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The Lady of the White Watch 3

Good Morning folks, I will not bore you with senrenre, but if you have not read the previous posts in The Lady of the White Watch series, I suggest you read 1 and 2. Thank you.

  1. Kiss of the pouring rain.

Tolu (Hardeyi) sat across the desk from Alfred (@alf_Redd), his head in his hands, Kenny (@kheniethomas) arms folded across her chest stared at a blow up image of wealthy socialite, Lady Lola (@_Ladygoth), the image’s long silken hair cast a shimmering dread, her set eyes harsh yet insightful at the same time stared back from the projected screen, Kenny felt a pang of fear drip into her heart. Who was this lady? What was she about?

Rotimi (@roteame) stood beside Kenny, in his strong beefy hands was a cup of coffee, no sugar, yes Lady Lola was a concern, but he was worried more about Tolu. He seemed unnecessarily distracted and Rotimi wondered, “who was this ‘Adanma’’ he kept mentioning, not one to be bothered much, Rotimi wanted this briefing to be over, they had already relayed what they had learned from “Sensei” (@saezuro), Sensei had told them the following:

… 1970, at the height of space exploration, a group of NASA scientists sympathetic to the cause of the watchers had created a satellite,  capable of recharging its batteries through solar means, meaning it could orbit through space forever, inside the satellite they had put a homing device, the trick in that was, once a satellite was shot from earth and got past Jupiter it was usually out of range and can’t be called back to the NASA Control room back at Fort Lauderdale, in Texas, all the satellite could do at that stage was send back pictures until it runs out of energy and becomes flotsam and jetsam  debris in space….

….but with this homing device, the satellite once in orbit will act like a normal satellite but once the receiver on earth is activated and the right codes are inputted the satellite will come alive and the receiver can control the satellite even though it’s as far as Neptune or Pluto, and bring it into any orbit of the receivers choice…”

….so the watchers kept that secret until this week, Lady Lola activated the homing device on the satellite that was named the atlantis-7 back then in 1970 by this young astronomers and as we speak it has been hurtling towards earth…but what’s dangerous about a normal satellite coming towards earth you might ask?…”

…here is the issue…there is a atomic device atop the satellite shrouded in a titanium core, which enabled it to remain unaffected all the time in space, once its within range to earth, which is in four days time, another set of codes will be inputted, activating the 40 ton atomic device aboard the satellite, the explosion is expected to be about 700 Newtons per square inch….”
The whole room had gone into silence whilst everyone pondered the meaning of the events.

Kenny spoke, “Lady Lola will be giving a speech to commemorate the new Business and Trade Center in Eko Atlantic City in four days time, her speech will be on the ‘vagaries of business and growth in the new era’, Kenny made a face at the title of the speech.

Alfred leaned back and closed his eyes, “I have spoken to my superiors, we have the warrant to arrest her, but –“

“-wait what then are we waiting for!?” yelled Rotimi.

Alfred breathed in deeply. “She has so many admirers…even within our own force, we have to make it a sting operation…if…if…”

Kenny spoke, “If word gets out that it’s her we want, the whole operation will just go tits up”

Tolu braced himself at the mention of “tits”…Adanma flashed into his consciousness again; he had been pressing his face against his hands to create a mini darkness, pressing into his eyeballs till it hurt trying to blank out the past, present and future.

He just wanted peace, the turmoil was too much, Adanma before him again, he reached out to touch her, trying to caress her loving face, and then the sharp timbre of Kenny’s voice sliced in and let in the conversation like a sliver of light into a dark room.

“Why can’t we just go and arrest her now, Alfred?” Tolu said his voice icy. “If you people are scared, I will go ahead and do it myself just me and end this once and for all”

Alfred stood up his voice shaking the room, “ok then, I guess it’s settled then. We need to get our hands on the codes so as to stop the arming of the nuclear device, we will split into two teams, one team to backup and the other to act as the sharp end of the stick”

He tapped the remote control on his desk, the projected screen flickered, “team one, Tolu, Rotimi, both of you will work with Saezuro, your job will be to find out how to get the codes from Lady Lola either by force or stealth, then the backup team will be me, Kenny and Michael, who by the way is at headquarters giving his report, so best of luck gentlemen and Lady”

With that Alfred sat down and reached for his glass of Alomo and lime, to steady his nerves.

A silence came over the room again.

  1. Preachers, giants and crooning cellphones.

Nelly screamed lines from the “airforce one’s”track in the downtown Mushin bar, bulbs hanging low from the ceiling the heavy din of noise as revellers and drunks and skin merchants briskly went about their haunts and caprices, Saezuro calmly sat, the calm in the midst of the crazy storm, his katana hidden from sight, his hands tucked into the folds of his kimono, he had drawn strange looks but everyone was drunk and just imagined they were high and weren’t seeing properly. He had a new idea on how to get the needed codes to stop the inevitable disaster that was only four days away.

He was waiting.

Fisayo (@fissyfierce) stood atop a building close by her hood pulled over her face, her face darkened with warrior paint, she had been given new orders, and she was to apprehend the man in the kimono. But he had been waiting for a while now in this bar, she wanted to see what the mission was about, she took a deep breath, her fingers around the US SOCOM M24 sniper rifle’s trigger, her body prone and unmoving, she breathed in measured gasps, the movement of air into her body hardly shaking her body at all, the rifle was stable on its stand to her right, to her left she has also erected a rifle mike, to enable her hear what the man in the kimono would be saying.

She was waiting.


Tolu got off the okada and strolled into the bar, walked up to Saezuro and sat down quietly, a clean glass of “shepe” was placed in front of him, and he looked at the glass in stunned bewilderment.

“shepe!!!” , he cast a withering glance on Saezuro, “of all drinks”

“The hallowed tail of the monkey, just the right drink for the tale you are about to hear” Saezuro said his eyes twinkling greatly.

“This better be very worth it”, Tolu drained the glass in one gulp, coughing and sputtering as it roasted its way down his throat.

He stared at Saezuro with eyes filled with tears.


Rotimi walked around the entrance keeping an eye out for trouble, dressed in corduroys and a sweater, he was inconspicuous and hardly noticeable, he battled the urge to go inside and check on Tolu…. he had to wait outside….

He hated waiting….



…………………… be continued…………………


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