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Addiction Episode 2

Happy Sunday to you all. Perhaps you missed the first part of this series, you can read it here.


The catch was this, Ray had this love for giving that was astounding, astoundingly stupid. I feared he would even give his eyes out if he could.  Ray was always the life of the party, everywhere we went. I was more of an introvert, which was why my friends thought we were mismatched when I first introduced him to them. “Are you sure you can cope?” Amanda asked.”I think he’s too much fun for you.” She added. I laughed it off as her usual jokes.

Life was just always a roller coaster, and that is how we had our first fight when I brought up the subject of saving. “Ray, you have a good job and you are getting too old for this life.Start saving and be responsible.” I hate to sound like I am a nagging babe, but I really worry. Then he held me, the way he knows I like to me held. “Darn it” I whispered.”How did I get so lucky?” I asked myself. Then he looked at me and replied “I’ve got this babe.”

Plans had already been made for the wedding, we already had the introduction. It was the wedding shower the girls had for me.I was looking through my gifts, Zara got me these sexy thongs for the wedding night and all of a sudden the hairs at the back of my neck just stood. The mirror feeling. That is what Ray called it. We had a love mirror and he always joked that anytime he felt goosebumps or the mirror shook it meant something was wrong with one of us. I looked at the time and checked my phone. Ray was on his way to his party.I did not want to call him yet. I do not want to start nagging before we are officially man and wife.

I just had this terrible feeling. I called off the party early to the dismay of my friends and as I drove into my garage I got a message. Yay ,  Ray is missing me already I smiled to myself but that quickly changed when I saw who the message was from. “I need to see you urgently.I’m back and I’ve missed you darling .T.”

No, this could not be happening, not Troy again. I thought we were over. No I cannot see him again, cannot do this, not after everything he has done to me. The way he makes me feel though, haaaaaa!. NO stop it June, I told myself. You and him are through. Do not forget all the hurt he has caused you. Even as I stood there in my garage,I knew I just had to see him again. “Where?” I replied.

………………. To Be Continued…………………


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Compliments of the season to you all. Rest in peace to the hundreds of chicken that lost their lives in the last 5 days.

Today’s post was written by a friend of mine. Her name is Toju. Do enjoy.

I stood at the balcony and looked as he walked away, it felt like deja vu. I have seen his back to me so many times, I did not know if it was for real this time (sigh). We always had good times and the bad, the ups and downs, the sex, yes the sex, mind blowing, the games and the fights. He always had a way of making me feel on top of the world.
Could this really be over? I doubt it. A part of me knew he would be back, I was as sure of it as I was sure of the fact that I would accept him back no matter what. That heart wrenching, gut clenching love, that is what we have.

I remember the first time I saw him, it was one of those lazy afternoons. I did not want to do anything or go anywhere. A friend called, said he wanted to hang out and he was coming over with a friend, my any sans I said come and cure me of the boredom. I met him that fateful afternoon and my world turned inside out literally. From the mind blowing, primal sex where nothing else mattered but just us and our most basic needs, to the slow and intense passionate lovemaking where my pleasures and fantasies where heightened like I never thought they would be. He was truly something else, something fresh, it was needed.

“Marry me”, he said after our 20th tryst and 3rd date. “Awwww” I replied.” Aren’t you just grand?” “What would we tell our friends? We are not even official yet, we have not even told George and he introduced me to you.” I rambled on as I have the habit of talking too much when I get nervous. He shut me up with a kiss. I giggled. “All that does not matter, no one matters as long as you’re with me.” He said and looked at me with those earnest brown eyes. Sexy as hell. “Yes it does” I said. “No it does not” he said. “Yes it d….” I didn’t complete the sentence as he shut me up with another kiss and that led to tryst number 21 and 22.

“June” my mom shouted from the kitchen. “Coming mom” I just got home from my date with Ray. I was still giddy and lightheaded. Mother asked, “where have you been all day?” “Nowhere mom.” “Went window shopping that is all.” My little sister giggled in the background and I gave her the look. Later in the room, Cynthia my little sister asked for details of my date with Ray. I kept it as PG-13 as possible before I sent her off . I wanted to be alone and bask in my happiness.

“I don’t like commitments Ray, they bore the crap outta me.” I said for the umpteenth time as he asked me to marry him again. “Besides you have not introduced me to your parents. What if they do not like me?” I continued.
” They will love you” he said, and love me they did. There really was not anything not to love about me. I was finally in a relationship with the man of my dreams, the flesh of my flesh.
There was a catch. A big catch.

…………To be continued………..


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Crash and Burn

This post is actually about nothing. There is no hidden story or hidden meaning. It is just a post ( if you can call it that). It is my blog not yours. :p
Enjoy it or maybe not. Your choice.

The picture is as clear as day
I do not see me in it.
Why am I not in it ?
Am I not good enough for you ?
What happened to all those words you said ?
Those promises you made?

My sense of importance is gone
Gone like chaff with the wind
The same path we trode yesterday,
Seems to have disappeared today
Where did it go ?
Did the Grinch steal it ?
Did the earth move ?
Or did the rain wash it away ?
Which rain ?
Rain at this time of the year ?
There is a greater chance of me losing my virginity than rain at
this time.

Anyways, memories of you stink
Ammonia is pleasant compared to those memories
The very sound of your name irritates me,
I will rather suffer excruciating pain than see pictures of you
Your existence,……………
Let us not go there, it is pathetic
I think you deserve to burn.
Burn for all those things you did
Burn for all those promises you made
I will watch you burn
I wish I meant burn in the literal way
But still, you will burn.
Just crash and burn.

If you were able to read this post, then your mind is just as messed up as mine. Ciao.


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Hello! Wow! It has been a while. Yes, school has been crazy. I am on holidays for now so I’ll be here for a while. This piece is close to my heart and well, I’ll let you be the judge. I hope you enjoy it.


Why do you tarry? Have you grown weary of fighting for us? Have you succumbed to the pressure of time and space? Are you in doubt? Have you forgotten about all we said before you left?


I see through your smile when we Skype. I see through those videos of you that you send. I can hear the pain in your voice in those voicenotes you send. A hundred and six of them and they all bear your pain.


The reality of been so far away is eating you up and it shows. I feel it in the way you say goodbye after a two-hour phone call. It hurts me to listen to messages and how detached they seem.


Your love ear. Your high cheek bones. Those eyes of yours and how they speak volumes. those beautiful lips, so sweet, so tender when we first kissed. Do you remember what I said?


Just like an Onion, you have to be peeled back layer after layer till one gets to the centre. You built your walls so high it is a surprise how I scaled through it.


I feel your pain can you feel mine too ? Can you feel me hurting or have you let the male facade decieve you? Has it blinded you to the fact that my heart beats only for you ?


It has been awesome being friends, but I am tired of it. Why waste our potential of having something great just because of our fears ? Fears will always be there but they should not stop us from trying.


Together we can move mountains, together we can sail across any ocean, together we can fight the toughest of demons. Together we can be awesome.


Why do you tarry ? Come back home already. My heart is crying out for you. Can you hear it ? Why do you tarry ?


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