Weaker Sex? (1)

03 Oct

It was the second saturday of the month. The bar was filled to its capacity. Drinks flowed in excess and the pepper soup was extra-hot. The music from the band was groovy and some people were dancing. It was the open-mic night of the bar, an initiative by the madam that owned the place. The music stopped and the crowd gave the band a round of deafening applause. Just as I was about to get up and go to the stage, an elderly man in his late 50’s went on stage.
” All the ladies in the house give yourself a round of applause”
The ladies responded with applauses loud enough to deafen a day old baby.
“Woman wrapper” sneered one well-fed diner.
“Are you not married to a woman?” sneered his friend
This caused people to laugh.
The man on stage laughed and said “Gentlemen in the house give yourself a round of applause”
“We are the stronger sex, the alpha male” someone said.
The men roared in agreement.
The man on stage looked disappointed.
“Why are we like this?” He asked.
A man in front of me asked “like how?”
“Why do we believe that women are the weaker sex?” the speaker asked.
“Because they are” screamed the bartender.
It took the intervention of some men to stop the women in the house from mobbing the bartender.
“Women are not the weaker sex. They deserve a say in the affairs of the community and the nation at large” someone said.
The speaker nodded in agreement. ” I agree with you, but that is not the point I am trying to make”
“What point are you trying to make?” thundered the crowd.
“Why is there so much violence against women?” the speaker asked.
This caused the crowd to sigh.
“Why should men beat women?”He continued.
“Men who beat women deserve to be castrated” said an old man sitting in a far corner.
The crowd roared in laughter.
The old man went on “I remember in my days, you could not beat a woman and go free. There is always a form of punishment. A man who cannot respect his wife and admit that she is human and emotional is immature.”
There were murmurs of disapproval from the men in the crowd.
“Murmur if you like, but you know its true”
The women echoed their approval.
“This reminds me of the banker who was murdered in cold blood by her husband” said the speaker.
“May her soul rest in eternal peace” a woman said
“Amen” the crowd responded.
” It was brutal and the government has done nothing about it.” the speaker continued.
The old man in the corner said “the government have folded their hands and looked the other way. Is that fair?”
“No” the crowd shouted
” The man has not been charged to court” said someone
“That is not fair” added another woman.
” Is there justice in this country at all?” asked the bartender.
” Yes there is but, you need to have your money or know someone in power” responded the speaker.
” It is because it was not their daughter that was murdered that is why they have refused to do anything about it” the old man in the corner said.
” When will the violence against women stop?” asked the speaker.

(To be continued)

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  1. kasper

    October 3, 2011 at 10:47 am

    Guess we should go to bars more…ℓ☺ℓ


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