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Letter To My Unborn Child

Wow! Its my second post this week. I am still buzzing from my weekend conversations. This just dropped in my head as I was tweeting and yes I am a fan of Tupac. Enjoy.

Dear Unborn Child,
I am pretty sure you are scared by your surroundings. Do not be afraid. You are in your mother’s womb. I cannot get into the story of how you got there but know that your mother and I had a good time getting you there (at least I did).
You have been there for seven months just in case you are wondering. I know you are good friends with Placenta, but try not to get too close. I say so because in two months, you will part ways and the last thing I want is to see you get hurt. You are my baby.
Your mother and I agreed not to check your sex. We just want to be surprised. Do not tell her this, but between you and I , I want you to be a girl. I will tell you why if you are a girl. I promise you that.
Your mother’s mood swings and cravings are just driving me nuts. I keep my calm because I know you are worth it and she really is the sweetest woman in the world and its just circumstances that have made things a little crazy. I am sure you will agree with me we are lucky to have her as soon as you are old enough.
We set up your crib a week ago. We are so excited you will be coming soon. We cannot wait to hold you in our arms, cuddle you and watch you as you sleep. I cannot wait to see you.
Finally, please arrive without complications. Your mother has been through a lot already. As a result of that, when you are coming out do so in record time and save her the stress. In two months you will be here. Two months! My stomach is filled with butterflies as I look forward to your arrival. See you soon my baby.

Lots of Love,
Your Doting Dad.


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Towards The White Light

Happy New Week to everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. Do not bother asking me how my weekend was. Why? You do not need to know why. I was talking to a friend of mine and she inspired this post, even though the talk and this post are exact opposite. You also do not need to know what the talk was about. Anyways, let me leave you to read the post,kindly comment and tell a friend. If you need to send a broadcast message, kindly do so.

Why is daddy shouting at mummy? He has never raised his voice at her. Mummy is crying. Why is mummy crying? Daddy is so angry. Why is he angry? I called daddy but I cannot even hear my own voice. I can only feel my mouth moving. I try again but it is still the same thing.
Daddy is walking towards me. I guess he heard my voice. I reach out for his hands but he just walked past me. What have I done wrong? Is it because I came second in class? I am sorry. I will do better next term. Mummy is on the bed. She is still crying. I go to meet mummy. I jump on the bed and she did not even notice me. I touch mummy and she did not even look at me. Why is no one talking to me? I have been a good girl.

Daddy comes back into the room, he dropped a small box on the bed. He is putting some shirts and trousers inside. Wow! We are going on a trip. He did not tell me. I guess he was planning on surprising me. I run to my room to pack my things. My wardrobe is locked and I cannot open it. Only mummy can. She must have packed for me.
I run back to their room and find mummy on her knees begging daddy not to go. Where is he going to? Are we not going with him?
” Leave me alone” daddy screamed
Why is he screaming? Gentlemen do not scream. He always says that. He is a gentleman. Why is he now screaming?
I see a tear fall out of daddy’s eye. I have never seen him cry. What is going on?
“You were on the phone with your lover and you forgot to fasten our daughter’s seat belt. She was thrown against the wind screen when you had the collision” said daddy
Collision? What is a collision ? Daddy will explain to me later. He always does.
” I am sorry” said mummy.
“Will sorry bring back our daughter?” daddy asked
“I am sorry” replied mummy.
“Koyinsola is gone. My baby is gone. She had a lot of potential and out of your selfishness and carelessness you have deprived her of that” said daddy.
Mummy cried harder.
“She was just 5. How do you even sleep at night, knowing you killed our daughter?” asked daddy
The tears just kept flowing from mummy’s eyes.
“She is dead and it is all your fault” continued daddy as he zipped up the box.
Dead? Who is dead? Me? Oh my God. What happened? What is the date? It is 26th March. The last thing I remember was five days ago.
Mummy came to pick me from school and she promised to get me ice-cream. I wanted to tell her to fasten my seat belt but she was driving and on the phone and daddy said it is rude to interrupt when one is on the phone. I looked at mummy and the next thing I heard was a loud bang. Oh my God.
Daddy is trying to get mummy to leave his leg as he picks up his box. He gets to the door of the room, looks back and drops his wedding ring on the floor. Mummy is on the floor, crying. Everything is fading, mummy is fading away, I cannot see anything. All I can see is a bright light………………………


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What If

Shout out to all the guys that will be living from hand to mouth for the next two weeks. God will make you bigger or better still make you wise. If she truly loves you, you do not have to go bankrupt just to get her something for valentine. Besides, it is not only on Valentine you ought to get her something. Oh well, enough with my rants and to the business of the day.

I could still feel the sting on my face. I did not know her small and cute fingers could have such effect on my cheek. She hit my left cheek repeatedly. She hit me out of anger, out of frustration and out of disgust for me. I understand how she feels. I understand that she probably hates me right now because I will hate me right now.
“Why now?” She asked me
I could see the tears building up in her eyes. It is not the first time I have seen her cry, but this is the first time the tears are actually because of me.
Deep down I just want to hold her and tell her everything will be fine. I know it is a lie. Things cannot be fine. How will things be fine when I just told my bestfriend’s fiancĂ©e that I am in love with her?
I still could not understand what she was feeling. I wondered why she slapped me. Is it because her fiancé is my bestfriend? Is it because she is going to be married to him in a week?
“Bisola, I am sorry to bring this up at a time like this” I said, hoping the problem was about the timing.
“I just had to tell you how I feel about you” I continued
“How long have you felt this way?” she asked
I could not look at her. I looked down and played with my fingers like a kid who was been scolded.
“Answer me Tolu” she screamed.
“I have always loved you” I replied.
She slapped me again and hit me on my chest severally with her fist. She cried hard and all I could do was hug her. She held on tightly to me. The pain in her voice was heartbreaking as she spoke.
“All this time when Seyi was treating me like trash and he hit me, all this time when we would fight and he will make me grovel just for him to forgive me ,you were in love with me?” she asked.
“Yes” was my weak reply
“Tolu, I hate you” Bisola said.
She stepped out of our hug and I could see the anger and hatred on her face.
“You had the chance to make us happy and you never said anything”
” I am sorry, but Seyi is my —
“Your bestfriend?” she asked
I nodded my head.
“Keep your sorry to yourself . I cannot leave him now. It is too late” she said as she was trying to compose herself. I just stood and watched her.
” I will see you at the wedding and forget about me. It is too late for us. I have committed to him. Just show up at the wedding and be his bestman as planned”
She came close to me and kissed me. With that she said goodbye. I was still there standing in the middle of my living room as I watched her leave, wondering what could have been. I could have been the one walking her down the aisle. It is too late. I slumped in the chair as I tried to drown my sorrows with a bottle of Jack Daniel asking myself the same question over and over. What if I had told her how I felt the first time I met her even before Seyi met her? What if?


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Hello, I am so sorry I have not been able to update my blog in a while. I have been kind of busy and I know it is not an excuse but please bear with me. It is not easy. Anyways, I hope this post helps you forgive me. Happy reading.

It is 9am on Saturday morning. The rays of the sun coming into my room woke me up. I can smell fried egg coming from the kitchen. I picked up my shorts, wore it and made my way to the kitchen. As I entered the kitchen,the sight that greeted me was such a lovely one. There she stood with her back to me in a lacy turquoise thong and my white tee-shirt. I walked gently towards her and hugged her from behind. It startled her. She screamed and turned around and we started laughing. She kissed me good morning. I sat down at the dining table and I still could not believe she came home with me from the club considering she is 6 years older than my age of 24. Her breasts seem to defy gravity as they stayed perky and firm without any hint of sag despite the fact that she was not putting on any bra at the moment.

She served breakfast and we made small talk as we ate. After breakfast I gave her a kiss for a well-prepared meal and she giggled.
“What are your plans for today?” she asked.
“Errrrr, I have no plans” I replied.
“You do now” she said
I laughed out of surprise and just nodded my head in agreement.
“What exactly do you have in mind?”
She replied “I am leaving now. Let’s see a movie together. Meet me at the mall by 2.”
She walked to the room, where she got dressed and I tried persuading her for a quickie but she declined saying we will end up not leaving the room the whole day, which sounded perfect to me. She kissed me goodbye as she left my house.

I got to the cinema at exactly 2:15 to find her waiting for me. It felt strange to be the one apologizing for coming late. We saw a movie and afterwards decided to take a walk round the mall. We kept our conversation flowing by making fun of people we passed by. She was eager to know more about me and asked general questions which I answered.

Suddenly, the question got personal and it looked like she was already imagining us in a relationship. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead,my palms were sweaty and my voice shaky.
“Are you okay?” she asked
“Yes” I replied quietly
” I don’t think so. You look like you just saw a ghost” she insisted
Like magic I found my voice and replied “Yesternight was fun,we hooked up and the sex was awesome”
“I am glad you enjoyed it” she said with a smile
” I am not looking for anything serious and this right here is getting serious. I feel like you are picturing us together already” I answered
“Ooooooh” she said with shock written allover her face
She continued by saying ” Can we go now please?”
” We are cool, right?” I asked
“Yes” she replied
We left the mall with me feeling so relieved that she had taken it well.

My relieve turned to dismay on Monday morning when I got to work and my boss called me to his office to introduce the new head of my department. The woman he had said so much about is the same woman I hooked up with over the weekend and to make matters worse she is his daughter.


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