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This is my first Haiku. Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section.


The darkness I loathe

Has become a companion

Unlike you, it cares


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All knowing,

All seeing.

Earth, your footstool,

Firmament, your blanket.



Slow to anger,

Gracious in mercy.

If man would eulogize you

How perfect will that be?



Your hands are long,

I see them not.

Your legs are mighty,

Where are your footprints?



You answer prayers,

Why turn deaf ears to mine?

You feed on praises,

Are mine not worthy?



Whispers and gossip,

Stares and glance.

But, you fold your arms.

You unlook.



Though my righteousness be like filthy rags,

I am righteous.

Your every commandment,

I have kept.



For as long as you live,

Seed and harvest time shall remain.

I have sown,

Where is my harvest?



I am a mortal,

How dare I question your ways?


Am I not your child?



The cubs of the Lion,

Are always in need.

Those that trust in you,

are not put to shame.



I am in need,

But, I am not a cub.

I am your child,

Your child.



Rise up,

Fight my battles.

Prove to these ones,

You are God. 

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Hey folks. It has been a while. Work and work has been hectic. Today’s post was sent in some days back. If you are looking for some mind boggling piece, then this is it. Enjoy.

It’d been so long since Femi threw pebbles at her window, almost three months. She smiled.

She ran down to meet him, throwing herself on his neck, his arms around her driving all the months of loneliness away, something the soap operas, and the ice-cream and her friends had been failing to do.

She pulled back slightly, looking into his eyes. She leaned in to kiss him.

He pulled back.

Fear shot through her setting off her body on alarm systems,

“Do you have a girlfriend?” She asked him.

“No.” The question confused him. “Do you?”

She shook her head. “So why did you…?” she asked.

Femi smiled. “I just want to see you”

She laughed, an easy laugh, a farewell to the hell of the past 3 months.

“We can’t continue this way. How long will you be gone this time?”

She was lying down on the couch, her head in his lap as his hands played with her braids.

“About 4 months.”

Her heart sank.

“I can’t wait that long again.” She’s lying. She will. She knows she will.


Black. It’s curious how it’s called the color of death. The dead don’t see, can’t appreciate the solemnity of a funeral, the crowd of bodies arrayed in black, holding onto every bit of memory of the deceased, a glaring revelation of their own mortality.

She stood in the corner, trying her best to look inconspicuous. She probably shouldn’t have worn the peep-toe pumps though. Her yellow legs rode high, a sharp contrast to her black dress. Eyes glanced regularly her way. From experience, she knew where to place her eyes when people stared.

She couldn’t talk to anyone.

Femi’s mother stood in the corner, fighting back the tears, Femi’s sister lending her moral support. His friends and other family members filled out the room.

She caught someone looking at her, a man. He had the look in his eye, as if he maybe recognized her, however unlikely. Nobody could know her. She’d never met anyone of his family, never been introduced to anyone in his life even his friends. She’d been his best kept secret.

Strange thing about funerals. Grief and loss wear out the heart but company makes it a little bit bearable and these people were milking every ounce of respite from one another. A symbiotic gathering, if there ever was one. Her heart was the only one which stood out, unable to connect with the room of strangers, shattering and aching viciously in a looping vacuum.

When she finally decided she’d had as much as she could take, she headed for Femi’s mother to pay her respects.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” she said.

The mom blinked away tears.” Thank you my daughter. I don’t know you. Were you close friends with him?”

“Yes, I knew him,” she wasn’t sure how or if to proceed further. “He was an amazing person.”

The mother nodded solemnly, managing a smile.

She left immediately after.

When she got into her car, the noise of the outside world receded. And then as though in slow motion, her face broke its steely frame, her countenance finally yielding to her heart after so long, tears flowing liberally. The weight pressed down on her till she pressed her head against the steering, the car’s blaring horn in the background to her farewell ode to the love of her life.

Ibukun Taiwo is a Freelance Editor and Ghostwriter. He’s been on the hunt for the perfect sentence since he figured out how Word Processors works. A huge science fiction fan, he loves book recommendations. And fanta. 

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This is a really short piece, I hope you enjoy it. Kindly leave your comments. Thank you. Have a lovely read.


Come by once,
Stay a while,
Touch me,
Ease the pain.

With your clumsy hands,
Unfold me like rose petals,
Layer after layer,
Fold after fold,
Till you get my core.

Leave your mark,
Make me yours,
Say it loud,
Say it proud,
Only you can,
No one but you.


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Close to the Abyss

Disclaimer: This post is purely fictional and any resemblance to any situation, circumstance, feature or person in reality is purely coincidental. This “short” post is just a work of my imagination


My wrists know the stories,

They have been best friends with my razor.

My veins have come to crave that tear,

My clotted blood gives my skin joy.


The high from my cutting, my solitude,

The escape from reality.

At least I get to feel something,

Even if it is pain.


The glasses hides my sunken eyes,

The smiles hides the emptiness.

The brokenness I feel runs deep,

Edging me closer to the abyss.


Who will mend me?

Who will give me a voice?

The words are stuck in my head,

The very ones that could end it all


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Smarter than a Fox,
Exhibits intellect at every turn,
Keeping me on my toes.

Strength like a volcano,
Shaking a mountain to its core,
Though you never show it.

Devoted like a nun,
You see the best,
Even in people with lost causes.

Times as tough as nails,
You pulled through,
Never bragged about it.

Your beauty,
Like the storm,
Blows me away.

Hotter than Indian Curry.
Your every curve,
Sets my pulse racing.

Your eyes,
Brown like Bourbon.
They keep me fixated.

Lips like ripest cherries.
Your smile,
Makes my feet quiver.

Your innocence,
Like a child unborn,
It fucks with my mind.

Your heart,
Fragile as a dream,
Entrust it to me.

Like a Tortoise under its shell,
I’ll keep it safe,
From every wear and tear.

Make me your refuge,
Your shelter from the raging storm,
I’ll protect you.

Make me your back bone,
When it seems like all is failing,
I’ll care for you.

Though time is as wind,
And waves we are,
I’ll stay true to you.


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Welcome to my Life

Welcome to my Life

“I envy your life” is a statement I have heard a couple of times. Yes, someone’s life might seem all rosy and perfect from the outside, the thousand watts smile they always seem to have when you see them might give you the illusion that everything is okay, but, you never know what people are carrying around or what they have to live with.

I have had it good and cannot even complain. I have parents who love me so much and bother about everything concerning me. I think that comes with the territory of being an only child but at the same time, it is not every only child that gets the kind of life I have had. Don’t get it wrong, I have been given everything I need and not everything I want. My parents have done their very best, sent me to the best of schools, given me things they had to deny themselves of other pleasures of life, and I am forever grateful and indebted to them for that.

It is as a result of this I don’t know how to tell them I don’t think marriage is for me. Have I loved? Yes I have. Have I been hurt? Yes I have been. Have I let go of the hurt? Yes I have. I think I have let go of the hurt but every time things seem to get really serious with a lady, I get that feeling of deja vu.

Sometimes, I think it is the fear of commitment or maybe it is because I am afraid my monster will resurface, or is it because of the various experiences I have heard and witnessed. Experiences of how ladies have treated the guy they were dating. They say not everyone is the same and I believe that, but right now it looks bleak. How does one even know what it feels like when you are with the right person? I might have had that feeling with the first girl I loved, though we destroyed what we had with her infidelity and my anger. I really should not have hit her even though she had cheated on me thrice. I was young, naïve and stupid.

I am not one to talk about my feelings, I communicate better through writing and she understood that. She made us keep a journal. Yes, we were young, but we had this dream of where we wanted to end up. It was clear and I plugged into it. Even after the break-up, a part of me still felt we could have it.

I withdrew after that and I have found it easier talking to a lady and confiding in her when she was just my friend than when we got serious. It feels weird. If I was able to talk to you as a friend, I should talk more to you when we get serious. It is the opposite. I close up and ladies I have gotten close to have complained about it. Am I damaged? Have I really let go? Am I deceiving myself that I have?

Have I missed out on the love of my life because of my temper or my impatience? I guess the impatient part is a story for another day. Right now, I feel confused because soon the questions about who the “lucky girl” is will spring up. How I will handle it I have no idea.

 It is not like there are no women in my life, there are, I just don’t see that future yet. I just don’t see the potentials yet. One feels I am too closed and my laid back approach is a problem for her, the other I feel I can always talk to is from another faith and I am sure my parents would have a problem with that. I don’t want to be the heart-breaker but it seems to be a tag hanging over my head. I have started things and choked midway because I just could not see any future there.

I once read that you don’t have to get married to fulfil your destiny. I agree with that but well, I do not want to be selfish to those who sacrificed everything just to get me to where I am. They gave me a listening ear and it is why I have a voice today.

Would it be right to hurt them with that voice they gave me?




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