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For my muse …


I am naked.

Naked and blameless.

Stripped down,

Revelling in euphoria.


I am naked.

Naked and vulnerable.

No bottled-up emotions,

Risking it all.


I am naked,

Naked and proud.

Baring my scars,

Unscathed by opinions.


I am naked,

Naked and brazen.

Repugnant to multitude,

Dear to one.


I am naked.

Naked and happy,

Naked and free,

What a feeling. 


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This post might be anything you make it out to be. 



Trickle after trickle,

Lump after lump,

You made your way out.

Like a chipped tooth,

They rejected you.

Like a leper,

They cast you away.

Deprived of playmates,

Starved of love,

Denied a chance.

They got rid of the bad apple

Before the barrel got rotten.

Making hay while sun shines,

They whispered to quench their guilt.

Not a soul was told,

Not a thought was spared.

You were gone.

Your blood tortured them,

Night was a curse,

Sleep, a chore,

You haunted their dreams.

You cried for justice,

You wept for redemption,

Your persistency tortured them.

The world never met you,

Maybe you were our saviour,

Maybe you were our doom,

We would never know.



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The Voyage

Good evening folks. I am sure your week was awesome and you are looking forward to a great weekend. I got this in the mail and decided to share with you. If you do have any writing you want published on this blog, kindly email your writing of not more than 1,500 words to


Enjoy this as you read.


My relationships are the worst and the best. I would share them with you as I continue writing maybe. (Lol) I fell in love, lust, like for the first times. I had my serious first relationship, reunited with the one that got away, sought God for the first time, found Him and lost my fellowship with Him. It was really something. I’ll write about this as a story.
The One that Got Away
We had something special but there was always something missing. You know how hard it is to place a finger in something when you don’t exactly know what it is. That was it. There was this passion, this love but it was albeit undeveloped, untapped. We never got to explore all the possibilities of what could have been but it was great. It was partly my fault. My inability to commit coupled with your inability to be serious. Fun times but we had to part ways.

The Stalker
About the stalker, what can I say? It wasn’t love. It wasn’t lust. It was loneliness. An ache to be wanted, the longing for home, nostalgia, companionship. I wanted to find myself so bad. I wanted a piece of home, a piece of anything that I could feel real with. It was not what I needed but what I thought was enough. I was lost. Inexplicably my lowest. My basest desires were explored, still didn’t make up for anything. I felt it. I needed God not you. But I was scared, felt I needed companionship more. You were like a lifeline, not the one I needed just the one that made up for time, the place holder. I apologise now because I should not have led you down the road we went. You blindly followed, in lust I guess, I’ll never know. You cheated, it ended badly. You stalked me. I forgive you.

The One Night Stand
You were the sun in a very dark day. My thermodynamics partner. Lol. Under the silk sheets and smooth lies, we laid down. Had our night of fun and you never heard from me again.

The Healer
Do you remember the first night…you became my camp fire and I became yours?
Your words were truer than you could ever know. You guided me with your fire to see the light. His light. For the first time I sought, for the first time I saw. A light…brighter than all. Finally the path I needed, the one I wanted. I wasn’t broken any more. You mended me. I could be the me I wanted to be. I was in euphoria. But you healed me,j ust to break me again.

The One
You were the one I liked, turned The One. You accepted me for all my flaws. My mistakes. My crap. I suddenly saw I didn’t need to go through all this to have ended up here. But I did and we are still here. I love you. You give me comfort on a rainy day. I caused you heart ache but you picked up the pieces of my broken heart and showed me how to repair it. I love you.


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