Addiction Episode 3

02 Jan

Happy New Year folks. I am sure you all have one resolution or the other. I hope you keep to them. By popular demand this will be the conclusion to the story. I hope you have enjoyed it just as much as I have. By the way, you all should help me tell Toju she writes good and we will like to have her back on this blog soon.

Perhaps you missed the first two episodes, you can catch up Episode 1 and Episode 2

Happy Reading.

That message began our relationship again,me and Troy. I was his Helen and well, he was Troy (sigh).With him it happened easily,no fuss, no fights.Just pure, undisputed ease, the one that makes you float on cloud nine. Not that it was not easy with Ray, but it was pure heaven with Troy.

He was the CEO of a multinational so money had never been his problem. We had had this thing since way back in the university where he was the toast of our campus, every girl wanted a piece of him but he chose me. We dated throughout his stay in the university. I was a fresher and he was in his 3rd year, he approached me; cool, confident, calm and arrogant and I fell hard, fast and foolishly. It was a love match made in heaven, we were the talk of the campus for months on end, until Troy won a competition for the summer abroad student exchange programme. I was devastated when he told me he was leaving in a week’s time.  Time seemed to stop after he left, I was so lonely. We communicated as much as possible but it was made hard. I would not get his letters because it was lost in the mail, I had to queue up to make calls and coupled with school stress, it did not take long before we started drifting apart. Things where made worse when Troy’s dad decided that he should complete his studies abroad. I was sad but there was nothing I could do, I had to move on because he clearly had. It was two years before I saw him again, I was at a friend’s wedding and I felt a prick at the back of my neck and I saw him, with his dark obsidian eyes, staring intently at me. I panicked, all the emotions just came rushing to me. My legs started shaking as he approached me. “Hey lover, missed me?” Was all he said. I blushed like the foolish girl I was. “Do I know you?” I replied. Allow me to refresh your memory, he grabbed me and gave me an earth shattering kiss right where we stood, and boy, did that jog my memory. “I have missed you so much June,” he brushed the lock of hair on my forehead, “come let’s talk”, he said. “Talk” was 20 minutes in the bathroom of the reception venue. That began our love affair.I ended things with the guy I was dating as at then and our love affair lasted the whole of the summer before Troy had to go setup a new branch of his company in Europe. It was the same promises as the last time.I watched him leave and I knew I’d never hear from him again, until now.

I drove to the address he texted to my phone and just the thought of seeing me again was making me all giddy. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, tell him I am getting married and wish him all the best. “I’ve missed you June,” he said. “Still the same old lines, I see.” I replied. “Nothing’s changed about you” I continued. “On the contrary babe,a lot has changed.I know I’ve treated you bad and not kept in touch with you through these years but all that has changed. I want you in my life” Troy said stirring up all sorts of emotions in me.”I need you, June, to make a honest man out of me. All these while when I’ve been’s been you boo, it always has. I know you might not believe me baby but I love you and you’re the only woman I need.” Troy said as he looked into my eyes.


We got married that summer Ray and I, a small,private and intimate ceremony at the beach. Everyone was happy and joyous, celebrating. The honeymoon was ecstatic, and I did not want it to be over. We got back home and it was time to open our gifts. We got this nice his and her watch and immediately my husband’s face turned sour.”Who is it from, honey?” I asked.  “It says Troy”. Ray replied. My heart stopped in my tracks. “I thought you said you ended things June. How did he get our address? Have you been talking to him?”  My face was ashen and grief stricken.”No” I replied. “How can you say such a thing?” I queried. “June I can’t deal with this” he said as he barged past me and stormed out into the night, slamming the doors. I stayed up all night, crying and waiting for Ray to come back home, but he did not. His phones where turned off and I was so worried.

Morning came and I heard a knock of my door.I dashed towards the door to find Ray’s parents standing outside.”Morning, did Ray send you? It was just a silly fight that’s all.I was up all night waiting for him and I can’t reach him.” I said through shaky lips. “June” Ray’s dad replied.”I think you need to sit down.We got a call from the police this morning and Ray is in the hospital, he had a car crash yesterday night.”


I woke up in a cold bleak room, where am I? was the first thought that came into my mind. The screaming and the news my in-laws told me. My mother came into the room as I was about to stand.”June, thank God you’re awake.” “What happened mom?” I asked. “You suffered shock when you heard about Ray so you had to be hospitalized.” Mum replied. “How’s he mom?” I pushed further. “We will talk about that later June, you have to rest.” “No mum, I have to see him now.”

“He’s in ICU no one is allowed in dear, we just have to pray. He’s  just undergone surgery and he’s still in a coma.”

“How long have I been out mom?” I asked “A few days my darling. Let me get the doctor. You need to see him.” The doctor came in and explained my husbands condition.”Hopefully he should be awake in a few days.” He said. Ray had suffered a tragic accident and they had to operate close to his spinal cord. They could not ascertain if there was any damage to his spinal cord until he is awake and then they will run more tests. “Madam, I don’t know if this will come as shock to you, but you are 6 weeks pregnant. I know it might be too much to do right now, but I need you to rest for a while.”The doctor said.”I am discharging you today and I need you to go home and will make sure your husband is taken good care of.”He added. “But..” I started to protest.”No buts madam or I’m putting you on bed rest”.

I had to go home with my mom. I was home when I heard a knock on my door,I stumped it was my mum but I opened and I saw Troy standing there. “Before you close the door, I just came to apologize for your demise.” he said. I was so furious that he had the guts to show up at my place but I had wasted enough time and energy being angry and focusing my energy on Troy. I still loved him but there was a limit. A part of me was tired of this all and I felt he was the reason my husband was on the hospital bed but I had to forgive and forget and move on with my life. “Please, Troy I never want to see you again. I have made a life without you. Please respect that.I don’t want you to ever contact me again.I do not hate you,I just need you out of my life for good.” I said to him. He stood there looking at me and slowly turned. I stood at the balcony and looked as he walked away, it felt like deja vu. I have seen his back to me so many times, I did not know if it was for real this time (sigh). We always had good times and the bad, the ups and downs, the sex, yes the sex, mind blowing, the games and the fights. He always had a way of making me feel on top of the world.

I had a new life now, I had a baby on the way, I had Ray or at least what was left of him and I made up my mind at that moment to focus on all I had and stop wishing for what could have been. I went down on my knees and prayed to God, for my life, my unborn child and for Ray.    Ray who had been there for me through thick and thin, who had never let my side. As I went to bed that night I went through Ray’s drawers to put his belongings in order and I saw a journal I had never seen before. I took a peek in it and I saw something that shocked me. All the while I thought Ray was irresponsible and a free spender he had actually been saving and then I saw a note addressed to me. “June,” he wrote “I know I’ve been unthoughtful but I promise with you ill be a better man. I love you and I’m changing everyday..this is proof. Just wanted to wait till the honeymoon was over.I love you.” I sobbed some more and went to bed.


2 weeks passed and Ray was still in a stable but critical condition. It was a windy Saturday afternoon and I was in his room in the hospital when he finally opened his eyes.”June I dreamt of you all the while.” He said feebly. ” I’m so sorry for driving out angry at you.I love you and you’re all I need.”  I broke into tears and I went to him straight away shocked and happy. “Oh Ray you don’t need to say you’re sorry.I’m so happy you’re awake.I love you. We love you.” I said.  “We” he replied. “Yes. We.” I said rubbing my tummy.


Sorry it was lengthy but i am sure it is worth it. Thank you for reading. I hope to get you to read more from this blog this year. Happy New Year once again.

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9 responses to “Addiction Episode 3

  1. funmi

    January 3, 2013 at 7:48 am

    I am so glad they finally finished a story on this site….
    I like this story but for some reason I don’t like the end. Felt like she just wanted to get out of the way with and just end it for ending sake.
    I was still anticipating for more as I read the story only to just see the end…shoo… After all the suspense haba now…
    But please Toju come again oh I personally look forward to more posts from you…
    This story was beautiful, sincere and decent”…

  2. damstylee

    January 2, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    Loved the story… Should have been longer.. But it made me smile..

    Mike dammy

  3. orifunke

    January 2, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    WOOOW! Really nice! (Y)

  4. teekellz

    January 2, 2013 at 12:21 pm

    Before I start, let me just say this is my opinion, the story is very nice as a matter of fact. But I noticed that this last part felt rushed, too many things happened and important points were left out. I’m not saying it wasn’t okay, but it wasn’t conclusive enough for me. I think the writer should develop the plot much better, the ending was sort of an anti-climax.
    Wonderful write-up all the same. Kudos

    • @missroyal05

      January 2, 2013 at 12:43 pm

      Noticed that too…but its a beautiful story…*thumbs up*

  5. _missward

    January 2, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    Really really nice

  6. @arcodam29

    January 2, 2013 at 11:57 am

    Toju killed it……….pls drop some fin sooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ASAP…..*toju not Toni*

  7. @arcodam29

    January 2, 2013 at 11:56 am

    Toni killed it!!!!!!!.pls lets have her more often bro…….. EL PERFECTO!!!!! *spanish*

  8. @ileseunayo

    January 2, 2013 at 11:45 am

    Damn, this conclusion got me, a drift away from what I envisaged. A beautiful piece in all, God bless the writer.


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