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Good evening folks, I trust you are looking forward to the long weekend. I know I am.

Today’s post is a poem I wrote with @goldenwura. She blogs here

Enjoy the poem.


It came back to me in a rush

Memories of deeds done

Can’t be spoken, mustn’t be muttered

Whispered, can only float in circles

In the streams of thoughts and subconscious

Sharp pain piercing like icicles on a stormy night

 Putrid smells of antiseptic and blood

assail my nostrils and I’m forced to open my eyes

something is blocking the light which is good

the hazy image clears and takes the shape of father’s head

Worry and fear lining his once beautiful eyes

a tug on my finger has me looking into the eyes of my 6 year old brother

mother is nowhere to be found which is just fine

memories are coming and I don’t want to remember

father answers the unspoken questions in my eyes

questions I have answers to

but what he says stops my blood from flowing for 7 seconds

mother is alive? What?

the relief in his voice and eyes as he says something I didn’t pay attention to

makes my blood boil again.

I’m sure it exists nowhere else but our house

Where the wife is the drunk and abuser

Reversed roles if you please and father would do nothing

Wouldn’t even tell his best friend or see someone

For shame, what they would think of him

I ask to go see mother

I pray that she’s sleeping or unconscious so I can

Finish what I started

Chike lied, the poison was ineffective

She should be dead

I creep into her room

Feels like I’ve hit full potential

In bed she lays, unwashed and unkempt

Her dark sunken eyes open

Chapped lips break into a wry smile

She knew.

Incoherent words follow

She winces in pain

Waves of pity ladened with disgust submerge me within

But it disappears as fast as it came

Like a broken dam, my head is flooded with images

Of every single time she hit us

How can you say you love us

Yet hurt us with in every drunken rage

Odd to say she’ll protect us

But the bruises say otherwise

Father walks in

Places his hand on my back

I burst out in tears

We are free, but still in bondage

For vegetable she’ll remain, the rest of her days.

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Yes, it has been a while since I posted anything. I can give you a number of excuses, but I would stick to one. I just did not want to write. That is not to say there were not things to write about, I just did not want to. Now that we’ve cleared that, let’s dive into today’s post.

I have absolutely no idea what I plan on writing. I picked up my pencil (I love writing with pencil), and scribbled down some things. I love to write down before typing. This post might make sense to you or not, but make whatever you would of it. Here we go…

I have what I would call a short attention span. I am fickle. Very fickle. My tweets are a testimony of how fickle I am. There are so many thoughts in my head, I sometimes do  not finish with one thought before jumping to another. Like every other thing in life, it has its advantages. One of such is, I find it easy to forget about things because I have too many thoughts. It is one of the reasons why I do not know how to keep a grudge.

The average Nigerian has a problem. Yes, I know, we all have problems. This problem I speak of is actually one that we see from top to bottom. It is the sense of entitlement. The mentality that someone owes you something. Fun fact, NO ONE OWES YOU SHIT! The most guilty set of people with sense of entitlement are security guards. We understand that your employer pays you peanut to cater for your family (which in most cases consists of 1 wife and 8 children). We also understand that you see people around you with a better standard of living and you are aspiring to it. But, why in God’s name should I be the one to bear the brunt of your aspirations? Why do I have to pay you for doing a job you are already being paid for?

I have just considered ripping off the page I am writing on. I am starting to come off as harsh.

As much as I hate to say this, I am not sure I understand what feminism is all about. Here is why: How can a movement meant to educate people on the “evils” of gender inequality be so disorganised. Feminism is not philosophy that we can say it is has different schools of thought, it is a social construct. Why is there no acceptable standard for feminism? Why are there factions? Why are most people only feminist when it works to their advantage? You do not see a man only being a man when it is convenient. The behaviour of being a conditional feminist reflects poorly on the people who actually understand the cause of feminism. By the way, I keep telling people that not only women can be regarded as feminists, but of course, not every woman who is a feminist agrees to that. Do not even get me started on e-feminists.

The world’s plan to eradicate poverty is an admirable one. It is also one that looks doable based on the plans bodies like the UN, UNICEF, and other acronyms have planned out. I am not going biblical on this case, but even in the bible, there were always poor people. The bible only referred to them as needy. It is my first evidence in saying poverty cannot be totally eradicated. My second evidence, poverty is more mental than physical. If the average man cannot see beyond his nose or aspire beyond the limitations his background and environment has set for him, no amount of handouts, aids or loans can rescue him from the clutches of poverty.

The worst set of people after those who ask “Is it not just football?” (No, it is not) are those who tell emotional stories to blackmail the audience to back them during talent shows. We understand that the emotional appeal will help improve the ratings of the show, but come on, it is a talent show not a Lets-See-Who-Has-The Saddest-Story show. Let the millions of people judge you based on your talent and not because they feel pity for you. You might say the end justifies the means but how would you feel if a colleague at work is promoted because he lost his father over you who has actually outperformed him in every aspect. It is daylight robbery when someone who is talented actually loses out to a less-talented fellow with a sad story.

I have imagined myself several times playing for Manchester United (the best club in the world). I have imagined after we (Yes, WE) have lost a match how I would come on as a super sub to rescue the match. I hate losing. I do agree that a man might be able to change his wife, but he can never change his football club. There is just something inexplicable about the blind devotion one has towards his favourite football club.

In conclusion, I do hope you have enjoyed this. It is not possible for you to have the same opinion as I do. If you have contrary opinions or you just want to bare your mind, feel free to use the comment section. Obrigado.


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The Leibster Award: Blogging Tribute


It came as a shock to me when I found out today that Cr8tivPhenom nominated me for The Leibster Award. I am grateful you think so highly of me.  I am sure you are wondering what the Leibster Award is all about, it is an award for bloggers with less than 200 WordPress Followers.

So there are some basic rules and guidelines for this award which are listed below:

The Rules

a. Thank the fellow blogger that nominated you – Check!

b. List 11 random facts about yourself

c. Answer the questions the blogger has asked you in the post you were nominated

d. Nominate 11 other people

e. Ask the 11 nominees questions as well.

f. Last and definitely least, let them know you nominated them.

Let’s do this..

b. 11 Random Facts about me

  1. I am very cheap, with Toblerone and Cranberry Juice I am all yours
  2. I am a die-hard fan of Manchester United
  3. I do not like girls who I cannot have intelligent conversations with.
  4. I still have not watched Titanic from the beginning to the end, I always sleep off.
  5. People think I am mean but I am actually a very nice person
  6. I hate school, do not let the M.Sc fool you.
  7. I goof around a lot
  8. I love animations
  9. I want to travel the world.
  10. I am an only child
  11. Once you betray my trust, I am gone.

c. Answer the Questions the Blogger asked you in the post you were nominated.

  1. What inspires you to write?

Events, Stories, My Experience

2.   What genre of music defines you?


3.   Which would you pick- 10,000 more page views or 100 more followers?

10,000 more page views

4.  Would you choose writing as a full-time job?


5.  What is your ultimate fantasy?

Getting paid handsomely to do what I love.

6.  What’s the craziest dream you’ve ever had?

I was partying with Beyonce at Ibiza

7. Which would you rather have: 1 million books sold or a Nobel Prize in Literature?

A Nobel Prize in Literature

8.What’s your favorite movie of all-time?  

Love and Basketball

9. What embarrassing thing do you do when no one is watching?

Talk to myself

10. The worst decision you ever made?

Date a girl out of pity.

11. Have you ever won any awards? and what awards?

Does slum book count ? Oh yeah I won 1, Baby Face during my undergraduate days.

d. Nominate 11 other people

e.  Ask the 11 nominees questions as well.

  1. What’s Your favourite TV series
  2. Who would you like to be, Carlos Slim or Bill Gates?
  3. Your dream car?
  4. What are you presently obsessed about?
  5. Love or Money?
  6. How many books have you read this year?
  7. Would you watch a movie before reading the book?
  8. Which would you rather have: 1 million books sold or a Nobel Prize in Literature?
  9. Your most prized possession
  10.  In one word, describe our excellency President Goodluck Jonathan.
  11. What would you change about you?

f. Last and definitely least, let them know you nominated them- CHECK!

Thank you all for reading. Adios.


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It has been a roller coaster ride for me since September 2011 when I finally decided to create a blog and let the world know about my writing. I remember @mafabaAlaso saying he did not know I could write. I gradually found myself and realized I write best when I do creative writing and so I decided to stick to it. It has been fun sitting down week in week out trying to come up with stories to wow my readers. The followership has been great and also the demand for me to write better things and right now I do not feel like I am living up to that standard as my good friend n critic @ZaToothFairy tells me after every of my writeup I can do better.
I want to do better and so I will be taking a break from the world of blogging. I want to assure you I will be back stronger and better. I just want to be able to meet your demands as my readers. I know I owe you a conclusion to “Not Another Love Story” and I will give it to you as soon as possible. The blog still stays up, so please tell your friends and families about it, come back and read it once in a while and if possible everyday if you can. I promise you, I will be back. This is not goodbye, I just feel exhausted and I need to read more so I keep blowing your minds away. Thank you all for your support. We will see soon!!!!!!!!!

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Does Fuel Subsidy Concern You Now?

Happy New Year(Really?). All the same we give thanks to God for making us see the new year. This week a friend of mine David Parker who you can find here made strong points about the removal of fuel subsidy is a guest on my blog. Enjoy his piece.

Its 2nd of january, 2012 in Nigeria and a greeting of ‘Happy New Year’ is met with an instant frown and reeling out of reasons to be unhappy. The ‘PDP led insensitive government’ is majorly blamed for the woes that surely lies ahead. The euphoria of the New Year celebration has been replaced with the repressive effect of the official announcement of FUEL SUBSIDY REMOVAL.
In fairness to the government, it had forewarned its citizens of hard times ahead, but apparently a good percentage of the populace were contented with not paying attention to what policies the government proposed to implement in the coming year. This conclusion is reached on the strength of the number of Lagos residents who expressed surprise at the increase in fuel (PMS) price. It is important to state that it is not uncommon for Nigerians especially the poor, and barely educated (mind you which forms the larger part of her population) to have a dogmatic mindset that the policies of the government is not of concern to him/her. The proposal for removing fuel subsidy was debated at various levels and was the first choice headline for national dailies as the year 2011 wound up. However, such an issue of multiplier effect as Nigerian’s are beginning to witness managed successfully not to catch the attention of every sane Nigerian at its proposal stage.
Today, the citizens now magically appear to have put on their thinking caps and all have ‘brilliant questions’ to ask the government. I do hope they ask important questions. One of such should be why the government was and is not proposing to slash the wage of our elected legislative representatives by 117 % in order to reduce cost of government. The need for this question is founded on the argument that the government will achieve the same purpose for removal of fuel subsidy but this time around will be applauded by her citizens. It is not enough for the Minister of finance, Okonjo Iweala to say that the Jonathan led administration is looking at ways to reduce the cost of manpower and eliminate bureaucracy in his government. Nigerians should request that the remuneration package of every federally appointed and elected public office holder be slashed by 117% as swiftly as fuel subsidy was removed.
How i will love to see the government turn the issues raised in the above questions into policies, or Nigerians having a well-organized and representative platform to lawfully and peacefully express dissent against the government’s actions. Oh..Oh..i remember, there is a self-serving body called the Nigerian Labour Congress(NLC). A body which on countless occasions that history reminds us threatens the government by pretending to align and speak for the masses and those who constitute the labour force of the country but upon settlement of its key officers, betray the common Nigerian whose only request is a fair and good government. The official removal of fuel subsidy has presented the opportunity for the betrayal scene of the masses by the NLC to be acted so early in 2012. In its habitual bravado style the NLC has threatened to ask for a nationwide strike until the federal government reverses the removal of fuel subsidy. I am anxious to see events play out and implore Nigerian’s to watch with close attention as the NLC should be ranked pari pasu with the government when it comes to trust.
If the betraying personality of the NLC is not enough reason to be concerned, then you should try to understand and appreciate the negative multiplier effect of the removal of fuel subsidy on your standard of living and the Nigerian economy holistically. To borrow the unpopular phrase of Governor Fashola, the apparent teething problem of implementing this policy will stem from the fact that Nigeria’s economy is over dependent on oil, an increase in the price of PMS results in artificial scarcity, panic demand for fuel products, queues at filling stations and a sky rocket movement of prices of commodities. The running cost of business is increased and should relatively affect the price of the goods and services rendered by the organization. The price inflation of goods and services will mean the spending power of employees is shrinked, employees in turn will demand for an upward review of their wages to enable them match their expenditure and the list is non-exhaustive. A representative government will have no choice than to give in to pressure and we will be back to square one because the economic recovery from subsidy will be expended by the government.
It is glaring for all to see that the time for Nigerian’s to remind the government of who is sovereign is drawing close. As the hour nears, it is important that we put aside our differences and face every monster that intends to perpetually dominate Nigerian’s.
It can still be a happy new year, let’s stand up and fight any form of oppression.


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End That Relationship

Cheers to the thousands of Chickens that lost their lives over the past three days. Merry Christmas in arrears. On a sad note, rest in peace to those who lost their lives in the bombings that took place in northern and central Nigeria on christmas day. May God protect us all.

I have come to realize (after various attempts) that having a relationship is hard work and requires patience. Every relationship has its ups and down. There is a thin line between staying in a relationship to work things out and been stupid. Here are some reasons I believe you should put an end to a relationship. I decided to be bias towards any sex during the writing of this post.

1. No Privacy

Your partner monitors messages and e-mails, whenever you receive phone calls (s)he is always trying to know who you were talking to. You literally have to lock yourself up in the toilet to pick up calls. End that relationship!!! Before you know it (s)he will ask you to put your phone on speaker and starts deleting messages and e-mails (s)he feels are not important. Find someone who is loving and caring not a control freak.

2. Interference With Other Relationships

When your partner hangs out with their friends it is ok, but when you decide to hang out your friends it becomes a big deal. (S)he throws tantrums like a child and blackmails you emotionally. When you wave aside the blackmails and hang out with your friends, when you come back, there is some sort of “punishment” for leaving him/her alone. End that relationship!!! It starts that way and before you know it (s)he wants you to place them before your family. Find someone who enjoys being with most of the people you care about. If not, your relationship will be full of frustration.

3. Your Personal Life Is No Longer Personal

You are out with your friends and your partner suddenly blurts out ” Do you (s)he cries when (s)he has an orgasm?” and when you try to call him/her on it he/she simply tells you it was just to make the conversation amusing and you are too sensitive.
Whether you re humiliated or not, as long as he/she thinks your personal life would make conversations amusing, end that relationship!! Find someone who wants you to be happy and confident about yourself and your life.

4. Cannot Let Go Of The Past

We have all experienced disappointment in life, but we try as much as possible to get over it and move on with our lives. Even in relationships we have to let go of those who have hurt us.
If your partner keeps on talking about his/her ex, takes you to places the ex took him/her to, hoping to run into the ex, or (s)he sometimes calls you the ex’s name, end that relationship!!!! You do not want to be with someone who is thinking of someone else half the time (s)he is with you. Find someone who is ready to have a relationship with you rather than someone trying to use to get to his/her ex.

5. Abuse

No one deserves to be abused. Whether it is physical,mental or emotional, (s)he has no reason to subject you to that. When in love it is very easy to justify and explain your partner’s behaviour but you deserve better treatment from him/her if (s)he wants to be with you. End that relationship. Find someone who knows your worth and respects you.

You are probably nodding your head as you are going through one or more of the above. If so, maybe it is time for you to make a change. I would never try to break a relationship, but if this post has made you take a long look at your relationship, then were you really happy to begin with??


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Diary Of A Nigerian Girl

Its a few days to Christmas and I am sure a lot of you have made plans and are eagerly awaiting the day. I know chickens are saying final goodbyes to one another and are wishing the cup will pass them (if I hear). Thanks for taking time to read my blog. This is wishing a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.

This week I have decided to have a guest on my blog. I used to have a huge crush on her (maybe I still do) but we are friends right now. I came across a tweet a few days and all it said was Diary of A Nigerian Girl. It struck me as an interesting topic but it is better written by a lady. I had to ask her to help out and here we are today. She also blogs and you can read her posts here. She is @jayajade..

WARNING: If you cannot think outside the box, please DO NOT read this post.

1st May 2007

New month- my sis is going to turn 18 soon… and with all these thoughts of growing up…I sometimes wonder when I’m ever going to find someone that loves me enough to stick with me…. Thought I loved him but like Sid from the movie said.. ‘the difference between rap and hip-hop’……

21st May 2007

These days I wake up in the morning so happy, its almost unbelievable…..

June 6th 2007

I’ve decided to learn stuff I’m supposed to know…

June 7th 2007

Ps. I found out that this guy I really like has a girlfriend ;(..hurts God dey sha..

June 27th 2007

Can’t believe how angry I was this morning… pure unadulterated rage. God help me….please

November 22nd 2007

Just finished Ted Dekker’s ‘when heaven weeps’ and once again I feel God speaking to me beyond the fiction..

5th January 2008

Happy New Year!!!!! I have to work on reading my Bible more during the holidays… lol I remembered Victor today and almost felt miserable… how can one person drive me crazy so?

3rd February 2008

I really love God… not because of what he gives me but because He’s always there – even in my dark days. On 31st January, I was at the scene of an armed robbery incident…it’s nothing like the films.. I just thank God for my life.

8th April 2008

I turned 20 on the 3rd – I guess I’m officially an adult now.. so why do I feel so young I love it though..

20th April 2008

Things I want in my future husband – this isn’t a compulsory list but hey..*shrugs*
Cute (let’s face it the face is the first thing I’ll see)
God fearing
Tall (about a head or so taller)
Disciplined and prayerful (mostly to help me)
Love kids – and be interested in being a family not just having one..
Loving, romantic and caring
..for now this list ends here… you told me ask Lord and I did…..

2nd Sept 2008

Heeeey been a while…. Convocation was in July sorry June.. the 13th to be precise… I’m still not a flawless human being but God’s been helping me and I’m learning to be happy…

3rd March 2010

I’m tired …just wanted to officially launch my new journal…

24th March 2010

I’m such a worrier….

9th April 2010

I learned to always pray within God’s will….
Saw Kaoru today..*sigh* my heart actually skipped a few beats

10th April 2010

Nobody’s perfect

6th May 2010

Without darkness, you’ll never know how good light feels

18th May 2010

Lol…it has been a while…I’ve been sooo busy with my thesis work… I’ve been having some relapse issues that God is helping me through…

4th June 2010

I’m thinking a lot lately…not just thinking but thinking deeply….why do I lose my temper so easily?, who are my friends… will I really be able to fulfill my dreams??..

3rd July 2010

I’m done with school!!!! Yay me!.. loving my life right now…
Note to self: if you ever read this later, listen to Solange Knowles ‘Sandcastle disco”… you absolutely love that song… gotta go now..

17th August 2011

It’s been crazy, almost eight months since my last entry… so let me try to update between July and January, I got a job, got my NYSC posting, went off to camp in Ekiti, and came back…. I’m at work now and my service year ends soon….

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