the use of flash light around 2am for midnight study. I knew her schedule like the back of my hand. I never saw her study on her bed or well arranged desk which bore all sorts of hard cover textbooks. It always baffled me how she used to act all jumpy while reading and still aced her results. She graduated with a first class in Law. I was excited for her.


09/05/2013; 7:55pm.

After a long hectic day of celebration, I got home tired and met another party organised by my family. The joy that I finished with the ‘expected first class’ filled my home. The excitement was palpable even though all my siblings, except for the baby of the house who was just 12 years old, graduated with a first class degree.

“It runs in my blood”, my father’s usual line whenever any of us aced any exam. Mother noticed I was too tired for the after-party. She gathered the family, said some prayers and handed me the key to my new car. I was excited but I wanted to just get into my room to watch her…to celebrate her result with her from a distance. I just wanted to see her smile and giggle with her younger sister. I said thank you and prostrated to show my appreciation to my parents after which I rushed upstairs.


She was plugged.’ Not today again…’ I twisted my lips. I wanted to see her jump, throw her books from her study desk and just not act out her usual self. See her celebrate being free from books after years of hard-work. I did not move from my window until my brother turned on the light. I did not know when I shouted at him. He looked at me with a hurt what-did-I-do-wrong face. I smiled at him to let go of the hurt. He climbed my bed and said he wanted to sleep in my room.


He was surprised at my sharp and cold response but I let him anyway on the condition that the light was switched off. He slept almost immediately. I assumed my position. She was typing again. I tried to figure out what she could be typing but I let my curiosity slide. A fence separated us.  We were two hearts apart. I did not feel so bad not seeing her in her jumpy mood, looking at her and knowing she was okay was enough for me.



The downpour was too heavy and she still did not turn back to her house.  I left my balcony, got my car and drove out of my compound before she walked out of the street. She had an umbrella but with the stuff she was carrying, it was difficult for her to walk without stopping to adjust. I decided to make use of the opportunity to talk to her by offering her a ride to wherever it is she wanted to go.  Getting anything I want was not a task, same with getting the attention of people but I guess Cecilia was not one of those people. She was the type of lady every good man would want to have. She was the brightest side of life though she barely laughed or smiled.  She was beautiful, smart and incomparable. She was the youngest but the most independent of all. Her family could be considered as the silent wealthy ones though I am sure they have their little struggles like every other family.

I continuously honked to get her attention but she ignored me. This lady sure is rigid. Even the rain and chills that came with it did not make her change her mind. I stepped out of the car despite the heavy rain. I had no umbrella with me. I called her by name, but the wind did not let her hear me. I walked up to her, stood in front of her, made to speak and then, nothing. I could not say anything. I was blank. The weather made her look more beautiful. She wore a sleeveless short gown with a black jacket that did not hang well on her shoulder revealing where the sleeve of the gown ended. She was cold. She knew me as her neighbour but we had never been an inch close to each other before. I smiled at her and she smiled back as her eyes brightened up and waited for me to find my tongue. I swallowed, hard.

“Can I drop you off? It’s cold you know.”

Those words came out without any conscious thought. Being so close to her felt like an out-of-body experience. She smiled at me and shook her head. I asked why. She smiled again.

“A friend is on his way to come pick me”, she said.

I did not want to leave so I stayed in the rain with her as she waited for her friend. She asked me to share the umbrella with her but I said no. She had enough items in hand to occupy the space. Deep down, I was really cold. I had never been out in the rain that long but it did not matter. Her presence and frequent ‘thank yous’ made me not think much about how I was going to catch a fever days after. Five minutes later, her friend came. She said her final thank you and I watched them leave.

I was soaked.

I drove the car back into the compound. I was cold. My body got pinched all over with my wet clothes. I rushed in to get into something dry and tried to sleep but I could not. I played the whole scene again in my head and smiled. She was more beautiful than I had thought.


She did not return until 10pm. I was worried. Her friend dropped her. The reflection of the car that passed made me see his face and then it all turned dark. The security light of her house was off but I could see her reflection because of the lights from my house. She banged her gate but no response. Her sister was probably out. Her shadow revealed how she struggled to get the key to her gate. I watched closely. She bent to pick something from the ground. I saw her raise her head up but this time, it was not only her shadow, it turned out to be three. I smiled. Her sister was back and probably with her friend too. I left the balcony and went into my room.


I took my position and waited for hours. Still, no light came from her room. I checked her compound again, it was dark. I turned on my light to check if there was power. It came on. I could not fathom why there was no light in her compound. I slept off till around 2am to the sound of blaring sirens.



She had been murdered.


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This was sent in via email by a friend of mine. Her name is Nneoma Anieto. Enjoy this piece.


I made a decision NEVER to forgive you, I made that decision a long time back. You had trampled all my emotions, you had dragged me through Mud. Rolling, kicking and begging for your consideration. You showed none. I gave you my all, you put it right under your feet, with no regard. It was the exact stuff movies are still made of. I uttered my best heartfelt lines to your unlistening ears and I was earnest in my pleas that you give me faint consideration. Of course you did no such thing.

I vowed NEVER to forgive you, such wickedness! Such inhuman treatment! Such disregard, disdain, heartlessness and callousness! Knowing you, I felt my lowest, lower than the belly of a serpent, you looked on me with disgust, you had brought me low had you not? You had humbled me had you not? I cried my hardest knowing you, I shed my pride for you, knowing you I knew heartbreak, you were the stuff my nightmares are still made of. For you,  I was broken.

But you were not all bad, you did not ask me to love you, sure you made a few remarks to that effect but how were you to know I would believe those lines? How were you to know I would try to fight for something you did not even feel? You could not have known that I did not utter words lightly, neither did I give myself so lightly. But for all you took and did not return, for all the promises you did not keep and for all the love unrequited, I swore NEVER to forgive you.

I picked myself up and I moved on, it was a hardship, many times I thought you had completely broken me. Apparently I thought wrong, I still had life. So I picked myself up and tried to move on. I succeeded. But I became a new person. I had learnt bitter lessons from you. I had learnt exactly what to do with the next person vying for my heart.

Now I toy with people too, I say things I least mean and do things purely for gain. Now I pass time toying with people’s affections and watching them squirm like I once did. I watch your likes profess things they do not mean and I listen only to laugh. I do not love, I seek enjoyment and I seek devotion. I  look back to where I am coming from and I exclaim “Never Again!”. I play, I tease and I toy, nobody will ever drag me through dirt again. I do not enjoy what I do but now I understand you and finally, I forgive you.


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The Lady of the White Watch 3

Good Morning folks, I will not bore you with senrenre, but if you have not read the previous posts in The Lady of the White Watch series, I suggest you read 1 and 2. Thank you.

  1. Kiss of the pouring rain.

Tolu (Hardeyi) sat across the desk from Alfred (@alf_Redd), his head in his hands, Kenny (@kheniethomas) arms folded across her chest stared at a blow up image of wealthy socialite, Lady Lola (@_Ladygoth), the image’s long silken hair cast a shimmering dread, her set eyes harsh yet insightful at the same time stared back from the projected screen, Kenny felt a pang of fear drip into her heart. Who was this lady? What was she about?

Rotimi (@roteame) stood beside Kenny, in his strong beefy hands was a cup of coffee, no sugar, yes Lady Lola was a concern, but he was worried more about Tolu. He seemed unnecessarily distracted and Rotimi wondered, “who was this ‘Adanma’’ he kept mentioning, not one to be bothered much, Rotimi wanted this briefing to be over, they had already relayed what they had learned from “Sensei” (@saezuro), Sensei had told them the following:

… 1970, at the height of space exploration, a group of NASA scientists sympathetic to the cause of the watchers had created a satellite,  capable of recharging its batteries through solar means, meaning it could orbit through space forever, inside the satellite they had put a homing device, the trick in that was, once a satellite was shot from earth and got past Jupiter it was usually out of range and can’t be called back to the NASA Control room back at Fort Lauderdale, in Texas, all the satellite could do at that stage was send back pictures until it runs out of energy and becomes flotsam and jetsam  debris in space….

….but with this homing device, the satellite once in orbit will act like a normal satellite but once the receiver on earth is activated and the right codes are inputted the satellite will come alive and the receiver can control the satellite even though it’s as far as Neptune or Pluto, and bring it into any orbit of the receivers choice…”

….so the watchers kept that secret until this week, Lady Lola activated the homing device on the satellite that was named the atlantis-7 back then in 1970 by this young astronomers and as we speak it has been hurtling towards earth…but what’s dangerous about a normal satellite coming towards earth you might ask?…”

…here is the issue…there is a atomic device atop the satellite shrouded in a titanium core, which enabled it to remain unaffected all the time in space, once its within range to earth, which is in four days time, another set of codes will be inputted, activating the 40 ton atomic device aboard the satellite, the explosion is expected to be about 700 Newtons per square inch….”
The whole room had gone into silence whilst everyone pondered the meaning of the events.

Kenny spoke, “Lady Lola will be giving a speech to commemorate the new Business and Trade Center in Eko Atlantic City in four days time, her speech will be on the ‘vagaries of business and growth in the new era’, Kenny made a face at the title of the speech.

Alfred leaned back and closed his eyes, “I have spoken to my superiors, we have the warrant to arrest her, but –“

“-wait what then are we waiting for!?” yelled Rotimi.

Alfred breathed in deeply. “She has so many admirers…even within our own force, we have to make it a sting operation…if…if…”

Kenny spoke, “If word gets out that it’s her we want, the whole operation will just go tits up”

Tolu braced himself at the mention of “tits”…Adanma flashed into his consciousness again; he had been pressing his face against his hands to create a mini darkness, pressing into his eyeballs till it hurt trying to blank out the past, present and future.

He just wanted peace, the turmoil was too much, Adanma before him again, he reached out to touch her, trying to caress her loving face, and then the sharp timbre of Kenny’s voice sliced in and let in the conversation like a sliver of light into a dark room.

“Why can’t we just go and arrest her now, Alfred?” Tolu said his voice icy. “If you people are scared, I will go ahead and do it myself just me and end this once and for all”

Alfred stood up his voice shaking the room, “ok then, I guess it’s settled then. We need to get our hands on the codes so as to stop the arming of the nuclear device, we will split into two teams, one team to backup and the other to act as the sharp end of the stick”

He tapped the remote control on his desk, the projected screen flickered, “team one, Tolu, Rotimi, both of you will work with Saezuro, your job will be to find out how to get the codes from Lady Lola either by force or stealth, then the backup team will be me, Kenny and Michael, who by the way is at headquarters giving his report, so best of luck gentlemen and Lady”

With that Alfred sat down and reached for his glass of Alomo and lime, to steady his nerves.

A silence came over the room again.

  1. Preachers, giants and crooning cellphones.

Nelly screamed lines from the “airforce one’s”track in the downtown Mushin bar, bulbs hanging low from the ceiling the heavy din of noise as revellers and drunks and skin merchants briskly went about their haunts and caprices, Saezuro calmly sat, the calm in the midst of the crazy storm, his katana hidden from sight, his hands tucked into the folds of his kimono, he had drawn strange looks but everyone was drunk and just imagined they were high and weren’t seeing properly. He had a new idea on how to get the needed codes to stop the inevitable disaster that was only four days away.

He was waiting.

Fisayo (@fissyfierce) stood atop a building close by her hood pulled over her face, her face darkened with warrior paint, she had been given new orders, and she was to apprehend the man in the kimono. But he had been waiting for a while now in this bar, she wanted to see what the mission was about, she took a deep breath, her fingers around the US SOCOM M24 sniper rifle’s trigger, her body prone and unmoving, she breathed in measured gasps, the movement of air into her body hardly shaking her body at all, the rifle was stable on its stand to her right, to her left she has also erected a rifle mike, to enable her hear what the man in the kimono would be saying.

She was waiting.


Tolu got off the okada and strolled into the bar, walked up to Saezuro and sat down quietly, a clean glass of “shepe” was placed in front of him, and he looked at the glass in stunned bewilderment.

“shepe!!!” , he cast a withering glance on Saezuro, “of all drinks”

“The hallowed tail of the monkey, just the right drink for the tale you are about to hear” Saezuro said his eyes twinkling greatly.

“This better be very worth it”, Tolu drained the glass in one gulp, coughing and sputtering as it roasted its way down his throat.

He stared at Saezuro with eyes filled with tears.


Rotimi walked around the entrance keeping an eye out for trouble, dressed in corduroys and a sweater, he was inconspicuous and hardly noticeable, he battled the urge to go inside and check on Tolu…. he had to wait outside….

He hated waiting….



…………………… be continued…………………


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The Lady of the White Watch 2


In case you missed the first part of this story, you can read it here. Enjoy

  1. White light, Gold chrome

Lady Lola (@_LadyGoth) leaned back beside the pool in her Calabar mansion, the soft sea breeze from the Atlantic caressing her long dark locks and frizzling through her white damask, in her hand was a half finished merlot, not her favourite but she had added dollops of ice cream, vanilla flavour of course and it made the stiff merlot alright.

She watched as the palm fronds danced and swayed to the wind, she closed her eyes and day dreamed peacefully.

Suddenly her nerves clanged, something was wrong. Her hand jerked up, she didn’t feel the sun on her face any more, opening her eyes as her heart beat picked up she saw Fisayo standing there, a black cloth over an object…..her smile returned again, $550 million well spent….the sword was here.

Lola reached for her white Gold iPhone, typed in a few codes and smiled, her pure white dentition on display, “your account has been credited, madam”

Fisayo nodded and walked off.

  1. Purple butterflies, sweet release.

Lady Lola stood as her retinue of servants led her towards the mansion, a trusted servant carried the sword to the vault below, as she walked into the large dining hall, all the men and women at the table stood, governors, commissioners, soldiers and the like, men and women of timbre and calibre.

She gracefully sat, the entire table followed her to sit, all eyes riveted on her resplendent beauty, her well cut chin, her ever so ebony hair, her graceful white gown, the cut and trim perfect like a lily, dining table was clothed in white and gold, the cutlery white gold, the drink chalices woven with white and gold, the ceiling overlooking the table was done with a mosaic depicting the fall of Atlantis and seven warriors around the Atlantis piece, each one holding a sundial.

Servants stood at the elbow of each participant at the dinner party, the main meal hadn’t been served yet, on the table was fresh Russian caviar accompanied with whole wheat biscuits, asparagus cream and rhubarb pies, appetizers fit for a king.

Lady Lola delicately coughed, the big room was suddenly silent, and she stood her white gown shimmering.

“Members, friends, brothers, sisters, I welcome you to the new age-“, she lifted her chalice.

“All Hail!!” screamed the gathering, a giant ripple went through the floor.

Lady Lola continued,” the world is rid with corruption, danger, suffering, murder and all sorts of villainy and vile!”

“Villany and Vile!” chorused the gathering.

Lady Lola spoke faster with gusto, “we are the Watchers, we are to right the dawn of time and its now! We shan’t fail!….we shan’t surrender!”

“We shan’t fail! Hurray! All hail!” yelled the gathering their spirits rising in unison.

“The last of the radium has been deployed and the final piece of the puzzle has been acquired, the sword of Okomfo Anokye, has arrived we shall be able to enact the great purge as desired.

A servant walked up holding a pillow, on the pillow was a white watch, it looked like a sporting watch, Lady Lola held it up for all to see.

“…in this timepiece lies the control codes for the “Sword of the Timkeepers”

A huge gargantuan cheer went up from the gathering.

“And we shall be saved from its strike with the sword of Okomfo Anokye!”

The table was ecstatic as the main course of roast peacock and all sorts of delicacies came in.

Lady Lola sat back in satisfaction.

  1. Mein Hertz Brennt (“My Heart Burns”)

As the dinner went on with song and pomp, a young man stepped out, put his Audi on and sped off in the direction of the airport.

*                                                                    *                                                                   *

Tolu stared out the window, Adanma’s soft smile on his mind, her smile was competing with the number seven, what did it all stand for? , what did these people want to destroy and how powerful were they anyway? There had been no retaliation of ripple effect from the people he had stopped earlier! Were does people not as important as he imagined? Was it all a smoke screen?

Adanma’s face appeared again, then her full body as she beckoned him towards the swimming pool, a part of his brain warned, “Adanma, don’t go it’s too dangerous!” , another part of his brain wondered, “what can be so dangerous in a swimming pool? Allow her swim joor….allow her swim joor….ALLOW HER SWIM JOOR!”

Tolu screamed, “Ok…ok she can swim!”

Rotimi looked back in shock, Michael stared at Tolu through the rear-view mirror, “Let who swim, Tolu?

Tolu turned his attention towards them, his eyes slowly focusing, “huh?”

Rotimi shook his head, “Tolu, hope you are alright?”

Michael, “this is our stop guys, please remember to take off, your shoes, and observe proper decorum, Mr. Saezuro Sama, is a man of inerrant discipline!”

They closed the car door and moved towards the cottage on the outskirts of Magodo.

  1. “Dance little eel, fly Green goose”

Sammy-kun (@saezuro) a.k.a Saezuro-sama, sat crossed leg on the mat, his hair done up in the Edo style most Samurais and Yakuza members preferred, beside him lay a perfectly forged katana, the magnum opus of sword master, Rozhi shi Agamoto, this particular blade was forged in 1780, it had served twenty Shoguns and two emperors, before coming into the hands of Saezuro-sama after he save the life of a Japanese princess whilst on a mission in Japan.

Tolu sat “criss-cross applesauce” on the mat in front of Saezuro-sama, he spoke.” We come to find answers and make sense of our deepest issues”. Tolu winced, this was what Michael had told him to say, and it sounded too obtuse.

Saezuro-sama scrolled through his iPad, “cognition is an infringement on the neuronic, a placebo to the cerebral”

Rotimi nodded, “the existence of the seven is to dangerous, they have to be abolished”

Saezuro-Sama, closed his eyes, “the brighter the colour of solitude, the darker the denizen of “le Coeur” become”

Michael muttered, “That’s exactly why we are here, sensei”

Saezuro-Sama stood up slowly and pointed towards the door, in came skinny figure, he handed a paper to Saezuro-Sama and bowed, “the watchers have activated the ‘sword of the timekeepers’, sensei”

The Lady of the White watch, Lady Lola, held the control codes in her hands last night and activated them, they now possess the protective sword from Ghana, within seven days, and the device will be airborne over Nigeria and will ignite leading to ….”

“….catastrophe!” muttered Saezuro-Sama gleefully.

Rotimi wiped his brow, Michael took notes rapidly, Tolu stared at the katana, his vision blurred as “dead in the water” shattered into his consciousness and back out again, the visions blurred and then cleared, he was holding Adanma’s hands, caressing them softly, and he pulled her close, to kiss her…..”dead in the water” crooned Ellie Goulding again, as Adamna became cold and frigid to the touch….”Adanma”…

                                           ……………………… to be continued………………………….


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