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Slip Away

Slip Away

You slipped away,

You gave up on us,

You grew tired of us,

Not even a mention of it to me.


Why did you take me down this road?

Take me down the road just to leave me,

Why did you take me down this road?

Take me down this road if you wouldn’t walk with me.


I am not one to read between the lines,

You know that, you played on it,


I had to open my eyes,

Open my eyes to see the handwritings on the wall.


It felt like you were just tolerating me,

Tolerating me so the blame won’t be yours,

You were just holding on,

Holding on to those memories,

Those memories that we’ve shared,

Hoping they’ll spark things up again


I no longer felt like your world,

I lost that feel,

I wished it was all in my head

I prayed it was just my imagination

Alas, it wasn’t,

It wasn’t me going paranoid,

It was actually happening,

Happening before my very eyes,


Despite everything,

You hold a special place in my heart,

No one has meant so much like you,

Though we didn’t make it,

Though you didn’t find that spark

I am still here,

Still here for you


I’ve not loved like I love you

Even right now, my heart still beats for you

My heart calls out for you,

I hope you’d hear,

Hear its calling,

Hear it and come back

Come back home to me, to us.


I love you now,

Even tomorrow,

Because to me,

You are everything,

Everything I need and so much more.

I am sorry we didn’t make it.


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