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Aftermath of Love

Loving you was a mistake
My life was a lot better until I met you
I cannot believe I wasted a tangible part of my life loving you
I cannot imagine what I was thinking when I let you into my life
I gave you my heart and all you did was smash it into pieces
I feel so dumb for believing your words
How I detest you
You feigned affection for me
I fell for it
Your promises are just as empty as a gun without bullets
Feeling secure with you is the most ridiculous thing I have done because,
Security with you is like a bank without a strong room
The walls of my heart have collapsed
Your words are poison
Slowly they have eaten into me
I feel happy to know I have kicked you out of my life
So much for my happy ending.

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Office Palava

I just could not help but post this……
It had been a very uneventful day. I got to work and as per usual I had things to do. I decided to get down to business and after a war broke out in my stomach. There were several casualties, the main one, ME! I rushed downstairs to eat my food. I did so in record time and decided to go back upstairs. After about 15mins, there was a lot of noise downstairs. I decided to do ‘gbeborun’. On getting downstairs, I found out the receptionist and the cleaner were the ones fighting.
Let’s call the receptionist Titi and the cleaner Mama Ify . The conversation went thus:
Titi: Mama Ify I don dey warn you since make you no they follow me talk anyhow.

Mama Ify: who you be? Who you be wey I no go fit follow you talk?

((((((Shouting on each other)))))))))
Then the admin manager steps in and asks to find out the reason for the fight ….

Mama Ify: Titi chop ma food
At this point I laughed so hard that tears came to my eyes.

Admin Manager: Is that why the two of you are shouting?

Titi: Sir, she abused me.

Admin Manager: Mama Ify, why did u abuse her?

Mama Ify: Why she chop my food?

Admin Manager: It doesn’t mean you should abuse her. Apologise to her.

Mama Ify: Over my dead body. Shey na because she don dey give u breast make you press dat na why you wan make I apologise? Oga no be only you they press the breast ooooo, gateman sef dey press am…….

At this point I ran back upstairs as the situation became very awkward.

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Letter To My Mother

Dear Mother,
How are you? How have you been? I have really missed you. When are you going to wake from this coma? We your children have been hoping and praying that you come back to us. We have endured your absence for far too long. Our neighbour down the street Mrs South-Africa have moved on to greater things than us. You used to be the champion of our street but today Mrs South-Africa has rubbed our face in mud.
We have spent a lot of money in getting you the best care, but the doctors keep telling us that you are not responding to treatment as they expect. We recently transferred you to Doctor Goodluck, and after 100 days its still the same story. Instead of him getting down to strategise on the course of action to take to get you well, he was just concerned about you spending the next 6 years in his “care”. You are still showing the same symptoms after you have been to about 5 other doctors. Erratic power supply,bad roads, poor infrastructure,declining economy and insecurity are the symptoms you were showing about 17 years ago when we really noticed you were getting sick. Those symptoms have gone from bad to worse. We have even borrowed money to take care of you. Oh My God…..I think I just went blind….Sorry to scare you mother, PHCN just did their thing…. I know you are wondering what PHCN is. You remember one of those our uncles that was responsible for providing us with eletricity, well he changed his name from NEPA to PHCN but well eletricity supply has still not improved. Mother, I have to stop here as I have been writing with kerosene lantern and I also have to conserve kerosene has it has become just as expensive as Gold. I will write you again soon mother. Get Well Soon!!!!
Your Son.

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Better Without You?

I thought I could spend every sleeping

and waking moment without you

I thought I could keep you out of my life

and survive without you

I thought everyday without you would be

a dream come true

I thought when I left u,

I would be able to keep my head up high

I thought I could and would have the courage to move on when I left you

I thought I would feel a whole better

the moment I walked out on you

I thought I would see what I was missing with you in my life

only to find out I was missing you

I thought I could be without u,

but I found out how lonely i am without you

,I feel so incomplete

I thought life would be fun without you

instead i realized you were the fun in my life

I thought I would find someone to love,

but my heart is still with you.



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Misplaced Feelings

When you walk in i get all nervous and sweaty

I have to force myself to behave around you

I stutter when you talk to me

My wordz fail me

My legz wobble when you stand next to me

My palms get sweaty when you hand over thingz to me

Shivers run down my spine when you touch me

I forget every other girl when i’m with you

But, you are oblivious to the way i feel about you

You see me as just some other guy when to me you mean d world

I’ve tried letting go of how i feel bout you

But the harder i try the more i hold on

Believing that some day you’d knw hw i feel

I wait patiently…

I wait for you to find comfort in my arms.

I wait…


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