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Ghosts of the Past

Ghosts of the Past

He woke up with his heart racing and his singlet drenched in sweat. The sweat was not because of the poorly ventilated one room apartment he stayed in, but because of the dream he had. It had been the same dream for the past two months and sleep had become a necessary evil. He however needed sleep if he wanted to get to work in time to remain the marketing manager of the 8-man company he had been working for the past five years.

He picked up his old, battered phone and sighed, it was 2:35am, the same time he had been getting up for the past 2 months. He sighed again as he took off his singlet and wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead. It was getting alarming. The same dream and waking up at the same time was something to be worried about. There was no one to talk to. His neighbours were not friendly. Even if they were, he did not want his business to be available for public consumption. Gossip was the local currency in the compound and it was traded for almost everything with reckless abandon.

Tunde stood up from his bed and walked towards the door of his room. The rumbles of the sky accompanied by flashes of lightning was getting intense with each passing moment. He picked up the bucket by the door of the room in anticipation of collecting water from the impending rainfall. The door creaked gently as it opened and he placed the empty bucket underneath the end of the roof.

The lightning struck once again, this time it looked like it struck just close to the rickety gate of the compound and at the end of it Tunde saw a lifelike person fall to the ground. He waved it aside and concluded it was his eyes playing tricks on him. Alas, he saw the lifelike figure walking towards the compound. With a gentle sway of the figure’s left hand, the gate flung open. Tunde did not wait to see what it was as he ran into his room, locking the door with such aggression that seemed to only make it more difficult for the door to lock. Eventually, he got it locked.

The thumping of his heart was loud enough to be heard in the next room. His mouth was dry and a lump developed in his throat. He did not understand what had just happened. What flung the gate of the compound with just a wave of its hand? He pinched himself to make sure he was not dreaming. What kind of dream could this be? His mind wandered. He looked to the window of his room and rushed to lock it. He was not ready to take any chance.

He stood quietly against the door and listened. Faintly but surely, he heard it from a distance. The drums. The last time Tunde heard a Bata drum was when he was a rebellious teen before he fled to Lagos. Even though it had been ages, there was no way he could miss the rhythmic sounds that the drum produced. It was playing softly outside his door now. He pinched himself once again. It was not a dream. The beating of the drum did not cease, instead, the intensity increased and with it were the sounds of footsteps, as if they were dancing. Fear had enveloped him in his room as he could not fathom what was going on. There was no explanation for why anyone will be beating drum at almost 3am.

The beating of the drum ceased and there was a soft knock on his door.


To be continued…


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Grasping at Straws – The Sequel

Seun woke up in the morning to find her bags packed.

“Where was she going?” he wondered as he made his way towards the kitchen. There she was, dressed in a short Azteca designed gown that hugged her curvy body. He could not make out any panty line which meant she had on a pair of thongs. Blood flowed to his loins.

“Why do you have your bags packed?” he asked.

She turned from the dishes she was doing to answer him.

“We are on a break remember” Peju replied.

The silence became awkward.

Seun tried to gather his thoughts and rally to a great defense, but he fell short. He could not find the words to say. He admitted defeat and sighed.

“When next do we see?” he queried. His question was to deflect from all the thinking he had to do.

“I don’t know. I really don’t” she said as tears welled in her eyes.

Her phone rang. It was the Uber driver letting her know he was outside.

“My Uber is here” she said as she hurried to finish the dishes.

“Did you plan on leaving without telling me?” Seun asked as he tried to make sense of the situation.

Peju explained she wanted to avoid the awkwardness they were experiencing and it was easier to leave when he was asleep. He was shell shocked. She finished the dishes and went to the room with him following behind her. He made one last attempt to stop her, but her mind was made up. She kissed him and dragged her box. She was happy he was not walking her out. It was hard enough to leave but him watching her go would break her heart.


“Hey you” she said.

“Hey” he replied.

It had been six months since Peju last saw or heard from Seun. She had ignored every call from him, aired his messages, and unfollowed him on all social media platforms. She was serious about the break. She needed the break and it was a well thought one. She felt at peace with herself. The truth was, she no longer knew how she felt about Seun. It had been six months.

Seun was surprised when his phone lit up and the caller was Peju. The last time he called her was three months ago on her birthday and she did not even pick. The continued ringing of the phone broke him out of his reverie.

After exchanging pleasantries, Peju explained why she had been distant and apologized for how she handled things but she needed the time alone. Seun accepted and they spoke like nothing had happened.

“The reason I called is because I need to talk to you” Peju said

“You can do that now” Seun replied.

“No, it is better said in person” she retorted as they set up a date for the following evening.


They met at the mall. It was their least favourite place, but it did it for the evening. He was seated at the food court, his love for food could not be denied. He was stunned as she approached him. She looked more beautiful than he remembered. He had missed her. She gave him a hug and he pulled out a chair for her to sit.

Peju explained how she had found herself and she felt good enough to build a relationship again with Seun. She was certain she wanted to be with him and all the issues they had in the past will not rear its head again.

Seun sighed.

“Are you going to pick that?” Peju asked.

“Nah, it’s fine” he replied.

“Sure?” she asked.

“Yeah. It is just my girlfriend trying to see how it’s going” he added.

******************************** TheEnd********************************


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Not Another Love Story Episode 2

Incase you missed the first episode, you can read it here

Jide and Chinwe spent time together before they headed to their respective homes. They got home feeling on top of the world, especially Chinwe who could not believe Jide was her’s. She had a lot of disappointments from her previous relationships and had put up her guard, but somehow Jide managed to warm his way to her heart. She laid on the bed in her room as she replayed her first kiss with Jide over and over in her head. Her thought was cut short when Obioma burst into her room and demanded Chinwe tell her the juicy details of her date with Jide. She smiled as she told her every single detail and Obioma screamed in delight when her sister told her she was in a relationship with Jide.
Jide got home and was too excited to even shout at his younger brother whom he had told severally not to go into his room when he was not around but still found him in his room playing his Playstation 3 console. His younger brother was shocked to his marrow when Jide did not get mad at him but instead asked him for the second controller pad as he joined him in a game of soccer. The smile on Jide’s face confused his brother further who just shrugged because he knew his brother would not tell him why he was smiling.
Chinwe broke the news of her relationship later that night in a tweet that read; “The Start of Something New.” She got a lot of replies from her followers, mostly guys who were curious to know what she meant, but she refused to let the cat out of the bag. Jide saw the tweet, smiled, resisted the urge to reply the tweet, and instead, sent her a message on Blackberry Messenger. They chatted for a while before Chinwe announced she was sleepy. Jide called her to say good-night, which made Chinwe feel loved and she giggled throughout the conversation.
The first test for Jide and Chinwe came 3 months into their relationship when he had to travel out of the country for his Masters Degree. Chinwe was so afraid of losing him and she told him her fears when she went over to his house. He understood her fears and reassured her of his commitment to their relationship. He told her he loved her for the first time which brought tears to Chinwe’s eyes as she replied telling him same. They kissed and made love for the first time.


Eighteen months later, after a lot of phone calls, video calls via Skype, endless chats on Blackberry Messenger, Jide was coming home. Chinwe sat in her office that beautiful wednesday morning as her thoughts wandered to the birthdays they did not celebrate together, their one year anniversary when she had to cry herself to bed at night because she missed him and how sad she was on Christmas Day when all they could do was share a virtual kiss. Finally, she was to be rewarded for her patience and endurance of reproach from her friends who tried to convince to give other men a shot since she was not aware of what Jide was involved in abroad. Her mother did not help situation as she asked her if she was sure Jide was as faithful as she painted him to be when Chinwe told her about him. All these had even made her doubt at a point but Jide saved the day when he sent her a gift on Valentine’s Day via DHL. It proved to her how serious he was about them and all she had to do was wait. She waited for him and the wait was over because he was finally coming home. She heaved a huge sigh of relief as she settled in to work.
Chinwe was on her way home in the evening when her phone rang and Jide informed her he had arrived safely in the country and was on his way home. Her heart was full of joy and she looked forward to the weekend when she was to be reunited with her lover. The weekend came by pretty fast and by Saturday, Chinwe who had moved to her own place was nervous to see her boyfriend. She hugged him tight when he came around with and examined him from head to toe just to make sure he came back in one piece. He laughed at this as they kissed and headed straight to her bedroom.

Three days later, Chinwe called Jide in the evening and asked him to come over to her place. Her voice was shaky and she did not give him any answer when he asked her what the matter was. She just insisted he came over. He drove as fast as possible to her house and as he entered the living room, nothing on earth could have prepared him for the sight that welcomed him.

……………………..To Be Continued……………………………………


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Collide Episode 4

Austin lets go of Eva’s hand as he sees his wife and thinks to himself what is she doing here? The elevator door is about to close before Elizabeth comes to her senses and stretches out her hand to prevent it from closing. She walks into the elevator and the tension is so thick that it could be cut with a knife. Elizabeth walks to the control panel on the wall of the elevator and presses the emergency button which causes the elevator to stop. Eva moves into the far corner and stays behind Austin as she is afraid of what Elizabeth might do to her.
“Who is she and what are you doing here with her?” Elizabeth asks Austin as her temper starts to rise.
“Lizzy, I promise you it is not what it looks like” he replies.
“Explain to me” she says as she is trying so hard not to let the tears drop from her eyes.
From the corner of the elevator where Eva is hiding behind Austin she speaks out “what are you also doing here?”
“Eva, stay out of this!” Austin says as he snaps at Eva. The words Eva said sinks slowly into Austin’s head like the Titanic did into the North Atlantic Ocean.
“Answer the question, Lizzy” Austin says feeling a little bit of triumph as he realizes he just might have the upper hand.
“Is this what it has come to? Your whore can question and disrespect me?” Lizzy asks as the tears drop from her eyes.
“Answer the question Lizzy and stop with the crocodile tears. Who is he?” he asks.
Elizabeth moves closer to Austin and slaps him hard in the face.
“Unlike you Austin, I respect our marriage. Lisa and I had too much to drink and we were in no condition to drive. We booked a room and spent the night here” Elizabeth says as she tries to wipe the tears away from her eyes.
Austin’s head drops in shame and he tries to hug his wife who pushes him away.
” You disgust me Austin. Your family obviously does not mean anything to you. You will rather spend the night with you whore”
” Do not call me a whore.You apparently cannot take care of your husband. Why else would he have spent the night with me?” Eva asks as she is still standing in the corner of the elevator.
On hearing this, more tears roll out from Elizabeth’s eyes as she cannot believe the humiliation her husband is putting her through. Austin turns to rebuke Eva but as he turns his face back Elizabeth slaps him again.
“We are done Austin. You cheated on me once and I forgave you. Not this time Austin, not this time”
“You cannot mean that Lizzy, I am sure you don’t” Austin says to his wife as his fears are fully showing on his face.
“You will be hearing from my lawyers” Elizabeth says to Austin as she walks back to release the emergency button and the elevator starts to move again.

The elevator bell dings as it gets to the ground floor and Austin gets off the elevator the first, Eva also gets off the elevator as she tries to avoid Elizabeth. Austin walks towards the reception desk to check out and Elizabeth notices Eva making her way towards the main entrance of the hotel and goes after her but the security man at the entrance stops Elizabeth before she can get out of the hotel. The security man tells her the receptionist is trying to get her attention. Elizabeth turns towards the reception, points at herself and the receptionist nods her head leaving her wondering why the receptionist will want to see her. She walks towards the reception area as Austin looks her apologetically. She ignores him as she gets to the reception.
“Madam, sorry to disturb you but your husband dropped this yesterday night” the receptionist says as she brings out a phone and gives it to Elizabeth.
“Your husband?” Austin asks Elizabeth who is dumbfounded and looks at the ground.
” Yes, her husband. You should have seen them. They had their hands allover each other. They are obviously so in love.” the receptionist continues.
“What is she talking about?” Austin asks Elizabeth
” I think you are mistaken Sir, her name is Katherine” the receptionist adds.
“Katherine?” Austin asks, directing the question to no one and he starts to chuckle.
” All this you were making me feel like guilty, making me feel worthless and giving me a hard time. You cheated on me too?”Austin asks his wife who is sobbing.
“I am sorry Austin” she says as she clenches her teeth.
“Who is he?” Austin asks as his voice goes up about 5 decibels. This attracts a few glances from hotel guests sitting in the lobby.
“Can we not do this here” Elizabeth says to him.
“Fine” Austin replies as he walks away from the reception area with his wife walking closely to him and leaving the receptionist with her mouth wide open.

……………………To Be Continued………………………


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Collide Episode 3

Austin starts to panic as he stares at Eva’s lifeless body. She is lying face down in a pool of her own blood and Austin cannot help but still admire her firm buttocks despite the situation at hand. He bends down to examine the body and as he turns it over, he can see that her neck and breast area are covered in blood. Blood is still trickling out gently out of a perforation on her neck which indicates that she had been stabbed. The perforation is close to her trachea and Austin is so sure a major artery must have been severed hence the pool of blood she is in. He drops the body gently and holds his hands to his mouth as he crosses over the body to get the wash-hand basin and vomit. He notices that there is blood on his hands after vomiting and starts to shake allover as he washes the blood off his hands. Why would someone do such a callous thing? he thinks to himself as he washes his hands. How will he explain himself to the police without been a suspect?
He cannot stand seeing the dead body and he quickly walks out of the bathroom, grabbing his trousers and boxer shorts off the ground as he enters the room. He starts to wear them while trying to imagine what could have happened to Eva and makes up his mind that he has to get out of there before someone discovers the body and calls the police. He feels his phone in his pocket and gets it out to discover that he has 16 missed calls and 3 messages from his wife. His head goes into overdrive as he tries to cook-up lies to get him off the hook with her. He grabs his shoes and wears and starts looking around for his shirt. He finds his shirt at the foot of the bed, he bends to pick it and on standing up straight, Eva is standing right in front of him, her whole body is covered in blood, and it is still trickling out of her perforated neck.
” Going somewhere lover?” she asks him.
Austin screams.


Eva tries to calm Austin down as they cuddle on the bed and she listens to him narrate his nightmare. She strokes his hair, giving him her undivided attention. He tells her everything but leaves out the part he tries to escape from the scene of the crime. She pulls him off the bed as he finishes his story and hugs him tight telling him everything will be fine. Austin sighs heavily.
” I know what will cheer you up” Eva says.
” I am listening ” Austin replies.
” I am going into the shower now, give me a minute and join me” she says.
She winks at him and walks into the bathroom swaying her hips at him. Austin begins to imagine another round of sex with the hot lawyer in the shower and as she calls for him, he runs into the bathroom.


Elizabeth has never cheated on her husband before, but having had a lot to drink the previous night, she wakes up to find herself in her bra only and in bed with her best-friend and her crush during her university days.
Elizabeth and her best-friend Karen, both had a crush on Steven and when they discovered they did, they swore not to pursue him. However, seeing him at the fund-raiser the previous night brought back memories to them. He still looks as dashing as ever. Karen has always been a bad influence on Elizabeth and brings out the naughty side of her. It was no surprise she suggested they get drunk, seduce him and end up having a threesome. It was exactly what they did.
Elizabeth and Karen had experimented on themselves before, but she thought that part of her life had gone when she married Austin. She was wrong.
Elizabeth gets out of bed looking at her best-friend and her crush both nude on the bed still sleeping. She sees Steven is spotting an early morning erection which is getting her aroused. She covers her face in shame as pangs of guilt come over her as she looks round the room for her belongings and finds her clothing and purse together. She picks up her turquoise gown, slips it on and stuffs her panties into her purse. She picks up her shoes, places her purse under her armpit as she takes one final glance at the bed and sighs.
She blows a kiss at both of them who are still sleeping, turns round, walks to the door and turns the knob and as the door opens tears roll down her eyes.
She shuts the door, makes her way down the hallway towards the elevator and gets her phone out of her purse checking if she has any missed call from her husband but finding none. Her heart sinks with despair, afraid that he might be passed out in a gutter somewhere. The tears rolls out even more as she fears the worst and presses the button on the wall which calls the elevator.
Few seconds later the elevator bell dings and the elevator door opens. She puts her phone back into her purse and as she looks up, she sees her husband Austin holding hands with a woman in the elevator.
“Austin?” she asks with shock allover her face.

……………………To be Continued………………………


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Collide Episode 2

“What are you doing here?” his wife, Elizabeth asks as she gives a puzzled look. Austin is tongue-tied and as he tries to talk, Elizabeth’s phone rings.
“Excuse me” she says as she receives the call He sees two of her friends walk in and remembers she told him about attending a fund raising dinner in honour of her alma-mata. How could he have forgotten? Austin asks within himself.
Elizabeth ends the call and Austin speaks ” This was supposed to be a surprise”
“Surprise? How?” she asks.
” You have been so supportive of me trying to get help with my addiction and I just want to show you how much I appreciate that” he says as she still looks at him puzzled.
“Austin, that does not explain why you are here” she replies him.
” I have come here to get a room and call you later to come join me so we could have some time away from everyone” he adds.
“Awwww! That is so romantic” she says as she pecks him on his cheek.
” I have to go now, but I am still expecting the surprise”
Elizabeth sways her hips seductively for her husband as she walks towards the banquet hall of the hotel that is the venue of the fund-raiser.


Eva’s sense of adventure has always been her strength and her weakness. It has gotten her into trouble on some occasions and it is the same thing that made her choose a career in criminal law. A decision she has come to be happy with and she works for the biggest law firm in town. She is driving towards the hotel when her phone indicates that she has a text message. She reads the text message as a smile breaks out on her face. Room 1147, the text reads.

The knock of the door startles Austin, who is lost in thought of how to surprise his wife as regards the lie he told her. He stands up from the bed, walks towards the door and opens it. Eva walks in still dressed in her black skirt suit and heels. She drops her bag on the table in the hotel room and takes off her heels. The big bed in the room is about 6 feet away from the table and has a night-stand. The door of the bathroom is adjacent from the bed. The wardrobe in the far corner of the room is closed and there are two robes hanging on the door,
Eva smiles seductively at Austin as he moves closer to her and plants a kiss on her lips. She kisses him back with an urgency that shows him how bad she wants him and throws her hand round his neck as they kiss, Austin places his hands on her firm but soft buttocks, the texture of the silk lining of her skirt rubbing on her bare buttocks feels so good that she moans a little. He unzips her skirt, and as it drops Eva can feel the cool breeze of the evening on her buttocks. She remembers she stuffed her thong in Austin’s pocket and giggles. She takes off his shirt and runs her well manicured fingers along his well-shaped abs and she gets excited. She pushes him away gently as she takes off her jacket and camisole standing in front of him in her black, lacy bra. She unhooks her bra with her right hand but holds the cups with her other hand just to tease Austin, whose mouth is open and he is almost drooling at the prospect of her breasts.
She lets go of the bra, which falls to the ground. Her breasts her perky and have no hint of sag. Gravity and nature has been kind to them and Austin could tell from her extended and hard nipples that she is aroused. He reaches out with his hands to touch her breasts and she moans out hard and long as she feels his hands on them. They kiss as he pushes her gently on the bed.
” Why are you still dressed?” she manages to ask Austin.
He quickly jumps off the bed and takes off his trousers and boxer in one swift motion and almost falling over in the process.
“Easy Tiger” she says
She licks her lips as she sees his engorged member in all of its glory and she is not disappointed at its size. He climbs back in bed, positions himself between her legs and as he goes into her it feels as if though time stops.


The rays of sunlight coming into the hotel room wakes Austin, but he refuses to open his eyes as the memories of the previous night flows into his head. The sex was so good they had 3 rounds of it before exhaustion took its course. She reached orgasm everytime and even had a multiple orgasm the last time they did it. She made him feel like a stud. His face breaks into a smile.
Austin turns, his hand lands on the pillow and as he opens his eyes, he finds out he is alone on the bed. She must have left he thinks. Left? How will she have left without her bag which is on the table or her clothes which he can still see scattered on the floor. Austin is confused as he stands up to check the bathroom. The sight he sees as he opens the door of the bathroom shocks him to the marrow. Eva is sprawled on the floor lying in a pool of her own blood.
“What the hell happened?” Austin asks directing his question at nobody in particular. He starts to panic.

…………….To be Continued……………….


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Dr Adedoja’s revelation shattered Frank’s world. He forgave her and the assault charge leveled against him dropped. The Adedoja’s settled their differences and they lived happily ever after or did they? *inserts evil grin*

*dusts cobwebs from blog*

I know it has been a while since I posted something and I will not give an excuse (trust me, I have plenty) but I am sorry for my silence. Thank you for your support through your reading,comments and sharing the links with your friends and family. Follow me on Twitter if you are not following @Hardeyi.

“Good Evening. My name is Austin and I am an alcoholic” Austin says to the group.
“Good Evening Austin” the group responds.
It is Austin’s third time at the weekly Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meeting. His marriage is going through a turbulent phase because of his drinking problem. His wife has threatened to divorce him and seek full custody of their two children if he does not seek help. He found the AA meeting with the help of a friend.
Austin looks around the group as he starts to share his story, then she walks in. The click-clack sound of her pair of stiletto heels makes the entire group turn back. She is wearing a black skirt suit with red camisole and she is carrying a black bag. Her dressing indicates that she is a big shot with a big corporation.
Austin licks his lips subtly as he sizes her up . Her red camisole is cut very low across the bust revealing more than little of the ample cleavage of her D-cup breasts. She is about 5′ 2″, but her heels make her seem 5’6″. Her skirt is short but tasteful ending about 2 inches above her knees.
“I am sorry I am late. I was held up in a meeting” she says as she takes her seat directly in front of Austin. Her skirt goes up a little as she sits, exposing her fair complexioned thighs for all to see.
“Lateness is frowned up in this group” the leader says as he gestures Austin to continue his story. Austin snaps out of his day dream and continues. He explains his reasons for joining the group. The group claps for him when he ends his story.
The group leader points at her and asks her to introduce herself to the group and tell them why she is in the meeting as a punishment for her tardiness.
“Good evening. My name is Eva and I am an alcoholic”
” Good evening Eva” the group responds.
She begins to tell the story of how she lost her parents in a car accident and fell into a state of depression and turned to alcohol. It was so bad her fiancé called off their engagement. As she speaks, Austin pays full attention to her full lips as they move and playing a lot of scenarios where her lips could be useful to him in his head. Their eyes meet and he looks away.
Eva ends her story and the entire group claps for her.
The next 30 minutes of the meeting could not have come to an end sooner for Austin. The sexy lady drove him nuts through out the meeting. Austin looks round the group as he stands up to shake hands with the group leader and he cannot find her. She is gone.
He makes his way to the underground parking lot of the building space the meeting takes place and sees Eva waiting for him by his car. His heart begins to beat fast as he walks towards his car.
“Hi” he says to Eva as he stops in front of her.
“Hi” she replies.
They stare at one another knowingly and out of the blue she kisses him. Austin is shocked but responds. His hands reflexively go up her thighs, pulling her gently into him as their lips work against one another. He pushes her skirt up and he is enraptured by her soft skin. The moans coming out of her mouth as she explores his chest drives him crazy. He slides his hands further up her legs, stopping only when he feels the tiny string of her thong.
Suddenly, she breaks the kiss, pulls back and looks into his eyes as she pushes her skirt down and smoothens it. She takes off her thong, stuffs it into the pocket of his jeans and feels his hard member. The heat it emits makes her feel giddy and wet between her legs.
” Do you know Imperial hotel?” she asks as she places a kiss on his chest.
“Yes I do” Austin replies with his voice quivering.
” Get a room there and text me the room number”
She gets Austin’s phone out of his pocket and enters her number. She returns the phone to him, runs her hand along the bulge in his jeans trousers and blows him a kiss as she walks towards her car.

Austin arrives at the hotel in record time and as he makes his way to the front desk, he hears his name.
“Austin” the voice calls out for him.
He turns and his face almost turns white from shock.
“What are you doing here?” his wife asks.

………………….to be continued……………………..


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