Diary Of A Nigerian Girl

23 Dec

Its a few days to Christmas and I am sure a lot of you have made plans and are eagerly awaiting the day. I know chickens are saying final goodbyes to one another and are wishing the cup will pass them (if I hear). Thanks for taking time to read my blog. This is wishing a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance. Remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.

This week I have decided to have a guest on my blog. I used to have a huge crush on her (maybe I still do) but we are friends right now. I came across a tweet a few days and all it said was Diary of A Nigerian Girl. It struck me as an interesting topic but it is better written by a lady. I had to ask her to help out and here we are today. She also blogs and you can read her posts here. She is @jayajade..

WARNING: If you cannot think outside the box, please DO NOT read this post.

1st May 2007

New month- my sis is going to turn 18 soon… and with all these thoughts of growing up…I sometimes wonder when I’m ever going to find someone that loves me enough to stick with me…. Thought I loved him but like Sid from the movie said.. ‘the difference between rap and hip-hop’……

21st May 2007

These days I wake up in the morning so happy, its almost unbelievable…..

June 6th 2007

I’ve decided to learn stuff I’m supposed to know…

June 7th 2007

Ps. I found out that this guy I really like has a girlfriend ;(..hurts God dey sha..

June 27th 2007

Can’t believe how angry I was this morning… pure unadulterated rage. God help me….please

November 22nd 2007

Just finished Ted Dekker’s ‘when heaven weeps’ and once again I feel God speaking to me beyond the fiction..

5th January 2008

Happy New Year!!!!! I have to work on reading my Bible more during the holidays… lol I remembered Victor today and almost felt miserable… how can one person drive me crazy so?

3rd February 2008

I really love God… not because of what he gives me but because He’s always there – even in my dark days. On 31st January, I was at the scene of an armed robbery incident…it’s nothing like the films.. I just thank God for my life.

8th April 2008

I turned 20 on the 3rd – I guess I’m officially an adult now.. so why do I feel so young I love it though..

20th April 2008

Things I want in my future husband – this isn’t a compulsory list but hey..*shrugs*
Cute (let’s face it the face is the first thing I’ll see)
God fearing
Tall (about a head or so taller)
Disciplined and prayerful (mostly to help me)
Love kids – and be interested in being a family not just having one..
Loving, romantic and caring
..for now this list ends here… you told me ask Lord and I did…..

2nd Sept 2008

Heeeey been a while…. Convocation was in July sorry June.. the 13th to be precise… I’m still not a flawless human being but God’s been helping me and I’m learning to be happy…

3rd March 2010

I’m tired …just wanted to officially launch my new journal…

24th March 2010

I’m such a worrier….

9th April 2010

I learned to always pray within God’s will….
Saw Kaoru today..*sigh* my heart actually skipped a few beats

10th April 2010

Nobody’s perfect

6th May 2010

Without darkness, you’ll never know how good light feels

18th May 2010

Lol…it has been a while…I’ve been sooo busy with my thesis work… I’ve been having some relapse issues that God is helping me through…

4th June 2010

I’m thinking a lot lately…not just thinking but thinking deeply….why do I lose my temper so easily?, who are my friends… will I really be able to fulfill my dreams??..

3rd July 2010

I’m done with school!!!! Yay me!.. loving my life right now…
Note to self: if you ever read this later, listen to Solange Knowles ‘Sandcastle disco”… you absolutely love that song… gotta go now..

17th August 2011

It’s been crazy, almost eight months since my last entry… so let me try to update between July and January, I got a job, got my NYSC posting, went off to camp in Ekiti, and came back…. I’m at work now and my service year ends soon….

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One response to “Diary Of A Nigerian Girl

  1. ilove2read

    December 23, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Lwkmd @ ur warning……. Had to read the post about 3 times before I actually got the whole message. Deep. You should bring her back on your blog soon


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