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It has been a roller coaster ride for me since September 2011 when I finally decided to create a blog and let the world know about my writing. I remember @mafabaAlaso saying he did not know I could write. I gradually found myself and realized I write best when I do creative writing and so I decided to stick to it. It has been fun sitting down week in week out trying to come up with stories to wow my readers. The followership has been great and also the demand for me to write better things and right now I do not feel like I am living up to that standard as my good friend n critic @ZaToothFairy tells me after every of my writeup I can do better.
I want to do better and so I will be taking a break from the world of blogging. I want to assure you I will be back stronger and better. I just want to be able to meet your demands as my readers. I know I owe you a conclusion to “Not Another Love Story” and I will give it to you as soon as possible. The blog still stays up, so please tell your friends and families about it, come back and read it once in a while and if possible everyday if you can. I promise you, I will be back. This is not goodbye, I just feel exhausted and I need to read more so I keep blowing your minds away. Thank you all for your support. We will see soon!!!!!!!!!

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Not Another Love Story Episode 2

Incase you missed the first episode, you can read it here

Jide and Chinwe spent time together before they headed to their respective homes. They got home feeling on top of the world, especially Chinwe who could not believe Jide was her’s. She had a lot of disappointments from her previous relationships and had put up her guard, but somehow Jide managed to warm his way to her heart. She laid on the bed in her room as she replayed her first kiss with Jide over and over in her head. Her thought was cut short when Obioma burst into her room and demanded Chinwe tell her the juicy details of her date with Jide. She smiled as she told her every single detail and Obioma screamed in delight when her sister told her she was in a relationship with Jide.
Jide got home and was too excited to even shout at his younger brother whom he had told severally not to go into his room when he was not around but still found him in his room playing his Playstation 3 console. His younger brother was shocked to his marrow when Jide did not get mad at him but instead asked him for the second controller pad as he joined him in a game of soccer. The smile on Jide’s face confused his brother further who just shrugged because he knew his brother would not tell him why he was smiling.
Chinwe broke the news of her relationship later that night in a tweet that read; “The Start of Something New.” She got a lot of replies from her followers, mostly guys who were curious to know what she meant, but she refused to let the cat out of the bag. Jide saw the tweet, smiled, resisted the urge to reply the tweet, and instead, sent her a message on Blackberry Messenger. They chatted for a while before Chinwe announced she was sleepy. Jide called her to say good-night, which made Chinwe feel loved and she giggled throughout the conversation.
The first test for Jide and Chinwe came 3 months into their relationship when he had to travel out of the country for his Masters Degree. Chinwe was so afraid of losing him and she told him her fears when she went over to his house. He understood her fears and reassured her of his commitment to their relationship. He told her he loved her for the first time which brought tears to Chinwe’s eyes as she replied telling him same. They kissed and made love for the first time.


Eighteen months later, after a lot of phone calls, video calls via Skype, endless chats on Blackberry Messenger, Jide was coming home. Chinwe sat in her office that beautiful wednesday morning as her thoughts wandered to the birthdays they did not celebrate together, their one year anniversary when she had to cry herself to bed at night because she missed him and how sad she was on Christmas Day when all they could do was share a virtual kiss. Finally, she was to be rewarded for her patience and endurance of reproach from her friends who tried to convince to give other men a shot since she was not aware of what Jide was involved in abroad. Her mother did not help situation as she asked her if she was sure Jide was as faithful as she painted him to be when Chinwe told her about him. All these had even made her doubt at a point but Jide saved the day when he sent her a gift on Valentine’s Day via DHL. It proved to her how serious he was about them and all she had to do was wait. She waited for him and the wait was over because he was finally coming home. She heaved a huge sigh of relief as she settled in to work.
Chinwe was on her way home in the evening when her phone rang and Jide informed her he had arrived safely in the country and was on his way home. Her heart was full of joy and she looked forward to the weekend when she was to be reunited with her lover. The weekend came by pretty fast and by Saturday, Chinwe who had moved to her own place was nervous to see her boyfriend. She hugged him tight when he came around with and examined him from head to toe just to make sure he came back in one piece. He laughed at this as they kissed and headed straight to her bedroom.

Three days later, Chinwe called Jide in the evening and asked him to come over to her place. Her voice was shaky and she did not give him any answer when he asked her what the matter was. She just insisted he came over. He drove as fast as possible to her house and as he entered the living room, nothing on earth could have prepared him for the sight that welcomed him.

……………………..To Be Continued……………………………………


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Not Another Love Story

“@thecutesmurf: #NwFf @smurfyred kindly #Ff back” the tweet read. Jide checked the profile of @thecutesmurf and from the avatar he felt a chill down his spine. However, if Twitter had taught him anything, it is the fact that avatars could be misleading. She stood sideways at the beach in her avatar and he approximated her height to about 5’10”, her dark hair hanged halfway down her back in a ponytail. He was tempted to zoom in on the avatar but resisted and regarded her as just another tweep as he returned to her profile, scrolled down, read her bio which indicated her huge love for smurfs. He clicked the follow button when he got to the bottom of the profile page and replied her tweet.
“@smurfyred: Done! RT @thecutesmurf: #NwFf smurfyred kindly #Ff back” the tweet read. It was follow friday, the market day on Twitter and a lot of tweeps follow other tweeps on recommendation from their followers on that day. Chinwe had decided to follow Jide after one of her followers had given him a shout-out and his handle instantly told her they both shared a love for smurfs.
Chinwe saw Jide’s tweets regularly on her timeline and replied some which led to conversations between them. It however never went beyond that till he sent her a link to his blog and after she read it, she was impressed. She sent him a direct message telling him how much she had enjoyed his writing and he replied her and asked her to follow his blog. She did so and this began a series of conversations via DM between them.
It was then Chinwe found out Jide had just finished the compulsory one year service to the Nigerian Government after tertiary education and he was unemployed like majority of the Nigerian youths. He attended a private university and when she found out she was shocked because she also attended the same university, but had finished two years earlier than him. It gave them the first clue that she was older than him but that did not deter them as they made conversations about their experiences in school and moved to other things as they discussed their music and movie interests. They did not like the same kind of music, Jide was more of a rock fan and Chinwe was strictly rhythm and blues (R&B).
Jide took a bold step and asked for her Blackberry pin and had planned not to take it personal if she refused to give him. Chinwe gave him her pin and the moment she added him to her contact list on her Blackberry Messenger she was sure she had made the right decision.
Jide found out that she is the first of two daughters, her father is a shipping magnate who owned his own shipping company and she stayed on the island. Jide told her about how he had lost his mum at the tender age of 8 and had helped their father raise his brother and sister as their father had refused to re-marry out of fear of the new wife mal-treating them.
The personal terms of their conversations led to them forging a friendship, a friendship in which they could not go a day without chatting despite Chinwe’s busy schedule as a director at her father’s shipping company. A friendship in which Jide did not mind her chatting with him even as he watched his favourite team Manchester United play.
For three months they kept up the pattern of chatting, called one another every day, exchanged jokes and made fun of events on Twitter when they chat. Her voice on phone each time they spoke melted Jide’s heart and his masculine voice made Chinwe’s mind wander and think all sorts. The way he spoke so maturely each time Chinwe had something on her mind made her respect him and she started to grow feelings for him. He always seemed to have a solution to every problem and Chinwe would not take any step without first talking to him.
They finally decided to meet one another, and the saturday they had chosen turned out to be a wet one and they had almost cancelled their plans. Chinwe who had carried her younger sister, Obioma, along as things progressed with Jide told her of their plan to meet. Obioma teased her sister and called her a cougar which made Chinwe laugh hysterically. She picked up a dress to wear with the help of her sister after going through her entire wardrobe. She finally settled for a floral gown that stopped an inch above her knee as Obioma proceeded to help her with her light make-up and she wore her pair of flat soles.
Chinwe drove herself to the cinema to meet Jide who had choosen the venue and she spotted him waiting for her close to the ticket counter spotting a pair of skinny blue jeans, a red Polo tee-shirt and a pair of Toms. From the pictures he had sent her, Chinwe knew Jide was about 6’4″, cute, did not look a day close to his age of 22 and she noticed he was clean shaven as she came over the escalator. He looked dashing she concluded to herself.
Jide was literally dumbfounded as she stepped off the elevator. The pictures she had sent did not do her any good. She stood at 5’10” as he approximated before, her cheek bones were like that of a model, her beautiful expressive brown eyes got him weak in the knees, her full lips begged to be kissed and ravished, her smile as she walked towards him could light up the entire country and the smile almost made him not notice her magnificent 36C breasts. She was a perfect 10 to him. They hugged and Chinwe felt small in his embrace as they laughed and tried to make small talk to get rid of the nervous air. They picked a movie to watch after going through the movie schedule, grabbed a big bag of popcorn for them to share and two bottles of Fanta. Halfway through the movie with majority of the popcorn gone, Chinwe leaned closer to Jide and he put his arm around her and tried to pull her closer to him but the handles of the seat was in the way. He looked at her and like as if she got a telepathic message she looked up at him and slowly but surely they leaned in till their lips met.
Chinwe felt weak to her knees as they kissed and had she not been on her seat might have fallen. They say you can tell how well a relationship would go with the first kiss and if that is anything to go by, Chinwe was sure things would go well between them. Jide’s heart skipped a beat as the kiss was so much more than he had ever experienced. They kissed several times before the end of the movie and after the movie talked about what the kisses meant.
Their discusssion gave birth to a relationship, a relationship between 24-year old Chinwe and 22-year old Jide.

……………………..To be Continued…………………………………


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