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For Omzz


Beautiful and graceful,

Our banters depict her elegance,

Resolute I discern.

Similar to all and sundry,

She has an Achilles heel,

Her pain it is.


Cold like Moscow,

Yet so affectionate,

Affectionate to her own at least,

Petrified to let anyone in,

Because of the hurt.

The hurt her “lover” caused,

The pain her “lover” left her in,

Will the pain wear off?

Will the hurt dwindle?


Fragile at heart,

She’s erected walls,

Walls I want to tear down,


Will she let me?


She says she’s okay,


I see past those words,

I know she’s heartbroken,

Down in spirit.



I feel helpless,

Distance and Space,

Our invisible enemies,

I should be by her side,

Nursing her back to health,

Giving her a reason to believe,

To believe in mankind.

I have a feeling,

A familiar one,

Though she cautioned against it,

I can’t help it.

How will she react?


Feelings won’t stop me,

If that is the price to pay,

I’ll gladly pay it.

To ensure she’s better,

I’ll gladly pay it.

Even if the feeling isn’t reciprocated,

I’ll still pay it.


I am grateful,

Grateful for her.

She came along,

When I needed it most.

I am grateful for her.


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War with my demons,

Will I win this tussle?

You don’t help matters,

You wake the beast in me,

My demons feed off it,

They get stronger,

A tad difficult to defeat,

The battle rages on.


You were meant to be a solace,

A getaway from trauma,

A resting place,

A fortress.

But alas,

You were trauma itself,

Nothing seemed satisfactory,

Always at my neck.


Family warned me,

Friends did,

I turned deaf to their words,

I believed they didn’t get you,

They didn’t know your pain,

Told them you just act out,

Acting out to get my attention.

Seemed cute at first,

But not anymore.



I am way in deep,

No escape,

No way out.


Trapped with my own consent,

Trapped at will.


You’re 7 months along,

I am getting ready,

Ready for a life of pain,

Life of anguish,

Hell on earth.

Left to face my demons,

Who am I kidding?

You are my demon.







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