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The Arktos Project 2

Good day folks. People have been asking if The Arktos Project is fiction. Truth is, it is not fiction. However, some names have been changed but the events described are real.

The Story So Far… Dika was narrating his escapade off Twitter to his friend Chidi. Dika had met a girl on his friend’s TL and had named her Arktos. Though he didn’t have feelings for Arktos at first and he was just trying to use her to get another girl (who will be mentioned in this part) . Find out how it all plays out below…..

If you do not want the synopsis given above you can read the enite work at The Arktos Project

Dika took another sip at the wine, “as Arktos got closer to me I began to put my plan in action bit by bit, firstly Arktos taught me attention was the way to hold a woman’s interest in you, so I began to flood the other babe I was chasing with endless attention, I would engage her in endless overflowing convos, I would DM her like they created DM’s for just her and I, I even would call her just to say, ‘hi, you are on my mind, goodbye!’…”

I interrupted,” what’s this other girl’s name? The one you were doing this experiment for, the one who had 90% of your heart, Do I know her?”

Dika’s smile was tense, ” you know her, her name is swahili in origin, let’s call her ‘Dawn’ for the purpose of this tale”

I raised my left eyebrow, “oh..ok..Dawn it is!, please go on”

Dika smiled,” Chidi, keep in mind that Arktos wasn’t my main goal or target, I was just using her to get Dawn, Dawn was my main goal at this point!”
I nodded, ” I get you so far…please continue”

“As you can imagine”, Dika continued, “Arktos began to notice the sudden increase in Twitter activity towards ‘Dawn’, let me put it in perspective Chidi, if I tweeted 5 times at Arktos, I tweeted 50 times at Dawn, no jokes!”

I opened my eyes in shock.

“As expected my runz with Dawn took on a new life of its own, we became closer than ever and I was excited, my experiment was bearing fruit!”

I sipped wine and nodded knowingly, “sweet sweet…sounds like you were on cloud nine”

Dika chugged down his glass and re-filled his glass with trembling hands, at that moment I felt a cold breeze tickle past my earlobe.

Dika sipped and spoke, “yea…cloud nine that was for a moment, and then the bubble blew apart”

I smiled ruefully, “how did that happen, casanova?” I chuckled gleefully.

Dika shook his head in disdain, “Arktos noticed and then one day she called me up, she sounded her normally cheerful self, her voice full of that sweet bird-like lilt, ‘Dika she asked, is there anyone else you are in love with?’

“Of course, I said ‘no’, I told Arktos that she was the only one I loved or had any romantic interest in, then her voice dropped an octave, she asked, ‘who is Dawn?’.

“Oh boy!!” I exclaimed in surprise.

“I was stunned into a three second pause, which was all the evidence she needed, Arktos’s voice became an ominous, throaty whisper filled with cold rage, ‘who is Dawn?’ She asked again, I cracked told her Dawn was just a close friend of a friend I was following on Twitter. Arktos said she believed me, but Chidi that was the beginning of hades”

I sat forward in the chair, my hands gripping the glass, half-filled with wine, my eyes locked on Dika’s rheumy eyes, and a nagging cold chill ran up my spine and lingered at the base of my neck.

“In a desperate attempt to keep the profitable experiment alive, I began to shower attention back on Arktos, I would call her everyday, she would use my credit to talk to those around her, she would ignore any of my calls she deemed unimportant. Twitter was a mess, she would only reply 2 out of 37 tweets and it was always with a smiley or a non-commital ‘yep’ . ”

Dika sat back, he looked weary, the memories piling on the anvil on his chest.

“Of course , Dawn’s runz began to suffer again, she must have begun to feel like I was an opportunistic fickle loafer!”

I stared at Dika, disgust rising like yeast in my chest.

“Then Arktos began to ‘set p’ with numerous other guys-”

I halted him and screamed incredulously, “how the blazes would you know that? How? You were stalking?”

Dika fixed his eyes on me, “no she told me-”

I yelled, “Dude?!”

“Just listen will ya Chidi!” Dika’s voice was trembling and he placed the glass on the table he was shaking so badly, the chill in the room began to raise goosebumps allover me.

I silenty regarded Dika, my eyes fiery coals.

“She would call me and tell me about guys she liked on her TL and who and who she was setting ‘p’ with and who and who she wanted to sleep with, keep in mind Chidi, she was a ‘well-tended flowerbed’-”

“THA FUCK? A VIRGIN!” my eyes were as large as Gorilla balls.

“Yea” sighed Dika, “I began to get twisted, I tried my best to get back into her heart, and I even began to give her sexual tips, which she could use to make others guys ‘happy'”

Dika began to scratch at his eyes and they moistened over rapidly and his voice became scratchy.

I scrunched up my nose in derision, “Don’t just start to cry now, you moist piece of Agege bread!”

Who tha fuck was this dude sitted across from me? And I went about telling peeps I knew this guy? , these thoughts sped through my brain.

“Then Arktos became attached to one particular guy, for the sake of this tale, I’ll call him ‘Keats’. Arktos told me I was now in her friendzone, these were her exact words. ‘Dika, I am not friend zoning you or anything; I just want to be your best friend and confidante”

“Best friend? Confidante? Keats?” my brows went up again.

“Yea Keats, he was a poet, that’s why I call him that, so Arktos fell for Keats and began to visit him and get closer to him”

“Arktos stopped calling me , I began to suffer ‘frustration attraction’, my calls increased drastically, I was calling at least thrice everyday plus midnight calls, I was desperate, she bombarded me with more info about ‘Keats’ especially and if Keats was quarreling with her some new soppish idiot would be my rival”

I nodded, “uh huh”

“Then one day I called Arktos and once we got past pleasantries, she told me she had given fellatio to Keats….” , Dika reached for the wine and drained half the glass in one swallow.

I slowly reinforced, “so she gave Keats ‘head’? So what happened? Apart from spit on dick I mean. “, I smiled gleefully at my dirty wit.

Dika just stared straight ahead, “…a part of me just died as I heard her narrate that tale in excitement, I just felt betrayed, and I felt defeated all my hard work wasn’t paying off-”

I interjected, “dude, bro you were crowding her out no? Too much bleeding attention!”

Dika drained the remainder of the wine and poured himself another glass, of course my carpet unwittingly drank its share, I reached for the pillows on the couch behind me and snuggled up in them, the room was getting perceptibly colder.

Dika winced, ” whatever , I began to reduce my calls towards her and she barely noticed or cared as deeply as she used to, I began to react, I started taking designer drugs to cope and sleeping pills to sleep,-”

I leaned forward in worry, ” Dika? Designer pills? You spent loads of cash on that?”

“You see Chidi, the drugs numbed me somewhat, I began to forget her and I could go days on end without feeling the urge to call her, I just laid off everything”

“What the heck happened to Dawn? I asked.

“I became numb towards her as well, well she didn’t get a boyfriend so I always knew she was available but I figured, if I hadn’t yet conquered Arktos, how could I fully attempt Dawn?”

He continued, “well after three weeks of incommunicado between Arktos and I, she suddenly called-”

“Well hurray!” I commented drily.

Dika’s eyes misted over, “it..she…she..Arktos called and she sounded relieved to hear my voice, she started small talk and I happily obliged, but I noticed she was distraught, her voice was laden with pain, then she paused and went, ‘Do you love me , Dika?’ , I meant it with all my heart, when I replied ‘yes’ , Arktos then asked, ‘would you love me if I slept with someone else?’ , my heart began to beat faster , in my head I cried ‘NO NO NO’, but I said I would warn her against it.”

“…then Arktos said, ‘Would you love me if I had already slept with someone else?’ the room began spinning, I held the wall and all I could say was,’errr…errrrm’ ….”

“Then Arktos screamed, ‘HOW CAN YOU SAY YOU LOVE ME WHEN YOUR LOVE IS CONDITIONAL? , she was silent then she said quietly, almost in a whisper, ‘I slept with Keats’, we spoke for a while longer, when the call was over, I collapsed in a heap and couldn’t force tears out of my eyes, it was all dry hacking sobs”

I jumped in, “Wait! Why did you care this deeply? You said she was an experiment??”

Dika smiled ruefully, “I fell for her hard!, I lost sight of my experiment, I just wanted Arktos to love me, that was all I wanted, also I honoured the fact that she was a virgin I wanted her to decide I would be the one to take it, I wanted to be like a custodian of her hym-”

I raised a finger and shouted, “DU-fucking-UDE! Just stop there…ok”

Dika stunned by my volemity, paused and then took a swig at the wine glass. At this point my body was shivering and my teeth where borderline chattering. The room was so cold.

Dika spoke,”after sleeping with Arktos, Keats lost interest in her and moved on to the next conquest, he gave her poetic justice though, he blogged about his conquest of her, that made her panicky and worried.”

“…Arktos drew closer to me as she noticed Keats ebb away, but I tell you Chidi, I was done with being a shoulder to cry on, I mean I had done it once before, look where it led me, so I ignored her and focused my attention on other conquests and Dawn as well!”

I grabbed the pillows tighter and drank the wine fast, so as to build a little heat, the tips of my nose, toes and fingers were getting numb from the increasing cold in the room.

“Well this lasted for 3 months, most of the pain had faded, and I was healing emotionally, but not in a confident enough place to go after Dawn”

I leaned back and spoke,” it amazes me that Dawn still stayed single all this while!”

Dika shook his head lethargically, “Arktos reached out to me after the 3 months hiatus, we stoked the embers of our love for each other and we dated in principle, but irreconcilable differences and continuous disagreements doomed the franchise and we finally broke up in a spectacular final fight and we don’t speak again”

I exhaled, I noticed mist coming out of my mouth, I shuddered, was this Siberia!?

“Dika”, I exclaimed, “so I have listened to this long story, can I now know who Arktos is?”

I leaned forward, Dika said, “do you like Latin, it conveys a certain peace and holiness with it, don’t you feel so?

I gave him a look that would melt lead, “What? No! The fucks wrong with you, heel? , I screamed my frustration simmering.

Dika regarded me with rage in his cold eyes, “Arktos is called ‘beautiful’ in that Holy dead language called Latin”

My mouth opened in shock. , mist pouring forth, my teeth trying to chatter as the freeze made me shiver endlessly.

* * *
4 am
There were two wine glasses on the parlour table, one was full and the other was half empty, I looked at the wine bottle, I had drunk enough for two people, the carpet was stained horridly with wine, as I gingerly stood up, I wondered who the second glass was for.



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The Arktos Project

Good Morning folks. It is another Monday. I am sure you are safe and sound wherever you need to be. Today’s post is by a very good friend of mine. He is @CrimsonCr33d. He blogs here It feels like my friends are trying to take over my blog. LOL.

Friday the 24th, 9:00 P.M

I sat down and placed the Red wine on the small parlour table in my two bedroom apartment, my mate Dika sat in the chair opposite, his 5’12 frame care freely slumped in my chair, his dark brown eyes sparkling and taking in every detail, a mischievous smirk on his face, probably hatching some atrocious agenda.

Dika was the typical Covenant University spoilt kid, the kind of motherfucker whose parents could do everything for him and he knew it , accepted it and embraced it completely, the kind of kid that had travelled half round the world, graduated with a 2:1 in economics, would soon do a Masters degree in some obscure stupid course on quantitative mechanics in I.T, come back home to work in a bank, get promoted super-fast because his father is the head of some banking regulatory body, then move into politics and further fuck up the economy.

Yeah he was that kind of kid…

Dika popped the cork on the wine, the froth poured out and some of it stained my carpet and others miraculously found their way into his glass.

“So how was work today, Chidi?”

I shook my head slightly, look at this butty kid. Probably sat on his bed gaming FIFA whilst a servant poured all his drinks, and he sat here forming I can take care of myself, can’t pour a simple drink without drowning my carpet.

“It was fine abeg, how your side na?” I replied.

Dika smiled and held his hand forward, the wine swishing dangerously in the glass, “it was cool jare, and this fine assed auditor came to my office-”

I cut him off, “you dey scope auditor?? Why? You dey mad? Wetin do that your babe na? The one you told me about some while back!”

“8 months back you mean!”

I paused confused, “errm….okay! What happened?”

“It was Twitter oh, na there everything start!”

“Okay”, I nodded my head, encouraging him,” go on”

“You sabi that our classmate Tolu Smallz na!..The one wey him handle be @Hardeyi”

“Uhumm….I sabi am, na my guy na!”

Dika leaned back a faraway look in his eye, “one day I was at home tweeting, as usual bugging everybody and ranting, normal stuff”

He took a swig of wine.

“So now as usual, wanting some fun, I strolled into Tolu’s TL, as expected he was yarning one chick like that”

“Okay as usual, normal thing, so what did you do?”

“I jumped into the convo with one strange comment like that, can’t remember exactly what I said”.

Tolu replied with ‘you are mad o’ and the babe was like ‘you are incredibly funny’, so I followed and she followed back. Normal stuff, no biggie.”

I poured myself a bit of the wine, this was getting interesting.

Dika continued, “I didn’t know that I had just added a crazy babe to my list, my whole world was just about to change.”

I smiled.

Dika leaned forward, ” so I started little convos with the babe, didn’t even know her name sef, I just referred to her by her handle, but I was able to find out, she was a rock fan, as is my style na, I began to work on that, tagging her to lyrics talking rock and stuff, making funny comments on 40% of her tweets…

…The babe started warming up to me, started replying tweets with increasing speed and word counts…..

“Chidi you remember that my girlfriend then, Grace…

“Yea.The tomboy…the violent weirdo”, I nodded

“Yes that one. We had just broken up so I was tweeting about my heart break, this babe raced onto all my heartbreak tweets with comments like;
‘Eyaaah, sorry boo, awww, who will do this to a nice guy like you na’ and all sorts of such comments”

I swallowed hard, “Dika, she did all this and you didn’t know her name yet?” I raised my eyebrow.

Dika still had that faraway look in his eye, “yes exactly, so I needed to confirm how deep this attachment was getting, I began to form very grateful for the comments and care, and still she gave me no name”

“So right there on the TL I asked her what her name was, she DM’ed me her name”

“Seriously, she did that?” I interjected, “and her name is?”

Dika smiled, “let’s not call her name out eh, let’s preserve that anonymity, those who know her will know her”

“Come on!” I urged, “at least her effing handle bro?”

“No No”, insisted Dika.

I quickly looked at the quantity of wine still in his glass, was he drunk?

“Anyways”, Dika continued, “I gave her a sweet little nickname, ’cause I reasoned, if she had to DM her name, then it held some weird meaning to her, so in a way I was killing two birds with one stone, softening her heart with a nickname and covering her anonymity as well”

Dika sipped at the wine, “so now next thing I know she gives me a nickname right back,-”

I jumped in again, “what did she call you?”

Dika smiled ruefully, “teddy…she called me teddy”

I burst out laughing, “awww so sweet! You faggot!” I shook my head disdainfully. “So go on , Teddy!” I teased.

Dika smiled his eyes moisting over, “we flirted a lot, especially on twitter, it was straight forward no holds barred flirting, we would say anything and everything to each other..”

“Uhumm”, I nodded

“People began to get jealous, even Tolu noticed our growing attachment-”

I butted in,” and how do you think it made him feel?”

Dika stared me straight in the eye, ” How else would he feel?!”

I backed off, “ok go on, I am all ears”

“Three months passed this way, but to me she was just something to pass the time, and she had a boyfriend and I had and still do, that special female friend who had 90% of my heart”

“So it was a win-win situation”, I offered.

“Exactly”, Dika sipped more wine, smacked his lips and relaxed into the chair, then continued,
“Everything changed when her boyfriend didn’t love her anymore-”

“How did you know this?” I interrupted.

“I knew ’cause she told me, her tweets began to get real real moist, you know like she was having an over-flooding of Oestrogen into her brain”

I burst out laughing.

“And her tweets began to have this weird defeatist quality, so as the ‘shark’ I was then, I smelled break-up blood so I decided to attack…”

I jumped in,” oh yeah I remember your handle had shark something in it then…”, I laughed, “dika you irreverent bastard!” , I shook my head.

Dika kept talking, “I began to probe deeper and she told me all about her issues, so after much deliberation and what not I got her phone number”

I coughed and beat at my chest. Dika shook his head and continued talking.

“So when we started talking on the phone, she began to tell me all about how her boyfriend was beginning to ignore her and all that…all-”

I halted him, “her boyfriend was cheating?”

“No”, he softly said, “it sounded like her boyfriend just up and wanted to leave her”

“Anything she did?” I asked.

“Well, I heard only her part of the story so, I can’t say, ’cause as you guess she won’t exactly say she’s at fault to a new friend she’s trying to impress now will she?”


“So as the ‘friend’ that I was I offered my consoling services, she would tell me about her issues and demons and I’d do my best to exorcise them.

…So eventually she grew tired of being ignored and then began to slowly lose her love for him and of course I was there the whole time, guiding her to freedom”

Dika continued,” as time went on, she began to get attached to me, it started first with the frequency of the talks, they began to be every day, she started laughing at the meaningless and inane of my jokes and statements, she began to demand more of my time and attention and then the ultimate, she began to stalk my TL.”

I interjected, “weren’t you stalking her TL too?”
Dika shook his head firmly. ” At all, there was no need, to be honest her growing interest in me was beginning to frustrate me, you see all the avi’s she posted of herself weren’t fine at all, she’s not ugly oh, it is just that she’s not the kind of babe I’d see on the road and approach, you get?”

I frowned in confusion, “err…well maybe I do, but speak on”

“So she began to tell me her deepest secrets, she began to tell me those of my friends who were toasting her seriously…”

“Hmmmm…That’s one way to know if I girl’s tripping for you na”, I replied.

“Well, one of them was that your friend the one who is always cool and collected in that your blog movie, for the basis of this tale, I’ll call him the ‘sheikh’!”

My mouth flew open, “what? For real?”

“Well that’s what she told me, and oh yeah, that your guy, that friend of yours you were always playing FIFA with in final year, the one who gave you gossip girls season one!”

I laughed happily, “oh yeah!! Him too? He’s a sure boy na!”

“But in all these things, I didn’t love her, I was basically tolerating her, then things began to get hairy with the babe I was chasing then, so an idea came into my crazy head”

“What was the idea?” I leaned forward.

Dika finished his glass and with shaking hands he poured himself some more wine, sloshing some on the desk and carpet again.

“I felt I was making some mistakes in my quest for the other girl, so I decided to use this girl as an experiment, and since she called me teddy, I decided to call her Arktos. Arktos is the Greek word for ‘bear.”

“Uh huh”, I nodded my head in wonder, “and she accepted this weird nickname?”

Dika snorted, “Nope she didn’t even know she had it, it was basically so I could easily sub her on twitter without being caught out”

Dika continued, “So one day as I and Arktos talked as usual, I kicked off my experiment, I told her I loved her.

I nearly fell off my seat in shock, “what??”

Dika smiled, “yeah…”.

“What happened? What did she say?” I asked barely able to hold back my curiosity.

“Nothing…there was like a two minute silence, then she laughed and said it was impossible that we were just friends and she seamlessly changed the topic.”

“Ok..she was playing hard to get?”, I proferred

“Arktos wasn’t playing anything, but I began to notice subtle differences in our following convos, she became more emotional towards me, she told me all about her family, she told me more about the guys who were chasing her..-”

I junped in again, “what did ‘Arktos’ say about my guys? …sorry ‘our guys’?”

“Concerning ‘sheikh’ she said her ex was talking funny about him, so I said her ex was jealous, so she angrily said she will ‘set p’ with sheikh so as to piss him off further” , Dika shrugged.

“Hian!” I exclaimed, “so did it work out?”

Dika sighed, “I doubt though,

“Concerning our Gossip Girl/FIFA boy, he was in her head, she liked him to an extent but complained that he wasn’t giving her issues more attention than his own issues, and when he got a girlfriend, I could sense her jealousy but she picked one fight too many with him and the last I know they don’t talk anymore”.

Dika continued, ” so funny thing is, I DM’ed FIFA/Gossip Girl dude and told him how I was runzing two girls at once, he laughed and told me not to let them catch me, most handy advice ever”

“Hmmm…So what happened next”, I asked.

………………… To Be Continued………………………..


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Don’t Date My Ex!

Hmmmmm….. What a Monday it has been. First, i left home since 7am only for me to drive halfway and find out I left my phones at home. As if that was not enough, traffic was crazy, almost had the car……………Anyways, today my very good friend and sister @Dj_Fleau is a guest on my blog. She has been on this blog before with the posts Ladies First and Categories of Nigerian Men. She blogs here.

Enjoy it.

I have heard all sorts of rules and regulation. Believe me when I say I have heard all sorts of rules and regulation, I mean I am a Covenant University Alumni and where else can we have heard that much rules if not at the home of a rule maker.Covenant University (CU) has rules ooo. Last time we had that much rules in existence black people were still being asked to sit at the back of the bus

If there is one thing I have learnt about rules is the fact that they are usually born out of occurrences. Something happens and the authorities do not like the result, a rule follows immediately *if you attended CU you would support me on this*…I guess in their mind that makes the rule justifiable. However there is this one rule I am yet to really know how it came to existence and why it is in existence and it is the ‘My friend and ex cannot date rule” WHY?

Before I start I did like to say I am on the fence with this rule before some sly babes or dudes would go and say ope oo someone supports us or before someone who has experienced this would curse me.

Most times when I ask people why they are so mad about their friend and ex dating they go “it’s against the friendship rule” please who wrote the rule and when was the bill passed.

I have heard people get angry because their friends/ex kept it a secret they were dating. You are telling me you would have been okay with it if they told you?

Some get angry because they started dating some months after they broke up. You are saying you would have been okay if they had waited a year or for a longer period of time before they started dating

I really need to get the basis and the clause in this rule. Is it a NO-NO to date your friend’s ex or is it okay to date them as long as some certain instructions are followed?

What if you treated them badly and here is this friend of yours who is going to treat them way better are you saying he/she does not deserve better?

What if they truly fall in love “knowing we can’t control who we fall in love with” are you saying they both do not deserve happiness of some sort?

What if they started dating almost a decade after you guys broke up. Like what does it matter you survived without him all those years?

Why is it considered betrayal if the supposed rule is broken? I understand if you say it is just awkward seeing them together or if it is emotionally disturbing but how is it betrayal?

Let me illustrate there are toys/shoes/things you had and over time no longer showed interest in them and someone tool them. Now tell me did you feel betrayed the next time you saw a friend or sibling rocking it (okay I don’t even know if this illustration makes sense… who cares).

Look you guys are over and forgotten sef it’s not like you were considering getting back and really he was going to date someone else and really it is none of your business who they choose to date next.

However I did like to also say dear friends if your friend breaks up with someone try as much as possible to reduce your familiarity with the person to avoid getting into such situation that would lead to a relationship.

However, between me and you there is no such thing as this rule, neither is it a crime or an offence, but people should respect the emotions of their friends and ex and try not to make them uncomfortable by engaging in such acts.

PS: In all honesty I feel if they really love themselves they should be together, as long as when I was dating the person they never had such feelings for each other and as long as the feelings started coming after we broke I think it’s okay…yes its hard but really you’ll move on believe me. All those babes and guys that hook up with their friend’s ex barely a month after the break sha.. That one no pure oooo…in short your head is not valid at all.

Please it doesn’t even count if you never dated the person sef. Like some girls would be saying well he asked me out first but I didn’t date him why did you betray me by dating him *if I hear* why you no talk yes……



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Addiction Episode 3

Happy New Year folks. I am sure you all have one resolution or the other. I hope you keep to them. By popular demand this will be the conclusion to the story. I hope you have enjoyed it just as much as I have. By the way, you all should help me tell Toju she writes good and we will like to have her back on this blog soon.

Perhaps you missed the first two episodes, you can catch up Episode 1 and Episode 2

Happy Reading.

That message began our relationship again,me and Troy. I was his Helen and well, he was Troy (sigh).With him it happened easily,no fuss, no fights.Just pure, undisputed ease, the one that makes you float on cloud nine. Not that it was not easy with Ray, but it was pure heaven with Troy.

He was the CEO of a multinational so money had never been his problem. We had had this thing since way back in the university where he was the toast of our campus, every girl wanted a piece of him but he chose me. We dated throughout his stay in the university. I was a fresher and he was in his 3rd year, he approached me; cool, confident, calm and arrogant and I fell hard, fast and foolishly. It was a love match made in heaven, we were the talk of the campus for months on end, until Troy won a competition for the summer abroad student exchange programme. I was devastated when he told me he was leaving in a week’s time.  Time seemed to stop after he left, I was so lonely. We communicated as much as possible but it was made hard. I would not get his letters because it was lost in the mail, I had to queue up to make calls and coupled with school stress, it did not take long before we started drifting apart. Things where made worse when Troy’s dad decided that he should complete his studies abroad. I was sad but there was nothing I could do, I had to move on because he clearly had. It was two years before I saw him again, I was at a friend’s wedding and I felt a prick at the back of my neck and I saw him, with his dark obsidian eyes, staring intently at me. I panicked, all the emotions just came rushing to me. My legs started shaking as he approached me. “Hey lover, missed me?” Was all he said. I blushed like the foolish girl I was. “Do I know you?” I replied. Allow me to refresh your memory, he grabbed me and gave me an earth shattering kiss right where we stood, and boy, did that jog my memory. “I have missed you so much June,” he brushed the lock of hair on my forehead, “come let’s talk”, he said. “Talk” was 20 minutes in the bathroom of the reception venue. That began our love affair.I ended things with the guy I was dating as at then and our love affair lasted the whole of the summer before Troy had to go setup a new branch of his company in Europe. It was the same promises as the last time.I watched him leave and I knew I’d never hear from him again, until now.

I drove to the address he texted to my phone and just the thought of seeing me again was making me all giddy. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, tell him I am getting married and wish him all the best. “I’ve missed you June,” he said. “Still the same old lines, I see.” I replied. “Nothing’s changed about you” I continued. “On the contrary babe,a lot has changed.I know I’ve treated you bad and not kept in touch with you through these years but all that has changed. I want you in my life” Troy said stirring up all sorts of emotions in me.”I need you, June, to make a honest man out of me. All these while when I’ve been’s been you boo, it always has. I know you might not believe me baby but I love you and you’re the only woman I need.” Troy said as he looked into my eyes.


We got married that summer Ray and I, a small,private and intimate ceremony at the beach. Everyone was happy and joyous, celebrating. The honeymoon was ecstatic, and I did not want it to be over. We got back home and it was time to open our gifts. We got this nice his and her watch and immediately my husband’s face turned sour.”Who is it from, honey?” I asked.  “It says Troy”. Ray replied. My heart stopped in my tracks. “I thought you said you ended things June. How did he get our address? Have you been talking to him?”  My face was ashen and grief stricken.”No” I replied. “How can you say such a thing?” I queried. “June I can’t deal with this” he said as he barged past me and stormed out into the night, slamming the doors. I stayed up all night, crying and waiting for Ray to come back home, but he did not. His phones where turned off and I was so worried.

Morning came and I heard a knock of my door.I dashed towards the door to find Ray’s parents standing outside.”Morning, did Ray send you? It was just a silly fight that’s all.I was up all night waiting for him and I can’t reach him.” I said through shaky lips. “June” Ray’s dad replied.”I think you need to sit down.We got a call from the police this morning and Ray is in the hospital, he had a car crash yesterday night.”


I woke up in a cold bleak room, where am I? was the first thought that came into my mind. The screaming and the news my in-laws told me. My mother came into the room as I was about to stand.”June, thank God you’re awake.” “What happened mom?” I asked. “You suffered shock when you heard about Ray so you had to be hospitalized.” Mum replied. “How’s he mom?” I pushed further. “We will talk about that later June, you have to rest.” “No mum, I have to see him now.”

“He’s in ICU no one is allowed in dear, we just have to pray. He’s  just undergone surgery and he’s still in a coma.”

“How long have I been out mom?” I asked “A few days my darling. Let me get the doctor. You need to see him.” The doctor came in and explained my husbands condition.”Hopefully he should be awake in a few days.” He said. Ray had suffered a tragic accident and they had to operate close to his spinal cord. They could not ascertain if there was any damage to his spinal cord until he is awake and then they will run more tests. “Madam, I don’t know if this will come as shock to you, but you are 6 weeks pregnant. I know it might be too much to do right now, but I need you to rest for a while.”The doctor said.”I am discharging you today and I need you to go home and will make sure your husband is taken good care of.”He added. “But..” I started to protest.”No buts madam or I’m putting you on bed rest”.

I had to go home with my mom. I was home when I heard a knock on my door,I stumped it was my mum but I opened and I saw Troy standing there. “Before you close the door, I just came to apologize for your demise.” he said. I was so furious that he had the guts to show up at my place but I had wasted enough time and energy being angry and focusing my energy on Troy. I still loved him but there was a limit. A part of me was tired of this all and I felt he was the reason my husband was on the hospital bed but I had to forgive and forget and move on with my life. “Please, Troy I never want to see you again. I have made a life without you. Please respect that.I don’t want you to ever contact me again.I do not hate you,I just need you out of my life for good.” I said to him. He stood there looking at me and slowly turned. I stood at the balcony and looked as he walked away, it felt like deja vu. I have seen his back to me so many times, I did not know if it was for real this time (sigh). We always had good times and the bad, the ups and downs, the sex, yes the sex, mind blowing, the games and the fights. He always had a way of making me feel on top of the world.

I had a new life now, I had a baby on the way, I had Ray or at least what was left of him and I made up my mind at that moment to focus on all I had and stop wishing for what could have been. I went down on my knees and prayed to God, for my life, my unborn child and for Ray.    Ray who had been there for me through thick and thin, who had never let my side. As I went to bed that night I went through Ray’s drawers to put his belongings in order and I saw a journal I had never seen before. I took a peek in it and I saw something that shocked me. All the while I thought Ray was irresponsible and a free spender he had actually been saving and then I saw a note addressed to me. “June,” he wrote “I know I’ve been unthoughtful but I promise with you ill be a better man. I love you and I’m changing everyday..this is proof. Just wanted to wait till the honeymoon was over.I love you.” I sobbed some more and went to bed.


2 weeks passed and Ray was still in a stable but critical condition. It was a windy Saturday afternoon and I was in his room in the hospital when he finally opened his eyes.”June I dreamt of you all the while.” He said feebly. ” I’m so sorry for driving out angry at you.I love you and you’re all I need.”  I broke into tears and I went to him straight away shocked and happy. “Oh Ray you don’t need to say you’re sorry.I’m so happy you’re awake.I love you. We love you.” I said.  “We” he replied. “Yes. We.” I said rubbing my tummy.


Sorry it was lengthy but i am sure it is worth it. Thank you for reading. I hope to get you to read more from this blog this year. Happy New Year once again.

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