The Arktos Project 2

17 Jan

Good day folks. People have been asking if The Arktos Project is fiction. Truth is, it is not fiction. However, some names have been changed but the events described are real.

The Story So Far… Dika was narrating his escapade off Twitter to his friend Chidi. Dika had met a girl on his friend’s TL and had named her Arktos. Though he didn’t have feelings for Arktos at first and he was just trying to use her to get another girl (who will be mentioned in this part) . Find out how it all plays out below…..

If you do not want the synopsis given above you can read the enite work at The Arktos Project

Dika took another sip at the wine, “as Arktos got closer to me I began to put my plan in action bit by bit, firstly Arktos taught me attention was the way to hold a woman’s interest in you, so I began to flood the other babe I was chasing with endless attention, I would engage her in endless overflowing convos, I would DM her like they created DM’s for just her and I, I even would call her just to say, ‘hi, you are on my mind, goodbye!’…”

I interrupted,” what’s this other girl’s name? The one you were doing this experiment for, the one who had 90% of your heart, Do I know her?”

Dika’s smile was tense, ” you know her, her name is swahili in origin, let’s call her ‘Dawn’ for the purpose of this tale”

I raised my left eyebrow, “oh..ok..Dawn it is!, please go on”

Dika smiled,” Chidi, keep in mind that Arktos wasn’t my main goal or target, I was just using her to get Dawn, Dawn was my main goal at this point!”
I nodded, ” I get you so far…please continue”

“As you can imagine”, Dika continued, “Arktos began to notice the sudden increase in Twitter activity towards ‘Dawn’, let me put it in perspective Chidi, if I tweeted 5 times at Arktos, I tweeted 50 times at Dawn, no jokes!”

I opened my eyes in shock.

“As expected my runz with Dawn took on a new life of its own, we became closer than ever and I was excited, my experiment was bearing fruit!”

I sipped wine and nodded knowingly, “sweet sweet…sounds like you were on cloud nine”

Dika chugged down his glass and re-filled his glass with trembling hands, at that moment I felt a cold breeze tickle past my earlobe.

Dika sipped and spoke, “yea…cloud nine that was for a moment, and then the bubble blew apart”

I smiled ruefully, “how did that happen, casanova?” I chuckled gleefully.

Dika shook his head in disdain, “Arktos noticed and then one day she called me up, she sounded her normally cheerful self, her voice full of that sweet bird-like lilt, ‘Dika she asked, is there anyone else you are in love with?’

“Of course, I said ‘no’, I told Arktos that she was the only one I loved or had any romantic interest in, then her voice dropped an octave, she asked, ‘who is Dawn?’.

“Oh boy!!” I exclaimed in surprise.

“I was stunned into a three second pause, which was all the evidence she needed, Arktos’s voice became an ominous, throaty whisper filled with cold rage, ‘who is Dawn?’ She asked again, I cracked told her Dawn was just a close friend of a friend I was following on Twitter. Arktos said she believed me, but Chidi that was the beginning of hades”

I sat forward in the chair, my hands gripping the glass, half-filled with wine, my eyes locked on Dika’s rheumy eyes, and a nagging cold chill ran up my spine and lingered at the base of my neck.

“In a desperate attempt to keep the profitable experiment alive, I began to shower attention back on Arktos, I would call her everyday, she would use my credit to talk to those around her, she would ignore any of my calls she deemed unimportant. Twitter was a mess, she would only reply 2 out of 37 tweets and it was always with a smiley or a non-commital ‘yep’ . ”

Dika sat back, he looked weary, the memories piling on the anvil on his chest.

“Of course , Dawn’s runz began to suffer again, she must have begun to feel like I was an opportunistic fickle loafer!”

I stared at Dika, disgust rising like yeast in my chest.

“Then Arktos began to ‘set p’ with numerous other guys-”

I halted him and screamed incredulously, “how the blazes would you know that? How? You were stalking?”

Dika fixed his eyes on me, “no she told me-”

I yelled, “Dude?!”

“Just listen will ya Chidi!” Dika’s voice was trembling and he placed the glass on the table he was shaking so badly, the chill in the room began to raise goosebumps allover me.

I silenty regarded Dika, my eyes fiery coals.

“She would call me and tell me about guys she liked on her TL and who and who she was setting ‘p’ with and who and who she wanted to sleep with, keep in mind Chidi, she was a ‘well-tended flowerbed’-”

“THA FUCK? A VIRGIN!” my eyes were as large as Gorilla balls.

“Yea” sighed Dika, “I began to get twisted, I tried my best to get back into her heart, and I even began to give her sexual tips, which she could use to make others guys ‘happy'”

Dika began to scratch at his eyes and they moistened over rapidly and his voice became scratchy.

I scrunched up my nose in derision, “Don’t just start to cry now, you moist piece of Agege bread!”

Who tha fuck was this dude sitted across from me? And I went about telling peeps I knew this guy? , these thoughts sped through my brain.

“Then Arktos became attached to one particular guy, for the sake of this tale, I’ll call him ‘Keats’. Arktos told me I was now in her friendzone, these were her exact words. ‘Dika, I am not friend zoning you or anything; I just want to be your best friend and confidante”

“Best friend? Confidante? Keats?” my brows went up again.

“Yea Keats, he was a poet, that’s why I call him that, so Arktos fell for Keats and began to visit him and get closer to him”

“Arktos stopped calling me , I began to suffer ‘frustration attraction’, my calls increased drastically, I was calling at least thrice everyday plus midnight calls, I was desperate, she bombarded me with more info about ‘Keats’ especially and if Keats was quarreling with her some new soppish idiot would be my rival”

I nodded, “uh huh”

“Then one day I called Arktos and once we got past pleasantries, she told me she had given fellatio to Keats….” , Dika reached for the wine and drained half the glass in one swallow.

I slowly reinforced, “so she gave Keats ‘head’? So what happened? Apart from spit on dick I mean. “, I smiled gleefully at my dirty wit.

Dika just stared straight ahead, “…a part of me just died as I heard her narrate that tale in excitement, I just felt betrayed, and I felt defeated all my hard work wasn’t paying off-”

I interjected, “dude, bro you were crowding her out no? Too much bleeding attention!”

Dika drained the remainder of the wine and poured himself another glass, of course my carpet unwittingly drank its share, I reached for the pillows on the couch behind me and snuggled up in them, the room was getting perceptibly colder.

Dika winced, ” whatever , I began to reduce my calls towards her and she barely noticed or cared as deeply as she used to, I began to react, I started taking designer drugs to cope and sleeping pills to sleep,-”

I leaned forward in worry, ” Dika? Designer pills? You spent loads of cash on that?”

“You see Chidi, the drugs numbed me somewhat, I began to forget her and I could go days on end without feeling the urge to call her, I just laid off everything”

“What the heck happened to Dawn? I asked.

“I became numb towards her as well, well she didn’t get a boyfriend so I always knew she was available but I figured, if I hadn’t yet conquered Arktos, how could I fully attempt Dawn?”

He continued, “well after three weeks of incommunicado between Arktos and I, she suddenly called-”

“Well hurray!” I commented drily.

Dika’s eyes misted over, “it..she…she..Arktos called and she sounded relieved to hear my voice, she started small talk and I happily obliged, but I noticed she was distraught, her voice was laden with pain, then she paused and went, ‘Do you love me , Dika?’ , I meant it with all my heart, when I replied ‘yes’ , Arktos then asked, ‘would you love me if I slept with someone else?’ , my heart began to beat faster , in my head I cried ‘NO NO NO’, but I said I would warn her against it.”

“…then Arktos said, ‘Would you love me if I had already slept with someone else?’ the room began spinning, I held the wall and all I could say was,’errr…errrrm’ ….”

“Then Arktos screamed, ‘HOW CAN YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME WHEN YOUR LOVE IS CONDITIONAL? , she was silent then she said quietly, almost in a whisper, ‘I slept with Keats’, we spoke for a while longer, when the call was over, I collapsed in a heap and couldn’t force tears out of my eyes, it was all dry hacking sobs”

I jumped in, “Wait! Why did you care this deeply? You said she was an experiment??”

Dika smiled ruefully, “I fell for her hard!, I lost sight of my experiment, I just wanted Arktos to love me, that was all I wanted, also I honoured the fact that she was a virgin I wanted her to decide I would be the one to take it, I wanted to be like a custodian of her hym-”

I raised a finger and shouted, “DU-fucking-UDE! Just stop there…ok”

Dika stunned by my volemity, paused and then took a swig at the wine glass. At this point my body was shivering and my teeth where borderline chattering. The room was so cold.

Dika spoke,”after sleeping with Arktos, Keats lost interest in her and moved on to the next conquest, he gave her poetic justice though, he blogged about his conquest of her, that made her panicky and worried.”

“…Arktos drew closer to me as she noticed Keats ebb away, but I tell you Chidi, I was done with being a shoulder to cry on, I mean I had done it once before, look where it led me, so I ignored her and focused my attention on other conquests and Dawn as well!”

I grabbed the pillows tighter and drank the wine fast, so as to build a little heat, the tips of my nose, toes and fingers were getting numb from the increasing cold in the room.

“Well this lasted for 3 months, most of the pain had faded, and I was healing emotionally, but not in a confident enough place to go after Dawn”

I leaned back and spoke,” it amazes me that Dawn still stayed single all this while!”

Dika shook his head lethargically, “Arktos reached out to me after the 3 months hiatus, we stoked the embers of our love for each other and we dated in principle, but irreconcilable differences and continuous disagreements doomed the franchise and we finally broke up in a spectacular final fight and we don’t speak again”

I exhaled, I noticed mist coming out of my mouth, I shuddered, was this Siberia!?

“Dika”, I exclaimed, “so I have listened to this long story, can I now know who Arktos is?”

I leaned forward, Dika said, “do you like Latin, it conveys a certain peace and holiness with it, don’t you feel so?

I gave him a look that would melt lead, “What? No! The fucks wrong with you, heel? , I screamed my frustration simmering.

Dika regarded me with rage in his cold eyes, “Arktos is called ‘beautiful’ in that Holy dead language called Latin”

My mouth opened in shock. , mist pouring forth, my teeth trying to chatter as the freeze made me shiver endlessly.

* * *
4 am
There were two wine glasses on the parlour table, one was full and the other was half empty, I looked at the wine bottle, I had drunk enough for two people, the carpet was stained horridly with wine, as I gingerly stood up, I wondered who the second glass was for.



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12 responses to “The Arktos Project 2

  1. J Moks

    January 18, 2013 at 6:12 pm

    Very nice one bro! Love d way u held my attention all thru. Wine is definitely a mocker!

  2. mrjayslick

    January 18, 2013 at 8:10 am

    This is jes so f*cking nice, love it any day. This story is in a way a tragedy though. But cool piece I must repeat. Good job. Keep it up yo!

  3. nneka

    January 18, 2013 at 2:31 am

    Tolulope!!!!!HOW DARE YOU!!!! heart raced faster dan chidi’s.looooool.was thinking Arktos was also Dawn,like using diff twitter accounts and stuf..Nice VIVID imagination!wateva was in dat wine tho!lol

    • hardehyi

      January 18, 2013 at 9:46 am

      LOL! We should drink together

  4. Foluke

    January 17, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    Wat is all this about oooo, who is Arktos na.

  5. MafabaAlaso

    January 17, 2013 at 1:10 pm

    Haahaahaaa…. U don dey smoke some serious ish…
    Nice writeup brova

  6. Mezie

    January 17, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    Amazing how imagery and suspense played out effortlessly in this work. Easy flow of diction and the enthralling yet grim love story will keep any reader in suspense as to what happens next to Dika and his quest. A brilliant piece any day.

  7. Omo Ajayi

    January 17, 2013 at 11:21 am

    Nice 1! We tend to hurt dose who love us and love dose who hurt us! After loosing it she nw wnts to cum bk! Ko jo mehn!

  8. @lusciousmayo

    January 17, 2013 at 11:12 am

    Hmmm wondering who “Arktos” is?…………….. Lover Boy 🙂

    • hardehyi

      January 18, 2013 at 9:36 am

      LOL….. for me to know, for you to find out

  9. pearl

    January 17, 2013 at 11:10 am

    Awwww,, sad but entertaining. I wonder why we toil with matters of the heart. Imagine how you couldn’t take it when Arktos did to you what you did to her. Lovely piece,, once again.


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