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Not Another Love Story Episode 3

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I hope you have missed me as much as I have missed you guys? Am I back ? NO! I promised to conclude not another love story and that is what I am doing. Here it goes…………….

Jide walked into the house to find it lit with candles and his girlfriend in red lingerie as she welcomed him. The sight of her in lingerie sent all the blood in his head to his groin as he kissed her. He attempted taking off her lingerie but she kept him at bay insisting they have dinner before dessert. Chinwe served dinner in her lingerie as they ate, Jide could not concentrate on dinner as his mind was on dessert.
They were cuddled on the bed after dessert when Chinwe suddenly started sobbing. She jumped from the bed and sat naked in the couch opposite the bed. Jide was worried and as he tried to stand up from the bed, Chinwe asked him to stay put.
” We need to talk” Chinwe said.
This was the same sentence his ex-girlfriend said to him before she broke-up with him. Jide feared the worst and sat up on the bed. The tears that rolled down Chinwe’s face did little to make him feel comfortable. Chinwe could see the fear on his face as she broke the news to him.
” I have cancer” she said as the tears increased.
Jide jumped off the bed and rushed to her side to comfort her. Several questions and thoughts ran through his mind as he tried to comfort her.


Chinwe opens her eyes slowly and looks around her hospital room. She can see flowers and a teddy bear on the bedside cupboard. The rays of sunlight light up the room and she sees her oncologist talking to her family and boyfriend. She smiles as her eyes meets that of her boyfriend and she rubs her bald head, a side-effect of intensive chemotherapy. All her hair had fallen off and she wonders what Jide still sees in her.
It has been nine months since she broke the news of her cervical cancer to him. She can remember how he flared up in anger and felt betrayed by her when she told him she had known for three months. He had left her house in anger only to come back two days later and be the supportive boyfriend. The first time he stayed with her through a session of chemotherapy had been awkward as Jide tried too hard not to shower Chinwe with pity but failed miserably. Chemotherapy was three times a week for five months and Jide never missed one.
The awkwardness had disappeared by the second week as they found better ways to pass time. They played cards, scrabble and he even taught her how to play chess. Even though she was in pain, she still had fun with him. For five months, Jide had put his life on hold for her and Chinwe was relieved when she had to stop chemotherapy. She felt relieved because the guilt she felt was lifted. Despite all the smiles on Jide’s face, she knew he was in pain.
The door opening brings Chinwe out of her thoughts and in comes her oncologist, her family and her boyfriend. Jide smiles at her, as her parents stand by both sides of her bed. Her sister stays beside Jide at the foot of the bed.
“How are you this morning?” the doctor asks Chinwe.
“I feel fine” she replies.
“That is good” the doctor replies as she pretends to go through Chinwe’s chart. The silence in the room unnerves Chinwe.
“Doctor, what is wrong” she asks with fear written allover her face.
“After the tests we carried out, I am afraid the chemotherapy was not effective and the cancer cells have spread. Chinwe, you have stage three cervical cancer” the oncologist concludes.
“What does that mean? What can we do?” Chinwe asks.
“More chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, but the chance of you surviving are very slim, and even if you do survive, you cannot have children”
Chinwe can hear her mother sob, and she sees tears roll down her sister’s face.
” I will leave you to discuss your options with your family” the doctor says as she walks out of the room.

Chinwe sighs deeply as she holds on tight to her parents’ hands and looks up at Jide who gives her a faint smile. She cannot imagine putting him through another session of chemotherapy and even if she does survive, she cannot give him children.
” Can you give us time alone” Chinwe says to her family as she beckons on Jide. He sits on her bed and assures her everything will be fine.

” I cannot put you through this again” she says.
“It is not your call” Jide replies her.
“It is my call Jide, I can play the cancer card.”

Jide looks at her puzzled as she goes on to explain herself and thank him for been a rock for her.

” Jide, you have to let me go. Even if I survive,
I cannot give you children” she says.

” I do not care.” Jide says as tears stream down his face.
“If you love me, you’ll let me go. You deserve better
than this. When was the last time you had time for
yourself?” Chinwe asks him.

” Shut Up! You do not get to decide this alone” Jide says through his tears.

Chinwe can see the pain she is putting him through but she knows it is for the best.

“If you love me, you will move on” she says as she also starts to cry. Jide hugs her and the two lovers cry their pains away knowing they have reach a climax.

The End


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