The Lady of the White Watch 2

30 Jul


In case you missed the first part of this story, you can read it here. Enjoy

  1. White light, Gold chrome

Lady Lola (@_LadyGoth) leaned back beside the pool in her Calabar mansion, the soft sea breeze from the Atlantic caressing her long dark locks and frizzling through her white damask, in her hand was a half finished merlot, not her favourite but she had added dollops of ice cream, vanilla flavour of course and it made the stiff merlot alright.

She watched as the palm fronds danced and swayed to the wind, she closed her eyes and day dreamed peacefully.

Suddenly her nerves clanged, something was wrong. Her hand jerked up, she didn’t feel the sun on her face any more, opening her eyes as her heart beat picked up she saw Fisayo standing there, a black cloth over an object…..her smile returned again, $550 million well spent….the sword was here.

Lola reached for her white Gold iPhone, typed in a few codes and smiled, her pure white dentition on display, “your account has been credited, madam”

Fisayo nodded and walked off.

  1. Purple butterflies, sweet release.

Lady Lola stood as her retinue of servants led her towards the mansion, a trusted servant carried the sword to the vault below, as she walked into the large dining hall, all the men and women at the table stood, governors, commissioners, soldiers and the like, men and women of timbre and calibre.

She gracefully sat, the entire table followed her to sit, all eyes riveted on her resplendent beauty, her well cut chin, her ever so ebony hair, her graceful white gown, the cut and trim perfect like a lily, dining table was clothed in white and gold, the cutlery white gold, the drink chalices woven with white and gold, the ceiling overlooking the table was done with a mosaic depicting the fall of Atlantis and seven warriors around the Atlantis piece, each one holding a sundial.

Servants stood at the elbow of each participant at the dinner party, the main meal hadn’t been served yet, on the table was fresh Russian caviar accompanied with whole wheat biscuits, asparagus cream and rhubarb pies, appetizers fit for a king.

Lady Lola delicately coughed, the big room was suddenly silent, and she stood her white gown shimmering.

“Members, friends, brothers, sisters, I welcome you to the new age-“, she lifted her chalice.

“All Hail!!” screamed the gathering, a giant ripple went through the floor.

Lady Lola continued,” the world is rid with corruption, danger, suffering, murder and all sorts of villainy and vile!”

“Villany and Vile!” chorused the gathering.

Lady Lola spoke faster with gusto, “we are the Watchers, we are to right the dawn of time and its now! We shan’t fail!….we shan’t surrender!”

“We shan’t fail! Hurray! All hail!” yelled the gathering their spirits rising in unison.

“The last of the radium has been deployed and the final piece of the puzzle has been acquired, the sword of Okomfo Anokye, has arrived we shall be able to enact the great purge as desired.

A servant walked up holding a pillow, on the pillow was a white watch, it looked like a sporting watch, Lady Lola held it up for all to see.

“…in this timepiece lies the control codes for the “Sword of the Timkeepers”

A huge gargantuan cheer went up from the gathering.

“And we shall be saved from its strike with the sword of Okomfo Anokye!”

The table was ecstatic as the main course of roast peacock and all sorts of delicacies came in.

Lady Lola sat back in satisfaction.

  1. Mein Hertz Brennt (“My Heart Burns”)

As the dinner went on with song and pomp, a young man stepped out, put his Audi on and sped off in the direction of the airport.

*                                                                    *                                                                   *

Tolu stared out the window, Adanma’s soft smile on his mind, her smile was competing with the number seven, what did it all stand for? , what did these people want to destroy and how powerful were they anyway? There had been no retaliation of ripple effect from the people he had stopped earlier! Were does people not as important as he imagined? Was it all a smoke screen?

Adanma’s face appeared again, then her full body as she beckoned him towards the swimming pool, a part of his brain warned, “Adanma, don’t go it’s too dangerous!” , another part of his brain wondered, “what can be so dangerous in a swimming pool? Allow her swim joor….allow her swim joor….ALLOW HER SWIM JOOR!”

Tolu screamed, “Ok…ok she can swim!”

Rotimi looked back in shock, Michael stared at Tolu through the rear-view mirror, “Let who swim, Tolu?

Tolu turned his attention towards them, his eyes slowly focusing, “huh?”

Rotimi shook his head, “Tolu, hope you are alright?”

Michael, “this is our stop guys, please remember to take off, your shoes, and observe proper decorum, Mr. Saezuro Sama, is a man of inerrant discipline!”

They closed the car door and moved towards the cottage on the outskirts of Magodo.

  1. “Dance little eel, fly Green goose”

Sammy-kun (@saezuro) a.k.a Saezuro-sama, sat crossed leg on the mat, his hair done up in the Edo style most Samurais and Yakuza members preferred, beside him lay a perfectly forged katana, the magnum opus of sword master, Rozhi shi Agamoto, this particular blade was forged in 1780, it had served twenty Shoguns and two emperors, before coming into the hands of Saezuro-sama after he save the life of a Japanese princess whilst on a mission in Japan.

Tolu sat “criss-cross applesauce” on the mat in front of Saezuro-sama, he spoke.” We come to find answers and make sense of our deepest issues”. Tolu winced, this was what Michael had told him to say, and it sounded too obtuse.

Saezuro-sama scrolled through his iPad, “cognition is an infringement on the neuronic, a placebo to the cerebral”

Rotimi nodded, “the existence of the seven is to dangerous, they have to be abolished”

Saezuro-Sama, closed his eyes, “the brighter the colour of solitude, the darker the denizen of “le Coeur” become”

Michael muttered, “That’s exactly why we are here, sensei”

Saezuro-Sama stood up slowly and pointed towards the door, in came skinny figure, he handed a paper to Saezuro-Sama and bowed, “the watchers have activated the ‘sword of the timekeepers’, sensei”

The Lady of the White watch, Lady Lola, held the control codes in her hands last night and activated them, they now possess the protective sword from Ghana, within seven days, and the device will be airborne over Nigeria and will ignite leading to ….”

“….catastrophe!” muttered Saezuro-Sama gleefully.

Rotimi wiped his brow, Michael took notes rapidly, Tolu stared at the katana, his vision blurred as “dead in the water” shattered into his consciousness and back out again, the visions blurred and then cleared, he was holding Adanma’s hands, caressing them softly, and he pulled her close, to kiss her…..”dead in the water” crooned Ellie Goulding again, as Adamna became cold and frigid to the touch….”Adanma”…

                                           ……………………… to be continued………………………….


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2 responses to “The Lady of the White Watch 2

  1. Rukky

    July 31, 2013 at 9:54 am

    Wow!!! This is enthralling.

  2. United Soulja

    July 30, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    How do I describe dis? Its just great


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