Weaker Sex? (2)

19 Oct

Everyone sighed.
The man was asked to leave the stage as the band came on again to entertain the crowd. Some people were dancing on their seat while others were on their feet. The band played for about fifteen minutes. There was a round of applause for them as they left the stage.
The man who had been on stage before was about coming back on, when a woman shouted at him “you are just greedy” she shouted.
“Your time is up” snarled a man
“He wants a second term” said the old man in the corner.
“Just like our politicians” the bartender replied.
The crowd roared in laughter.
The old man in the corner decided to come on stage.
“Out of respect for you, I shall keep the flag flying” he said to the man who had been on stage.
“I am sure we all heard about the varsity rape incident” the old man continued.
“Yes” responded the crowd.
“What has been done about it?”asked a woman.
“Nothing” the crowd replied.
“Are we sure it was rape?” the bartender queried
“Even if it was not rape the police should have done a thorough investigation. The Governor of the state even denied the incident ever taking place in the state.” replied the old man.
“I heard two out of the five suspects were arrested” a woman said.
“They were released as the police did not have enough evidence. Even they had conducted a thorough investigation they will have found something” said the man who had been on stage.
“The poor girl is somewhere trying to cope with the trauma. She is scarred for life” the man continued.
“All we want is justice”screamed a woman
” The case has been swept under the rug like every case that involves the masses. Such is the fate of the masses when it comes to justice been served in this nation.”the old man added.
The old man continued “the men who perpetrated this act roam the streets like nothing has happened and lying in wait for their next unsuspecting victim.The Senate keeps revising the constitution and clauses have not been introduced to better protect women”
“What is the solution?” a woman asked
“There is no solution to violence. It can only be curbed. The government should enlighten the populace as to why women should not be looked down upon. They should discourage gender discrimination, impose stricter penalties when violent acts are committed against women.”
Suddenly, the bar went dark. There was a blackout and the rickety generator the bar used as a back-up refused to come on. The madam broke the news to the disgruntled customers and finally added “next month is another time”.

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2 responses to “Weaker Sex? (2)

  1. MafabaAlaso

    October 19, 2011 at 9:39 am

    Heya! Even PHCN couldn’t help matters

  2. ilove2read

    October 19, 2011 at 8:42 am

    Nice piece bro….keep it up


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