The Lady of the White Watch 1

29 Jul

HEY!!!! *dust cobwebs*, it has been a while since I posted anything. I have just had so many things to do. Well, straight to the matter, today’s post was written by a very good friend of mine @CrimsonCr33d. His name is Chidi, and he blogs here

  1. Twisted candles

Tolu (@Hardeyi) swung his car hard to the right avoiding an onrushing trailer; he quickly grabbed the steering and steadied the car left as the tyres skidded for a second before heading in the new direction, the rain pelted down violently, the fog on the windscreen was making visibility very difficult, the blaring horns of stunned motorists filled his eardrums.

Tolu was a mad dog on the chase, he drove his car at an insane pace of 160 kph, going backwards on the wrong lane, the car he was chasing turned right on Adeola Odeku, tolu climbed the road divider lifting half the weight of his car off the road, his speed increased drastically to 200 kph, his eyes never left the rear fender of the runaway car, his phone began to ring, “dead in the water by Ellie Goulding” shattered into his consciousness. He ignored it, focused only on the rear fender… only the rear fender!

The blue Peugeot he was chasing went down Ajose Adeogun and headed towards the third mainland bridge, it was a Tuesday night, rainy and dark, tolu knew they’d never escape, he kept at it, the traffic cleared, he began to gain on his quarry, …..15 metres…5 metres…BANG!

Tolu slammed into the rear fender of the Peugeot , the car swayed dangereously, tolu felt his blood rush, he couldn’t see, red rage, the windscreen fog , the moving wipers, the rain all melted into a “Salvador dali-esque” miasma.

But his hearing was acute, he heard the BANG! Again, he heard ellie goulding again, “dead in the water” she crooned, then it all moved out of bullet time and gave way to real life, the car spun, the sky replaced the earth and the earth replaced the sky, heaven replaced earth and earth replaced heaven, the car ceiling replaced the car floor……over and over …over and over!


Then the world was very still………..heaven was heaven and earth was earth…..tolu reached for the seat belt release button, the seat belt came off with a click and whirl of grey fibre…..

“miracles for the brave”,  Tolu muttered.

Tolu kicked the door open, he stepped out, the cold wind whipped, hard rain pellets onto his face, his hard face, contorted in focus and red rage, he walked over to the blue Peugeot, by now it was a twisted mass of wreckage leaking fuel into the wet asphalt, four or five people had gathered, to watch the goings on…..

“Oga, are you okay?”

“Is he alive? Are they alive?”

“wetin happen?”

“You see that accident, the car come somersault….”

Tolu heard them clearly, then everything faded into the background, police sirens in the background, muffled voices in the background, the sweet voice of Ellie Goulding in the background, the soft patter of fuel leaking onto the asphalt……..the cleary tingly voice of adanma in the foreground…..the clear tingly voice of adanma in the foreground….

  1. Broken Porcelain, Singing Ibis

The wail of the sirens broke in viciously, slashing Tolu’s reverie into a million shards, the Victoria Island Police Command Rapid Response squad had arrived.

Rotimi (@Roteame) walked over holding an umbrella stencilled with the logo of the Victoria police command, he walked over to his partner, stood over him with the umbrella and surveyed the Peugeot wreckage as the forensics team started their work.

“Tolu, i called…..the Command wanted you to stand down and abort the chase, these men are small fish, and your chase just let the whole organization  know we are onto them, the plan was for these men to run and lead us to the organization’s  hideouts or safe houses…..see that helicopter up there…”

Tolu looked upwards, a large Bell helicopter cast its searchlights across the foot of the bridge and into the Atlantic Ocean and into the dark wet night again, in a macabre dance-like pattern.

“…that helicopter was supposed to follow and bring this case to fruition!”


Rotimi stood back, Tolu’s rage was well put, but hard to diffuse. No point arguing.

“they are all dead Tolu!” , Rotimi said, he spread his hands in a wide gesture towards tolu’s damaged car,” yours is a write-off as well.”

As they drove back to the command , Rotimi turned a lazy eye towards tolu, “something stinks about this case, it’s too convoluted, i mean what the men in the Peugeot carried were just watches…..what’s so special about watches?”

Tolu closed his eyes and muttered,” Radium”.

Rotimi started, swaying the car a bit, “what are they using radium for?”, Tolu breathed slowly trying to fade the anger, “do you have a stick or something hereabouts?”

Rotimi shook his head, “in the pigeon hole, take a puff if you like, the boss is gonna have your head for this, totally ruined a cool operation”

“Totally ruined a cool operation”….the words faded into the foreground of tolu’s mind, the first puff of  the cigarette drove them back into the background.


  1. Tigers waiting to be tamed

Alfred (@Alf_redd) stood by his office desk, he was supposed to go home and watch arsenal get trashed by Barcelona on the telly, but here he was having to wait to understand why tolu had to destroy a perfectly planned operation!.

Kenny(@khenieThomas),  head detective, sat in the visitors chair, legs crossed, hands steepled waiting for Tolu as well, she kind of found him attractive, but that was where it ended….nothing more, he was super annoying in the rest. She was mean to be at home eating bananas and Coldstone ice-cream, but here she was waiting for Tolu.

Michael (@m4mikael) from the department of police affairs, here to checkmate the excesses of the police, should have been at the bar chilling with mates, laughing at arsenal getting beat but…..but here he was waiting for this Tolu character.

Just then the door swung open and in strode Tolu, his eyes as set and cold as stone…he stood in the center of the room as everyone turned around slowly to regard him, one by one every eye shot him a dagger, tolu felt like saint Sebastian on a stake.

“What type of madness is this Tolu?” yelled Alfred, his six foot frame towering above the desk, as he stood ramrod straight, he pounded his fist on the desk, rending the still air with an almighty bang.

Kenny stiffened momentarily as the sound dissipated, she leaned forward and spoke softly,” intelligence reports countermanded your initial orders, Tolu, and you should have heard on the radio, we broadcasted the stand down order to all channels”

Michael hastily took notes into a little black book, pushing his glasses up now and then, he paused and stared fish-eyed at Tolu.

“the criminals had watches with luminous dials….”, interjected Tolu…had to stop them.

Michael spoke up, “….and we are to be wary of luminous dials because?”

Rotimi yelled from the door,” Because of radium…they use radium to make luminous watch hands and dials as well, the organization we suspect is the White watch band, they say they hold the key to the existence of time, they claim the world will have to be ruled by the ‘timekeepers’, so they wait in hibernation waiting for the right ‘time’ for the release of the timekeepers and right the clock of the world.”

Alfred contorted his face in confusion, “Officer that’s just absolutely crazy, such a thing cant exist, whats the correlation with that theory, myth or whatever with the whole operation?”

“Seven little numbers… numbers”, chimed Tolu, he continued:

“The number seven features heavily in our universe, the world both spiritually and naturally, seven days to create the world, seven months for Noah’s flood to abate, the seven continents, the seven seas, seven days of the week, seven deadly sins, seven notes in the musical scale, seven major metals, seven phases of the moon, seven divisions of the brain, seven functions of the nervous system, seven compartments of the heart, seven major body organs,….i could go on and on-“

Alfred interrupted,” yes…yes…we all did geography and Sunday school, but how does that come in?”

Rotimi looked left and right, wiped his brow and spoke, “in the year 1777 a turbulent year in the Americas, the American revolution was in its heat, as George Washington swept through America wiping out the British anywhere he went, a group of Americans felt the world was coming to an end or on the verge of a violent shake-up and the year with the most ‘7’s was most likely to be the year to herald it, they formed the society of the watchers, they would stand guard and prevent the world from going of its axis as it were as this changed happened….but a certain leader of theirs said, their order needed seven timekeepers and one who will be the adorned watcher….they checked the annals and records of the ancients and the person and place was meant to be on the continent of darkest virtue….

Tolu joined in,”…which they readily claimed was Africa, and further to their beliefs Africa has a ‘7’ shape, and the heart of the ‘seven’ is in its crook which incidentally puts their centre of operations in ….”

“NIGERIA” screamed Kenny as Goosebumps covered her entire body.

Alfred sat down heavily, “this all sounds fascinating, but how does this all join?, we have had thefts of important watches world-wide, and INTERPOL has traced everything to Nigeria, we are under serious pressure, that’s why i wanted to find out the centre of operations of whomever is behind all this and put an end to all this!”

Michael whistled,” this is crazy”,

Kenny, her eyes as large as egusi balls, “and very very disturbing!”

Rotimi rubbed a tired hand across his forehead, “it’s the radium that i don’t get…”

Tolu smiled, “radium is radioactive”.

Alfred whistled slowly,” whaaat! They are planning to blow something up…..”

Tolu grimaced that’s what I wanted to find out from those men, i was chasing!”

Rotimi frowned slightly, Kenny leaned back in her chair, the weight of the whole information pushing her back, Alfred slowly reached into his office cooler and produced a bottle of chilled alomo poured it into a glass added a dash of carrot juice, closed his eyes and thought deeply.

Tolu saluted and walked out, Rotimi close behind, Michael had a grin on his face, he called Alfred and Kenny together, “ I have a grand plan”.


*                                        *                                                            *

4. The rubble or our sins?

Fisayo (@Fissyfierce) jumped out of the helicopter and into the skyline of Kumasi, Ghana, she could hear the wind whipping past her face at great speed, she had the altimeter in front of her, the needle read 1,000 feet above sea level, she pulled on her parachute plug, the silken sound of the ropes grazing on her back, the silk expand suddenly in the air, the sudden heavy jerk backwards…a smile played on her lips behind the HUD mask, she followed the directions in the HUD mask, the Heads-up display (HUD) mask was equipped with flight data and information on the mission, she followed the bright green lines, they led her to the Kumasi centre she was after the Okomfo Anokye sword, Okomfo Anokye was the ‘Merlin’ of Africa, the merlin of the Ashanti kingdom, he had buried his sword to the hilt to show the strength of the Ashanti kingdom hundreds of years ago.

As Fisayo’s feet drew ever closer to the ceiling of the museum roof, she remembered the legend of the sword and a slight shiver went through her spine, she cared not for fables and myths but the person on the phone had sounded very ominous and quite desperate to get this particular piece of metal work. The money they were paying her was stupendous as well. For the first time in her career, she had almost bargained the price down! Such was the extent of the payment proposed.

Now on the roof she hastily took off the harness, working quickly she leaned over the roof buttress and swung feet first through a window, landed inside the upper parapet, a stunned guard stared rooted to the ground as Fisayo sprayed him with mace, before he could sputter, she rammed her palm against his larynx, swung her feet sweeping him up in the air, catching him with her thigh, a swift kick to the solar plexus and he lay in a heap, she raced across the parapet, swung into the main hall, she put the HUD mask on, the floor was crisscrossed with laser lights, there was no time to  do the weird ballet to cross without tripping any of the laser alarms. Besides the contractor, the strange voice on the phone, said she had to make the heist noisy.

Fisayo leaned back and jumped landing smack in the centre, ran superbly to the sword, the alarms yelled like justin timberlake on speed. Guards poured in like ants, screaming and hollering, but Fisayo was prepared, her suit had a small jetpack.

She grabbed the sword as bullets whizzed by, ignited the jet pack smashed through the windows streamed past the parapet into the Kumasi sky, she touched a nob on the HUD and the coordinates of the helicopter came on, automatically the jet pack’s homing system led her to wards the helicopter.

Work done.

$550 million in the kitty.


************************************** To Be Continued**********************************************


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4 responses to “The Lady of the White Watch 1

  1. oluwachuks

    July 30, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    Fantastic! This is some…conspiracy theory! Waiting for the rest.

  2. Seun Odukoya

    July 30, 2013 at 10:35 am

    I like the story – what I don’t get is the @ handles that occur beside the names.

    What’s up with that?

    Good job.

    • hardehyi

      July 30, 2013 at 10:38 am

      Those are the handles of the characters on Twitter

  3. ropephilips

    July 29, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    Nice/well drafted story…..thumbs


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